Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More live 4Tour footage at

"Please check news at as we will welcome New Year with another exclusive - Multicam video consisting of Katowice, Berlin, Vienna and Prague material." (Thanks Jacek)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Disintegration Memories

As promised, Roger has posted his memories of the Disintegration era, and as a special bonus, he has also included his demo of The Other Side/Fear of Ghosts. Thank you so much, Roger!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

4Tour live in Poland video

Update 2: Get the show in MP3 and in MP4 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. (Thanks Deadboycraved and AndytheCurefan)

The show is online now - The Cure live in Katowice, Poland on Feb. 19th, 2008.

"On 24 or 25th of December - will put online a concert from 4tour - one that not so many people had a chance to see ;) you can see the snippet here." (Thanks Jacek)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joyeux Noël

Joyeux Noel and the happiest of holidays to you all!

The Cure - Merry Christmas Everybody (Wembley Arena - Dec. 9th, 1987)

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant (Dec. 15th, 1982)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Melissa reminisces about Curiosa

Melissa Auf der Maur reminisces about her time on the Curiosa Tour. But it's Close To Me, not Close To You. That was a Carpenters song. Whole different thing. : P (Thanks Mark)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Disintegration delayed

No real surprise, but Rhino has rescheduled the Disintegration 3 CD remaster for March 16th, 2010. (Thanks Friend of CoF)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Disintegration 3 CD remaster in Feb!

Update: Deep Discount (US), Amazon (US), Amazon (Canada), Amazon (UK), and Amazon (Germany) have it up for pre-ordering, though note that the UK, German, and Canadian sites only list the US import right now.

Rhino has given the 3 CD remastered edition of Disintegration a release date (subject to change, of course) - Feb. 16th, 2010 in the US. (Thanks Friend of CoF)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Memories of Disintegration update

From Roger's website: "This has turned into a bit of a dialogue with myself and I'm sorry for that but the good news is I have decided to publish the Disintegration memories page and it will go live on December 28th. I've written, re written, edited and revised and I'm happy with it now. I've also let a few friends whose opinions I respect read it and it they have all encourgaged me to publish."

My Days Beyond free download

The last of Roger's free downloads concludes with 1997's unreleased album My Days Beyond - "Written and recorded in my apartment in London during 1997, this is quite a large group of songs which would have been at the time written as possible songs for the upcoming Cure record (Bloodflowers)."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cure live at Shepherd's Bush 1997 on BBC 6

Update: You can download the show here. (Thanks Heron)

On the BBC iPlayer for a limited time - The Cure recorded at Shepherd's Bush Empire in 1997. Presented by Chris Hawkins. (Thanks JC)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daryl update

Daryl has a new website up at, and you can hear Andrew Phillpott's "In The Bush" remix of Compact Space's Push Push here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Buildings free download

Roger continues his series of free downloads, with his previously unreleased album Big Buildings.

Glove cover

"A month late, but Burnt Fur covered "Orgy" by the Glove back at their Halloween show. You might remember a post a few months ago about them covering "The Upstairs Room"."
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)


"My favourite Cure song and favourite song ever, Plainsong, was used in a BBC documentary about the 1989 Czechoslovakian revolution." (Thanks James)

"Tonight (11/27) on France Inter, in the program 'La Vie Comme Si', the whole program was about cats (in mythology, literature, etc...), and they played 'the lovecats'." (Thanks Fabien G)

"Local newspaper mag In This Week has a holiday blu-ray gift guide in which Trilogy is highly recommended." (Thanks Heron)

Kiss Me (remastered) was a pick of the week. (Thanks Kate)

Some Cure mentions in reviews of the new The Bravery album, and another in an article about the Russian band Manicure. (Thanks Kate)

The Vault: An Exploration of the Gothic. (Thanks Kate)

Rob Edmonds talks about his Caterpillar poster. (Thanks Kate)

"In the video 'Girls: Lust For Life' (Warning: NSFW!), the guitarist is wearing a Cure T-Shirt." (Thanks McIntosh)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Stranger Than Fiction download

Update 2: Here are those other 2 Tim Pope songs (which aired on the Cure 102 radio show on Oct. 6th, 1990) - I Need You and Drive You Round The Bend. And here's Tim's full segment, and interview with Robert, from the show. (Thanks Olivier)

Here's the Tim Pope 12". (Thanks Moggieboy)

"Just to let you know that I've uploaded the Stranger Than Fiction compilation to my blog, Ripped In Glasgow. I've got the full 12" rip of Tim Pope's record as well to put up if the demand's there." (Thanks Moggieboy)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fade Away: The Early Years vinyl

Update: "I checked with Universal UK who told me this is a bootleg, a Dutch supplier claims its from Russia."
(Thanks Chris White)

Been getting a lot of inquiries about this release, and it looks to be another repackaging of the previously released Russian vinyl editions that Vinyl Lovers/Lilith put out in 2007, much like the Into The Dark set I posted about back in July, but possibly with the bonus tracks from the new remastered cds. More info on it here (though their track list is wrong. See the comments for the full list). (Thanks to everyone who emailed about this)

Grey Clouds Red Sky free download

As previously mentioned, Roger will be offering 3 of his early albums for free downloading over the next few weeks. First up is Grey Clouds Red Sky, which will be available from Dec. 1st - 7th. The MIDI files are also available.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cure 4Play in Charlotte repeat

HDNet will be repeating The Cure 4Play in Charlotte on Sunday, Nov. 29th, at 5:25 pm eastern. And if you missed them the first time, you can get the video from Dime or Megaupload, watch most of it on YouTube, and get the MP3s from Piratebay.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help Shawn pick Cure songs

Update: "Due to circumstances beyond my and DJ ArcaTek's control, I will not be on Radiation Radio this weekend as originally planned. However, I WILL still be on, just one week later, from 2am (possibly earlier) to 6am on the night of December 5/morning of December 6, so keep voting for which Cure tracks you want me to play. Just as a reminder, the show plays dance-oriented music (synthpop, industrial, new wave, etc.), so please keep that in mind when you vote. Thanks, and I look forward to playing your selections! :)

Shawn will be a guest DJ on the Radiation Radio show, which is broadcast on WBNY 91.3 in Buffalo, NY,
on Nov. 28th/29th, and he wants your input on which Cure songs to play. See the comments for the info. (Thanks Shawn)

Twilight Garden candles

"I just wanted to let you know that my best friend and I started our own business - Twilight Garden Candles. 100% soy candles - completely green and animal friendly! And OF COURSE - all scent names were inspired by The Cure!" (Thanks Chris)


Cold Case used Other Voices in a flashback scene last Sunday. (Thanks Gregg)

"Boys Don't Cry is on a trailer for 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. Here is a link to the video. This is an Italian trailer, don't know if the song has been used in other countries too." (Thanks Laura)

"on french tv France 2 thursday 12th Nov, the program 'Envoye Special' (investigation and reports) has a long report about piracy (films and music) and during the infos about bootlegs and computer sharing, they played 'boys don't cry and the lovecats' sound clips." (Thanks Fabien G)

Crawdaddy really loves Plainsong. (Thanks Heron)

A Robert mention in an NPR article on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series, and a Cure mention in a John Mayer review in The Daily Iowan. (Thanks Kate)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Charlie Crow video

Check out the new video for the title track from Charlie Crow's excellent EP, Trains On Bridges.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Memories of Disintegration

Update: Roger will be posting his memories, and the answers to your questions, very soon. You're in for quite a treat. : )

As he mentioned a couple of days ago, Roger is putting together his memories and photos from the Disintegration era, and will post them on his website by the end of the year, but he wants to know if there's anything you've always wondered about and would like to know? Just post your questions for him in the comments, or email them to me and I'll post them for you. (Thanks Roger)

Dom Joly uses Cure for goth recruitment

"Dom Joly goes door to door with 10 Imaginary Years to talk about Robert & recruit goths." (Thanks Adam)

A Forest on Starbucks compilation

A Forest is featured on the new Starbucks compilation CD, Up, Down, Turn Around. (Thanks Joshua)


"I just uploaded this old video clip. Came across it while watching an old tape of "120 Minutes" that someone converted to DVD for me. It's basically a TV commercial for "Wish" that ran on MTV a couple days before the record came out."
(Thanks Slicing Up Eyeballs and Erika)

"The Swedish band Katatonia mentions the Cure as one of their major influences in a clip, where they talk about their new album." (Thanks Tobias and eboa)

"Ror-Shak doing a version of a Forest for Fringe." (Thanks Dodge)

"Today I was watching a news show (called "Revu et corrigé") on French TV channel France 5 and they used A Chain of Flowers as background music for an interview about French actor Gerard Darmon who is releasing his first album." (Thanks Sylvain)

"This cap is advertised on a french site( similar to ebay)...and it says "Very rare, The Cure limited edition cap of 100, one of them specially made for the singer".. (Hmm, could be wrong but somehow i don't see RS with that one on!!). Also last friday(30th Oct) on a tv quizz show on BBC called Mastermind where contestants are asked questions on specialised subjects of their choice, one of the question was -"Who is the lead singer of the band The Cure?" and obviously the contestant got the answer right..." (Thanks JC)

"I was at the Get Up Kids show last night at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and they played "Close to me" at the beginning of their encore." (Thanks Nexy)

"This is the review of a new book, a biography of the italian football player Daniele De Rossi. It name-drops The Cure (Push in particular), Sex Pistols and Joy Division, probably to add some "depth" to the story." (Thanks Pietro)

"One of my best friends is the guitarist for the band Daughtry. I know, I know... obviously not my favorite music either. Anyway, he did an interview with a student from the University of Kansas and mentioned the Cure as one of his influences. I got him into The Cure when we were roommates and in a band together about ten years ago. Anyway, I thought it was cool to see that there is some Cure influence even in the American Idol machine."
(Thanks Muir)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Roger update

Lots of exciting info from Roger. First is news of his new "goth" project, Unterbrucke, which will feature Roger on keyboards and vocals(!), Norelle French on bass and vocals, and a "very, very special guest" on drums. The album, Detach, will be out next Spring, and a world tour is planned.

Also, Roger is going to be posting his first 3 albums, Grey Clouds Red Sky, Big Buildings, and My Days Beyond, as free downloads on his website. One a week, up until Christmas.

And finally, and it is so nice to see someone finally doing something to commemorate the 20th anniversary, Roger is putting together his memories of the Disintegration sessions and "lots of exclusive never before seen photos from that period", and will be posting them on his website before the end of the year. Here's a teaser. For more info on all of these projects, check out Roger's website and his Facebook.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cure socks in Sweden

"I bought them a couple of weeks ago, in a shop called JC (Jeans & Clothes), Kungsbacka, Sweden. Price 7 USD. They don't have them online."
(Thanks Jakob)

Cure tattoos

LisaLoveCat and Jason added some Cure ink.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cure T-shirts

And here's a new George shirt being sold at ASDA stores in the UK. (Thanks Steeve) As you might remember, ASDA carried a couple of other Cure shirts by George this past summer.

Some new, and old, Cure shirts at 8Ball. (Thanks Aaron)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daryl/Compact Space update

Daryl has posted a new mix of Compact Space's My Other Life on Myspace, and says the album is nearing completion.


Channel 5 uses Lovecats to promote The Aristocats.
(Thanks Chris)

"Yesterday I saw a commercial on a dutch tv channel sbs6, for the show House. The episode had a lot of cats in it, and they used Lovecats in it." (Thanks Elly)

Lovesong is #2 on a list of Top 10 Songs of 1989. (Thanks Aaron)

"Comedian Jimmy Carr posted a picture of fellow comic Dara O'Briain dressed as RS for Halloween on Twitter."
(Thanks Stigmurder)

Cure comparisons in reviews of Tegan & Sara and Wesley Eisold. (Thanks Kate)

"Shakira mentioned The Cure in Rolling Stone Issue 1091: "I am such a huge fan of Bob Marley, the Cure, and AC/DC, and when I heard about this legendary studio where all of them recorded, I knew I had to be there, " says Shakira. "This place is the main reason I settled in the Bahamas". She's referring to Compass Point Studios, where some of KMKMKM was mixed in late 1986 with Dave Allen and Sean Burrows." (Thanks Strange_Daze)
Update: She also mentions them in Time magazine. (Thanks Jarbee)

Art Nouveau Robert Smith. (Thanks Louisa)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Treats

Nothing to do with The Cure, but this clip is fantastic! : )

Lullaby and Burn make a couple of Halloween party playlists. (Thanks Heron and Monghi)

MTV reminisces about The Crow soundtrack.
(Thanks Heron and Monghi)

A collection of Cure pumpkins, along with The Top and The Nightmare. (Thanks Heron)

MTV has put together a list of the Scariest Albums of All Time, and Pornography takes the top spot. (Thanks Heron)

Old Cure friends, and opening act, Cranes, will be playing at Garage in Oslo, Norway on Halloween night. (Thanks Lars)

And Heron has compiled a Cure Halloween playlist and article. (Thanks Heron)

Anyone else carving Cure-related pumpkins this year? Or dressing up as a Cure other than RS? : )

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Robert Smith (An Open Letter)

Amanda Palmer talks about being a lapsed Cure fan and what the band has meant to her. (Thanks Paivi)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simon's bass at Disneyland Paris

"I just came back from Disneyland Resort & Walt Disney Studios in Paris and there is a roller coaster called "Rock'n'Roll Coaster". And while waiting in the queue, we walk through false recording studios where some concert posters of various artists are put on the wall, some gold record awards and few musical instruments including... a red thunderbird signed by Simon himself: "Thank you for the help. Love, Simon xx". I send you a few pictures of it. Sorry for the quality of the pics but there was a glass front..." (Thanks Rod X)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Robert doll vs. Billy Corgan doll

As mentioned in the Curespottings last week, Billy Corgan has way too much free time on his hands, and has decided to play with dolls. : ) In something called Gothageddon, the Billy doll fought the Robert doll, and all hell broke loose. Flavorwire, TwentyFourBit, CD Insight, and Pitchfork have stories about it. (Thanks Heron)

Roger update

Roger's latest project is Two/Three, which is Roger on piano, Paul vanDongen on cello, and Erin Lang on vocals. Check out the website for more info, including photos and a video clip from the recording sessions, the track list, insight into the songs, and some lyrics. They hope to release the album, Before, on Feb. 25th, 2010, to coincide with a special live performance in Toronto.

Erin's album, You Are Found, will be released on March 11th, 2010, on the 99X/10 label, which has been recently relaunched. And check out Erin live, every Tuesday from now through the end of December, at Le Dépanneur Café in Montreal.

The limited edition of the excellent Charlie Crow EP, Trains on Bridges, is available again in the store, along with The Synthesist t-shirts.

Daryl Bamonte update

Daryl has formed a new band with Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode) and Florian Kraemmer, called Compact Space. Their debut single, Push Push, is out now on iTunes and Amazon UK, and as a ringtone. Best of luck to you, DB! And a very Happy Birthday to you, too! Also, Bamonte Artist Management is now on Twitter.

New Cure calendar

Amazon UK has a new Cure 2010 calendar listed. (Thanks Aaron)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More on the Kats Karavan John Peel set

As previously reported, The Cure's Peel Session version of A Forest will be included on Kats Karavan - The History of John Peel on the Radio. Here's the e-mail being sent out by Universal UK. (Thanks JC)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"The other night on The Tonight Show with Conan O' Brien (at the 7:40 mark), he mentioned the recent Depeche Mode "In Chili" incident where he thanked the wrong country, and Conan joked that, "The fans responded with, 'Thank you, The Cure!'"
(Thanks Jeremy and Brat)
Note: Before Brat's head explodes...again : ), you should know that Dave did not make a mistake! He said "Thank you very much, goodnight!"

"The new Inbetweeners soundtrack has Inbetween Days on it." (Thanks Emsywink)

"Saw this unusual rugby reference to The Cure with a headline from Jumping Someone Else's Train." (Thanks Andrew)

Robert doll vs. Billy Corgan doll. I have no idea! (Thanks Rob)
Update: Some stories about this at Twentyfourbit, CD Insight, and Pitchfork. (Thanks Heron)

"In Between days is in the soundtrack of Italian movie "La doppia ora" (The double hour). Here is the link of the backstage with IBD at the beginning. The Cure song is the leitmotiv of the movie and the obsession of the female character. The director is Giuseppe Capotondi; this is his first movie. He is mainly a videoclip director ("Charlie Big Potato" and "Secretly" of Skunk Anansie; "Crystal Ball" and "Nothing in my way" of Keane)." (Thanks Michele)

"I saw Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop of Travis play an acoustic show at Largo In Hollywood on October 10th. The shows are dubbed as "A Chronological Acoustical Journey Through The Travis Back Catalogue". Between songs Fran discussed the inspiration for lyrics and talked quite a bit about how songs came to be. They recorded three songs for the 1999 album "The Man Who" at Mike Hedges' Chateau de la Rouge in France. Fran talked about working with Mike and mentioned that he had engineered "all those great early Cure albums", and "great songs like
A Forest"." (Thanks John)

"Today (Oct. 11th) on spanish channel Antena 3, Manuel Pinazo (a spanish journalist) talked about 30th anniversary of the Cure, describes them like "one of the most important bands in the 80s decade" (Thanks Rachel)

The new French film, Rose et noir, features Boys Don't Cry and Lullaby in its trailer. (Thanks David, Bill, and Alex)

David Gray talks with Nightline about covering A Forest.
(Thanks DJ Scribbles)

Drowned in Sound says there's a Cure influence on A Place To Bury Strangers, and University Chronicle finds a "Cure-like vibe" on the new Why? album. (Thanks Kate)

Tom DeLonge listens to Inbetween Days backstage.
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

A Forest used in a Belgian commercial for Joe FM. ("The sentence shown in the commercial roughly translated says something like: "Luckily the music did stay good after all these years." It's to promote a new show where they go back in the archives and listen to a different top 40 from a certain week in a certain year.") (Thanks Jeroen)

"At the She Wants Revenge/Kill Hannah show here in Denver earlier this month, Kill Hannah's bass tech played a few bars of the bassline from "Fascination Street" during the soundcheck before their set." (Thanks V)

Red Moon Tribe does a gothic belly dance routine to Lullaby. (Thanks Joanne)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vote for Robert and The Cure

Think Robert has one of the 50 Greatest Voices in recorded history? If so, then NPR wants to know. (Thanks April G.)

"There's a poll for the best band ever at German radio channel WDR2. Until November, 5th, everyone can vote for his/her favorite band here (click C for finding Cure, The).
After voting click "Weiter" at the bottom of the site. On the next page just type in the code and click "Jetzt abstimmen". The other radio button is for participating in a hassle where you can
win tickets for Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys or Nickelback. I guess it's better to leave it clicked at "Nein" which means that you don't want to participate. (They won't let people from other countries win, I guess ;)) " (Thanks Corina)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disintegration remaster in Spring 2010

Wow! Get all of the info and track list at the official site. Nice to be able to say that again. : ) So, worth the wait? I'm going to say YES! Oh, and In Orange and Show on DVD (and Blu-ray? Please?), Mixed Up 2, and a BBC box set (similar to the Siouxsie set?)!

Update: Slicing Up Eyeballs has a story about it. (Thanks Boyd)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Disintegration remaster until 2010

"This just in from Hispacure: According to Universal Music Spain the Disintegration remaster will not be seen until 2010. They also mentioned that Spanish TMU does not know of any plans of the Wish remaster being released alongside the Disintegration one. This was mentioned because Spanish Rolling Stone magazine got together with Ivan from Hispacure and some other big shot at Spanish TMU to discuss the re-issues theme and write an article about it. "
(Thanks to Ivan @ Hispacure and to Carlos for the translation)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cure Covers

Norman Palm covers Boys Don't Cry. See the video here.
(Thanks to everyone who sent this in)

"AFI played a secret show last night (9/29) at The Roxy in Hollywood and played their cover of "Just Like Heaven"."
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicago celebrates 30 years of The Cure

More info here. (Thanks Kamar)

The Cure for a Cure in Auckland, NZ

"Two facts: 1. The Cure are a blinkin’ fantastic band. 2. New Zealand has one of the highest Breast Cancer incidence rates in the world. And so, to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a selection of Auckland musicians and bands will go head to head in friendly competition - playing their own takes on their favourite Cure songs (and a couple of originals for good measure)!"
(Thanks Monghi)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Trouble at Rhino

Update: Rhino responds to reports of their death. (Thanks Dodge)

Slicing Up Eyeballs and Glorious Noise have details about Rhino laying off staff in all departments. That doesn't sound good for future Cure releases at Rhino. But surely someone else could step in and take over the program, right? Or at least put out Disintegration and Wish, which you would have to think would be the top sellers of the reissue program. Would you be satisfied with a digital download version or do you want physical media? I want physical media, but those of us who feel that way, seem to be a dying breed. (Thanks Boyd and Scott)


Mashup - Cure vs. Lil Wayne (Thanks Stephen)
Brad and Angie buy Miraval Studio. (Thanks April)
Clove cigs are banned, will The Cure breakup? : ) (Thanks Jeff)
Porcupine Robert. (Thanks Kate)
The Quietus says, "But even from the beginning it’s clear that this is no 4:13 Dream or No Line On The Horizon where a multitude of sins are hidden by loudness", in a Flaming Lips review. (Thanks Kate)

"Yesterday in ORF2 TV-Channel (Austria) programme called "Kulturmontag" the new documentary "PLASTIC PLANET" of filmmaker Werner Boote was reported. For quite a long time they played The Cure's "PLASTIC PASSION" in the background..." (Thanks Thomas)

"Watching TLC & saw a preview for two new shows Say Yes to Perfection and Wed that Dress (I think???). Anyway Friday I'm in love was playing in the background...lyrics and all!" (Thanks Jen)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cure collections for sale

Update: Terry has the In Orange and Staring at the Sea VCDs for sale and Roger has 8 issues of Cure News up.

Jason and Ian have some very nice collections listed on eBay.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Forest on new Peel Sessions set

A previously unreleased version of A Forest will be included on the new 4 CD/74 track John Peel box set, Kat's Karavan: The History of the John Peel Show, which will be released on Oct. 26th in the UK. More info and complete tracklist here.
(Thanks Boyd)

Charlie Crow on iTunes

Meant to post this earlier. While the first batch of the special edition of Roger/Charlie Crow's Trains On Bridges EP has sold out, you can still get the download version on iTunes for $3.96 (US). I love it, for whatever that's worth, and bought both versions. : )

Fantastic cover of POY

Check out this fantastic cover of Pictures of You by the kids of PS22 in New York. And you can read more about the kids and all of their cover versions here. (Thanks Jason, Paul K, and V)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Coachella multi-cam DVD

There's a multi-cam DVD with 3-source audio synced to it available on Dime.

Robert Smith action figure

"I customize action figures as a hobby, and I've made one that I'd like to share with fellow COF followers." Shannon says this started out as a Heroes action figure, before transforming into Robert. : ) (Thanks Shannon)

No more remastered CDs from Rhino?

Kent asked Rhino about when the next remastered Cure CDs would be out, and got this very disappointing answer: "We do not have current plans for further Cure reissues, but thank you for your email. I will forward your message to our suggestion box.
- Dr. Rhino" (Thanks Kent)

Update: Chris White says that the Disintegration and Wish remastered CDs are still being worked on, and that as of last week, release dates were still being discussed, and that Rhino would be the last to know when/if they were coming out. : )
(A million thanks to Chris for clearing this up)

CoF Metro DC area get together on 09/19/09

"As you know, on August 12, there was a posting on Chain of Flowers regarding the possibility of a COF Metro DC get together. The good news is that I received a great deal of interest for such an event. Many people had some helpful suggestions and comments. The details have been set as such:
Who: Cure fans, Chain of Flowers followers, all ages
What: A casual get together
When: Saturday, September 19, 2009. 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Where: Union Street Public House, Old Town Alexandria 121 S. Union Street; Alexandria, VA 22304; (703) 548-1785 On Union Street, just off of King.
How: Street and garage parking available. Metro accessible: King Street Station, blue and yellow lines, Free King Street Trolley.
General Information about Old Town Alexandria.
Union Street is conveniently located near Ben and Jerry’s and other fun places in Old Town.
Please RSVP to KateAtCOF [at] zygotestar [dot] com I look forward to meeting all of you!" (Thanks Kate)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Lady Gaga liked to snort coke and listen to Never Enough.
(Thanks to everyone who sent this in)

"Just Like Heaven was in this week's episode of Warehouse 13. Very clear and about half the song." (Thanks thistle)

"I have just watched the 10th episode, season 5, of the tv show L-Word, called Lifecycle. During a scene of love between two women, they play Just Like Heaven entirely. This makes two things rare on tv! First, a song being played from beginning to end in a TV show, second, a man singing voice on L-Word." (Thanks Claudio)

A list of songs about books includes Killing An Arab. (Thanks Kate)

Is Robert Pattinson the new Robert Smith? Um, fuck no! Robert doesn't sparkle! : P (Thanks Kate)

"on gottv (austrian -european music channel) is a programm called "hosted by" where bands can choose their favorite videos. this week kele from bloc party is a guest. he is wearing a "the cure -boys don´t cry" t shirt. and here's his playlist."
(Thanks Jörg)

Diciembre Girls compared to The Cure. (Thanks Heron)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reminder: Cure on Carson Daly repeat

Last Call with Carson Daly will be repeating their June 4th episode, which featured The Cure performing Boys Don't Cry, on Sept. 8th.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hollywood Bowl repeat on Sirius XM

1st Wave on Sirius XM will be repeating their broadcast of The Cure live at the Hollywood Bowl (5-31-08) tonight at 9pm eastern. You can listen online with a free trial subscription, or just download it here, along with all of the other Sirius Cure specials from last Memorial Day, thanks to Pussycat and AndytheCurefan. (Thanks Heron)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Robert with Tony Hawk

Update: I asked Tony if he remembered where/when this was taken, and here's his reply: "in Rome, Euro VMA's afterparty, 2004." Thank you, Tony. : )

"Tony Hawk posted this on his Twitter today (photo here).No explanation of when it was taken... i've never seen Robert look so relaxed in a fan photo! LOL. (Tony is a cool guy - long time Cure fan)" (Thanks Morris)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Classic CoF Strikes Back

I promised it would be back, and I always keep my word. : ) Classic CoF is back. Still has a few dead links and broken images, but should be functional.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cure removed from the Interscope website

In an update to the rumor about The Cure splitting with Universal/Interscope/Geffen, Interscope/Geffen has removed them from their list of artists on their website. Still there by searching, but gone from the active roster, just as Friend of CoF previously said. They are still listed on the Suretone website, however. And of course, The forum has been shut down. No idea what all of this means, but it does seem to confirm that something is going on with the labels. I think RS really needs to post his first tweet. : )
(Thanks to emsywink for the tip about the Interscope website)

Later...with Jools Holland repeat

OvationTV will air Later...with Jools Holland on Sept. 9th at 4pm and 7pm, and on Sept. 9th/10th at 2am. This should be the episode recorded on Oct. 19th, 2004, with The Cure doing Taking Off, Boys Don't Cry, and alt.end, along with a Robert interview. (Thanks Toni E)

Cure covers

"Two members of Supergrass played a number of covers in London last night under the name Hot Rats and finished with a pretty good version of Love Cats. The NME has the story here." (Thanks Fab G)

"TV ad here in France features a cover of 'Close To Me' being used for a new fragance by Cacharel called 'Scarlett'. Don't know who's that girl but the cover is out of interest." (Thanks David)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something awful in Australia?

Update: Watch the episode here. May not work outside of Australia. (Thanks Jeff)

"This could be hideous but...if you're in Australia, watch channel TEN on Tuesday 1st September 2009 at 7h30PM. Shaun Micallef will be hosting his whole show dressed as RS...could be...something....judging by the promos Ive seen, he's one ugly RS. impeccable taste the man has though..." (Thanks ML68)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Off to tour the universe... back on Monday night. I'll try and update from the road if I can. And if it's important. : )

Update 4: So here are our photos from Red Rocks, Dallas, and Houston/The Woodlands. And our videos of Jezebel, Home, and Somebody (all at Red Rocks), Judas (in Dallas), and Little Soul and Question of Lust (in Houston/The Woodlands). Thanks so much to everyone who wished us well. We truly appreciated it. Now back to Cure boredom. : ) We need a Cure world tour asap. : )

Update 3: Hard to really judge Houston, as V and I were a bit further back and to the side for this one, so I'm not sure if we were just spoiled by our previous seats, or if this show was just a bit less energetic. The band seemed a bit less into it than in Dallas and Red Rocks, and Dave & Martin didn't interact quite as much, but it was still a great show, and we got two of the Martin songs that we had missed up until now (Little Soul and Question of Lust, but still missed out on Shake The Disease). So overall, we had fun, but after the incredible Dallas show, this was a slight let down. So now our tour is over, and just as with Cure tours, we were thinking about how to squeeze in a few more shows. Doesn't look like it will happen, though. At least not in the US. : )
Thank you again, V. You're the most wonderful girl in this universe. I love you so much.

Update 2: Damn! Dallas was an awesome crowd! And DM were on fire. I think this show might have been even better than Red Rocks. Once again, V and I had amazing seats - 4th row, dead center. And Martin did Judas for the first time on the entire tour, and screwed up the intro and had to start it over. : ) I really am blown away by how good these shows have been, and how much more of a band they seem to be these days. The interaction between Martin and Dave is priceless. And if you're going to one of the upcoming shows, pay attention to Fletch. He's got some "incredible" moves on this tour, including eating on stage during songs. : ) And Peter, Bjorn and John are very good, too. Anyway, just having an incredible time with V and DM. Does this really have to end? "Always have to go back to real lives, where we belong."

Update: The Red Rocks show was fantastic! DM put on a brilliant show, so much better than the last time I saw them, which was in 2001. V and I had a great time, and had excellent seats - 4th row, dead center! I still can't believe I've finally been to a concert at Red Rocks, which is the most beautiful venue I've ever seen. Thank you, V, for making dreams come true! : ) You rock even more than Martin. ; )
Photos and Videos - Jezebel / Home / Somebody

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cure replacing the Beasties? No

Update: Not that there was a realistic chance of them replacing them, but now it's official. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have filled the spot. (Thanks V)

Original story: The Decider lists The Cure amongst possible replacements for the Beastie Boys at the Austin City Limits festival. Just pure speculation, and very unlikely. (Thanks Monghi)

But just for fun, you can go here (picture #21) and vote for The Cure to be the replacement.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cure in 80s documentary

"The french-german tv channel arte will be showing a documentary called "welcome to the 80's - gothic, industrial & metalbeat" on tuesday night (25.08.) at 10:55 pm. The show's homepage lists the cure, joy division, siouxsie & the banshees, killing joke, bauhaus, jesus & mary chain and other bands CoF-readers might be interested in. It will be repeated on satruday (29.08.) at 03:00 am and on thursday (03.09.) at 06:05 pm. More info here (German) and here (French)" (Thanks Yawns)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cure on the big screen in Portland

The Clinton Street Theater in Portland, OR. is showing something called Love Me, Love Me on Aug. 21st and 24th, and it appears to be some sort of compilation of live performances including The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, New Order, and others. If anyone has more info on this, please let me know. (Thanks April)

Why Can't I Be You? on new compilation

Why Can't I Be You? is included on a new compilation CD entitled 12" 80s Electro Pop. (Thanks Monghi)

Need a light from Robert?

Boys Don't Cry lighter on eBay. (Thanks Geoff)

The Cure Are Dead...on YouTube

"Someone has posted “The Cure Are Dead” on YouTube (audio only), the song that was played live in Brussels at the end of the final 1982 Cure concert before Simon left the band - “The pornography tour ends in confusion on June 11-1982 at Brussels in Belgium. The last song of this show, 'the cure are dead', was an improvisation with Robert Smith on drums, Lol Tolhurst on bass, Simon Gallup on guitar and Gary Biddles, Simon's friend [and a roadie], on vocals, who’s criticizing Smith and Tolhurst. Following the concert, Simon Gallup left the group. Robert Smith does not talk to him for eighteen months.” (Thanks Jerre)


"Today I was watching "top 10 mężczyzn z makijażem(top 10 man with make-up)" on polish VH1 because I was sure, that they will show some Cure clip. And they did! It was Lullaby and it took 6th place." (Thanks Sebastian)

"30 seconds of Close To Me was played on an advert for Sky1HD on Sky Sports 1 during the Ashes today." (Thanks Daniel)

A mention of Robert & his Ruby Woo lipstick in Elle.
(Thanks dj scribbles)

Canoe includes Robert on their Bad Music Hair Styles list.
(Thanks Judy)

"Dutch actress Carice van Houten mentioned Robert's name on a show called 'Zomergasten' (Summerguests). In a way of 'It's a tv show where people can wish for things, like meeting Robert Smith, or getting a pony..' (Thanks Elly)

Professor Robert Smith? (The ? is to avoid confusing him with that other RS) talks about possible zombie attacks. Seriously! : )
(Thanks Dom and Barb)

Sorry, V. Maybe next time. : P

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trains On Bridges now available

From Roger's Twitter update (I will not say tweet!): "Just finished the packaging for my limited edition EP release Charlie Crow - Trains on Bridges. Limited to 250 CDRS burnt from the master!"
Get it now. I just did. Twice. : )

4Play in Charlotte repeat on HDNet

HDNet will be repeating The Cure - 4Play in Charlotte on Aug. 16th at 9:05 pm eastern. And if you missed them the first time, you can get the video from Dime or Megaupload, watch most of it on YouTube, and get the MP3s from Piratebay.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Curse of the Universe strikes again

Update: Tonight's show in San Diego has also been canceled. : ( And if the tour is too much for Dave, why not let Martin have more songs in the set? Let Dave rest his body and voice, and make us Martin fans happy. It's a win-win situation. : )

DM have been forced to cancel their show in Mountain View, Ca. on Aug. 12th. Get well soon, Dave.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Robert mention in a NY Times article on Hairstyles. (Thanks Kate)
Cure mention in 4Y-Records. (Thanks The_Vacancy_Smiles)
Robert photo, and 100 Years mention at NME. (Thanks Pietro)
Billboard's This Week In Charts 1989 remembers the debut of Lovesong. (Thanks Heron)
Remembering the 1979 Reading Rock Festival. (Thanks ML68)
Mention of Robert in this New Humans review. (Thanks Claudio)

COF Metro DC Area Get Together?

"I am contemplating a gathering for local COF peeps here in the metropolitan Washington DC area. Since DC was the first date of last Summer's 4Tour, the wonderful "COF get-together" momentum had not yet begun. I would love to meet other peeps nearby.
But before I go through all of the trouble planning something, I want to see if there is any interest. The gathering would most likely be during a weekend day. It would be located in the Northern Virginia area, just outside the DC beltway (2 walking miles from Metrorail). Interested folks should e-mail me no later than Friday, August 21." (Thanks Kate)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Last Weekend on Virgin 17, there were 2 cure mentions in 2 documentaries: The first one was called "The hidden side of the 80's" and had a 10 sec. snippet of Killing an arab live in Paris in 1979. The second one was "the Punk heritage": it showed a short extract of the Other Voices video, and introduced the Cure as part of the post-punk bands that emerged in the late 70's, along with Joy division and Siouxsie and the Banshees."
(Thanks Sylvain)

"I was on Youtube today and I somehow stumbled across this video. It seems to be an awful MTV commercial with someone in a Robert Smith mask." (Thanks Emily)

"Houston Press' Rocks Off blog mentions The Cure's Seventeen Seconds in a list about "Albums that went darker", and a flashback review of Mecha-Streisand." (Thanks Heron)

"On current affairs show Newsnight on the BBC here in the UK tonight there was a piece about Abdelbasset Ali al-Megrahi who was found guilty of the bombing of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie. Pictures of the crash site were accompanied by 'A Reflection'. Mighty odd." (Thanks Adam)

Cure photos for sale

"I have a couple of unique Cure items on eBay at the moment, including a photo set from the 1979 Reading Festival (with a 20-year old Robert!) and a photo set from backstage during the Prayer Tour with a fantastic shot of the entire group and their wives/girlfriends at the time." (Thanks Peter)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Cure shirt at Everything English

The Cure are this month's featured artist at Everything English, and they have a new (to me) 4:13 Dream shirt. And if you buy a shirt, be sure to add your free sticker or free badges to your order. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Update: Also available at Interpunk and Corpse Clothing. They also have a white version. (Thanks RyanAlien and Aaron)

New EP from Roger/Charlie Crow

From Roger's website: "Finally after a couple of years in the making I am releasing my Jazz/Electro project Charlie Crow. Its coming out September 1st initially only on iTunes but with a very limited edition CDR which I will burn myself and put together a nice little package. So look out for it....You can read about it and hear some samples here."
If that doesn't work, try listening to the title track on his MySpace. Love the Moog, but with Roger back on the piano, can it be anything less than brilliant? I already love it.

Vote for Simon

NME has another one of their endless Greatest/Best polls up, and this time Simon is up for Greatest Bass Player. Click here to automatically rate him a 10/Genius. If you don't think he rates that, and have something wrong with you : ), go here and rate him whatever you'd like. (Thanks Chris White)

Britt Daniel on Seventeen Seconds

"There was a nice piece on Texas Music Matters yesterday. Britt Daniel of Spoon talks about Seventeen Seconds and how it influenced him. Here's the streaming audio (it's about half way through the show." (Thanks Dana)

Cure covers

"Gaz and Danny from Supergrass as Hot Rats covering The Love Cats at Glastonbury." (Thanks Adam)

"Last night on French/German TV channel Arte, there was a show called "Nighting eighties : the 80's in 15 hits". This is a collection of 80's songs, covered live (and in studio) by a group of artists, including quite-well-known-in-France Albin de la Simone, and even very-famous-in-France Dave. They played Inbetween Days with Krystle Warren on vocals. Other covers include Depeche Mode's People are People. The show will be repeated on August 9 at 1:45 AM on Arte." (Thanks Sylvain)

"The commercial for the new perfume by Cacharel "Scarlett" features a cover of "Close to Me" by Stina Daag."
(Thanks JupiterMain)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fletch mentions Robert again

From "It's hard to make everyone happy. We could if we played three-hour sets like Robert Smith (of the Cure) plays. But the difference is that Robert just stands there and sings and plays guitar. Dave gives everything he has and you can't do that and play for three hours. Dave is all over the stage. He puts everything out there until he's dead."

Update: And the DM setlists just get shorter and shorter. Started at 22 in Toronto, dropped to 21 in Montreal, 20 in Boston, and hit a new low of 18 in NJ tonight. Who says DM doesn't change their setlists? : P And back up to 21 at NYC 1.

Cure/Glove covers

Amanda Palmer - Inbetween Days. (Thanks Jeff)
Black Sugar Transmission - Mouth To Mouth. (Thanks Andee)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update: Robert interview in new documentary

"French TV channel Virgin 17 is going to show a documentary called "Sympathy for the Brit Rock" on Thursday July 30th at 6:05 PM (Paris Time). They mention that this film has interviews with Radiohead, Robert Plant and Robert Smith. Maybe worth a look!" (Thanks Sylvain)

Update: Watch the interview here (YT has blocked the audio) and download it here. (Thanks Paris)
And here's a transcript: "Here is my attempt at transcribing the (very short) RS interview. I am sure this was shot backstage at the Vieilles Charrues Festivals in France in 2002 (other interviews filmed there aired on French TV at the time)
"The fact is that you stop asking questions when you get older you know, for a variety of reasons. Usually because you get a family and your perception changes. I haven't got any children and I think in that way, on a very fundamental level my perception of my place in the world has remained the same since I was a teenager so in that, I think there's a connection between what I write and people over a certain age who are probably starting to question their own existence. I mean I still do, that sounds absurd and I realize that's actually part of the problem you know."
"It's really nice how they appreciate, even if they don't really like The Cure that much, most of the other bands at the festivals appreciate(?) for us to still be doing this so there's a certain respect there. Because (?) still a certain amount of integrity. We kind of do thing because we want to do them." (Thanks Sylvain)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maybe if Dave stopped the ass shaking...

Fletch tells The Washington Post why Depeche Mode shows can't be as long as Cure shows: "The hardest thing about our set list is actually compiling it. It's so difficult with so many songs. We can't do a Robert Smith and play for three-and-a-half hours. I don't think Dave can run around and dance for that long. The problem with the Cure is they did it a couple of times and then when they went back to a normal set people complained." (Thanks Heron)

So, how about less dancing & ass shaking, and more songs? : P

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Curse celebrates 30 years of The Cure

Set 1 - Out Of This World, 10:15 Saturday Night, Play For Today, The Walk, The Caterpillar, In Between Days, The Exploding Boy, 2 Late, Club America, The Real Snow White, The Only One, Wrong Number, A Foolish Arrangement, Open, Friday I'm In Love, The End Of The World, Three Imaginary Boys
Set 2 - Underneath The Stars, The Reasons Why, Close To Me, Catch, A Letter To Elise, Lovesong, The Perfect Boy, Let's Go To Bed, The Lovecats, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Boys Don't Cry, Just Like Heaven, Killing An Arab, Shiver And Shake, It's Over
Encore 1 - All Cats Are Grey, Cold, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Disintegration
Encore 2 - A Forest. (Thanks Brian, Andy, and Carl)
Photos (Thanks Debi)

More info at (Thanks Brian)

Friday, July 24, 2009

DM Tour of the Universe hits North America

Depeche Mode's Tour of the Universe: Earth - North America starts tonight in Toronto. Good luck to Martin, Dave, Fletch, Peter, and Christian, and here's hoping for no more troubles on this leg of the tour. For those of you heading to the Toronto and Montreal shows, I hope you have safe trips and a fantastic time at the shows!
Update: Looks like a great show and successful kickoff to the NA tour. And they made a change in the setlist. Minor, but for DM, that's huge. : )

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cure covers

Magnet Magazine asks who's version of JLH is better, The Cure's or Dinosaur Jr.'s? (Thanks Peter)

Close to Me by Why? (Thanks Andrew)
Plastic Passion by Eva. (Thanks Thomas)
Faith by NADJA. (Thanks Deadboycraved)

New interview with Roger

Side-line has a new interview with Roger, and Twentyfourbit offers their take on it. (Thanks Monghi and Kate)

Come on, Roger, you know you're just dying to "goth out". : P

Update: Side-line also catches up with the news about the possible split with Universal, the Live in Paris broadcast, and the JLH digital 45. (Thanks Mad Bob)


A bit about the Reeves Gabrels/Robert collaborations at Wicked Local, and a mention in a Brandon Flowers (Killers) interview with The Guardian. (Thanks Heron)

"There were Cure references(the moon singing lovecats during end credits and a reference to Goth Juice, made from the tears of Robert Smith) during The Mighty Boosh tonight." (Thanks April)

"BBC1's new panel quiz show "As seen on TV" played a bit of BDC over footage of contestants crying on the Joseph talent contest before a bunch of questions! A bit of a sad use of the classic methinks!" (Thanks Robert but not THE Robert)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photos from the Wien Film Festival

Here are some very nice photos from the Wien Film Festival showing of The Cure Live in Paris 08 on July 7th, 2009.
(Thanks Thomas)

Update: Cure Live in Paris 08 audio/video

YouTube - Plainsong, Prayers For Rain, alt.end, The End Of The World, Lovesong, InBetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, Never Enough, Wrong Number, One Hundred Years, Disintegration, M, Play For Today, A Forest, Boys Don't Cry, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab.
(Thanks Punkywinky33)

MP3 320kbps (Thanks Gloomyremy)
1.95 GB PAL DVD on Dime. (Thanks Moloch)
700 MB AVI version (in 7 RAR files) - Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 (Thanks Paris)


"Trust is being used on BBC audioshow about London in the recession." (Thanks Darren)

Steve Severin talks to Record Collector, and mentions Robert's time as a Banshee. (Thanks JC)

"Last night's episode of "Entourage," entitled "Drive," featured Close to Me early in the show." (Thanks Kate)

Lol endorses Storm Music Studio. (Thanks Andrew)

"Black Book Mag mentions the Playboy acoustic series, debuting with Dinosaur Jr. playing their version of Just Like Heaven and mentioning "their affinity for Robert Smith"." (Thanks Heron)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dinosaur Jr. covers JLH on Uncovered

Playboy has started a new series called Uncovered, and the first band featured is Dinosaur Jr. doing an acoustic cover of Just Like Heaven. There's also an interview where they mention how much they've always loved The Cure.

Just Like Heaven digital 45 on iTunes

"Not exactly new, but iTunes has a new feature called Digital 45 and they have the Cure’s Just Like Heaven/Breathe single with the original art for $1.99. It included a digital booklet also. Front and back of single and front and back of juke book 45."
(Thanks Chance)

Chris Parry update

Chris Parry will be participating in the Christian Aid - London to Paris Bike Ride 2009 on July 26th and is looking for people to support and sponsor him. And look who has already signed up....our old friend Perry! Just seeing his name and his comments there made me so happy. Damn, I miss him.
(Thanks Chris White)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

DM update

Update: Here's the NPR show (including the Come Back outtake) in MP3. (Thanks Pussycat)

Depeche Mode were on NPR's World Cafe today, and you can listen to the show here. Also, the band have had to cancel the final two shows of their European tour, due to a leg injury suffered by Dave. Get well soon (again), Dave!
The tour now takes a brief break, then hits North America, starting in Toronto on July 24th.

Reminder: Live in Paris 08 on French tv & dvd?

The Cure Live in Paris 08 (90 minute version) will air on Virgin 17 (French tv) on Saturday (July 11th) at 10pm. (Thanks Scarlett)
For those of us not in France, Moloch and his brother will be recording the show, and hopefully uploading the show very soon.

Update: The program for the Wien Film Festival says that the Paris show will be released on dvd in 2010. (Thanks Jörg)

Preview of Live in Paris 08 on Virgin 17

Here's the ad for The Cure Live in Paris 08 on Virgin 17, this Saturday night (Jully 11th) at 10pm. (Thanks Bill)

Watch Live in Paris 08 on Zattoo

For those of you in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK, you might be able to watch Virgin 17's July 11th (10pm) airing of The Cure Live in Paris 08 on Zattoo. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Has anyone found a way to make this work? Is it working for anyone? Only for French fans?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New vinyl reissues

From SirenDisc: Into The Dark: 1979-1982 - Includes "Three Imaginary Boys" on picture disc, "Seventeen Seconds" on white vinyl, "Faith" on grey vinyl and "Pornography" on clear red vinyl. Lilith label release. Expected Release Date: 13-Jul-09.
(Thanks Matthew)

Cure on Triple J's Hottest 100 of All Time

Triple J radio in Australia is counting down their Hottest 100 of All Time this week, and The Cure are in at #54 with Close To Me. (Thanks Brad)


Don't Hate the 80's. (Thanks Kate)
Brief interview with Sean from Fascination Street, Sounds of the 80s that still resonate, and mention of a Grinding Halt cover on Manikin's new album. (Thanks Heron)

"This is a bit weak, but ESPN chose two Cure songs to accompany the 80 greatest sports moments of the 80's. "Why Can't I be You" accompanies great moment #12 (Michael Jordan's title winning shot for UNC) and they chose "Boys Don't Cry" for #80 (Mike Schmidt's retirement announcement). " (Thanks Jared)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Live in Paris 08 Wien film fest reports

Update: Video (out of sync, sorry) of Lovesong & Inbetween Days. Watch on YouTube or download the MP4. (Thanks Jörg)

Setlist: Plainsong, Prayers For Rain, alt.end, The End Of The World, Lovesong, InBetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, Never Enough, Wrong Number, One Hundred Years, Disintegration, M, Play For Today, A Forest, Boys Don´t Cry, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab.
(Thanks Monghi and Jörg)

Review: "I hope this film gets very very soon on dvd and in my dvd-player. It's absolutely fantastic. The dvd was very professionally made. Nice effects, nice camera shots. On the big videowall it was like being in Paris. Nice effects on alt.end and end of the world. a fantastic highlight was on play for today, very much camera moves within the crowd, looks nice on a 270m2 bigscreen. sound was wonderful. Nice on prayers for rain, it was raining :-) There had been some curefans, maybe 10 at all with t-shirts, and many "normal"." (Thanks Jörg)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Classic live Cure (and more) on BBC Radio

"On BBC Radio 6 last night(01/07/09) Gideon Coe played 4 Cure songs live from Camden Palace in 1985. You can catch the program on the BBC IPlayer. Listen from 1h 59 minutes in. Songs played were Charlotte Sometimes, Close to Me, Primary and The Walk. Good old times!
Also on the BBC iPLAYER check out 6 Music at Glastonbury Adam and Joe's Glasto Gold, they played Inbetween Days from the BBC's Glastonbury vaults. Listen in from 56minutes 50sec. They even have Robert's picture on!!
And check out Jools Holland Monday 29th June 2009, listen in from 42minutes 50 seconds. Jools interviews the singer from Bat for Lashes and played Disintegration. She mentions covering A Forest and how much she likes the band.
So i made the mistake of typing "The Cure" in the search bar of the BBC's iPlayer and found another song. Inbetween Days was played on Richard Allinson's show on saturday 27th June. Listen in at 2.06'. He mentions people with wild hair." (Thanks JC)


MB has a brief mention of Robert in a Lady Sovereign review. (Thanks April)

Twentyfourbit has a mention of Robert in another "free music" article. (Thanks Heron)

Consequence of Sound has an article that mentions The Cure's contributions to the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. (Thanks April)

Tony Hawk asks Tom DeLonge (Blink 182) about working with Robert (it's the final question). (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goodbye to Classic CoF...for now.

"Say goodbye on a night like this..." After 13 years of hosting the Classic CoF website, Compuserve is pulling the plug on their Ourworld publishing and hosting servers, starting sometime tonight/tomorrow/soon, and the old CoF website will be gone from the net. But you will still be able to access much of it via the Internet Wayback Machine, and I will put the entire site up again, once I find a new home for it, but that might be a while. So thank you to Compuserve and everyone who contributed to CoF, read it, enjoyed it, and found help & info on it, over the last 13 years. It was a blast! Most of the time. ; ) Goodbye old friend, you served us well. : )

Update: Just to be absolutely clear, the only thing going away (and not for too long, everything has been saved locally, and will be uploaded to a new home soon-ish) is the old CoF site. This one will still be here and will be updated all of the time, just as it has been for the last year and a half.

Update (July 7th): And it is gone. : (

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More on The Cure Live in Paris 08 film

The rights are held by Europe Images, and here's their page for the Cure show. Note that the show was filmed in HD and 5.1 audio, was directed by Laurent Hasse & Thierry Villeneuve, is a co-production between Sombrero & Co, Lost Music Ltd, and Virgin 17, and is available as a 90, 60, or 30 minute program. (Thanks to Jörg for his great detective work)

Cure covers

The Drowning Man - Caroline Weeks. (Thanks Loes)
A Few Hours After This by Evan Voytas. (Thanks Michele)
Boys Don't Cry - Norman Palm. (Thanks Calmin)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Justin Kennedy talks about The Cure

Justin Kennedy (Army Navy) talked with OC Weekly about seeing the Cure's Troubadour show. (Thanks Heron)

Official site update

Update: Never mind. This isn't new. Just new to me. : )

So that's what all of that login nonsense was about, they've updated the store. Lots of new (old) stuff is available again. At least I think that's what the update was. Haven't checked the store in a while, so maybe its been that way for a month or so.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cure split with Universal

While there still hasn't been any official word from TMU or The Cure about the split rumor, it does look like "the ties have in fact been apparently cut" and The Cure are no longer on Universal's active roster. (Thanks Friend of CoF)

Cryfest Championship of the World!

Black Cat DC and FYM Productions

MTV Live: The Cure in Rome on Palladia

Palladia will be repeating MTV Live: The Cure in Rome on Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 2am eastern, and on July 5th at 11pm eastern. (Thanks April)

New Cure website and forum

There's a new Cure website and forum up called Cureuphoria. Very nice! Congratulations and best of luck, Gian!