Friday, May 23, 2014

BottleRock map posted

Here's the BottleRock festival grounds map that was posted tonight. The Cure play the Toshiba Stage from 7:30 - 10pm on May 30th.

New interview with Robert

From SFGate:

Cure makes up for lost time with marathon shows
By Aidin Vaziri

The Cure returns after a five-year hiatus to headline this year's BottleRock Napa festival alongside Outkast and Eric Church. The British band has been making up for the lost time with its recent marathon sets, which cover everything from the hits ("Just Like Heaven," "Pictures of You," and so on) to deep, deep cuts. Robert Smith, the group's 55-year-old front man, known for smeared lipstick and gravity-defying locks, tells us why every set still matters.

Q: You have been playing four-hour shows. Where do you get the energy?
A: Well, I'm not known for my onstage gymnastics.

Q: I know, but you've written so many songs. How do you remember them all?
A: A lot of the songs are just embedded in me. If I get the first line to any Cure song, I can just sing the rest. But I do believe you should be feeling the words you're singing.

Q: Is it difficult to get in the headspace of your 19-year-old self?
A: I remember who I was when I wrote (the songs), which is good enough. Sometimes at the end of a song it's like coming out of a weird trance. I go right back in time to when we first started performing and the joy and excitement we had when the lights went down.

Q: How has being in the Cure for so long affected your personal life?
A: Well, I suppose when we started to get really well known, in the mid-'80s, that was a strange period for me. But I wouldn't swap the experience. I did think that when I was 55 I wouldn't have to deal with people camping in my drive, but that isn't the case.

Q: Did you read the Morrissey autobiography?
A: Strangely enough, no. I haven't got to that one yet. There are about 101,000 other books I would like to read first.

Q: I figured there might be some shared experience there.
A: I doubt we have a shared experience. I'm not interested in reigniting a feud, but I don't think our approach to life has been similar in any way. I don't read biographies. I'm more interested in fiction.

Q: Will you ever write one?
A: No, I will never, ever write a book. I struggle enough with writing lyrics - that's the outer edges of my ego. But a 16-page comic might do the trick. {sbox}

Thursday, May 22, 2014

10 Things to Know About BottleRock

From Bohemian:

3. That said, festival headliner the Cure are making their first Northern California appearance in six years, and their only U.S. live date this year until September. This could be the last time Robert Smith's hair appears in Napa.

OMG! Get your tickets now! :)

AV Club's Hear This: The Cure - Open

Read the full article at The AV Club:

The Cure even finds reasons to mope on the dance floor

“I really don’t know what I’m doing here / I really think I should’ve gone to bed tonight,” Robert Smith says, kicking off a description of another night spent pointlessly flirting and getting wasted to the point of collapse, and not even having any fun. Not really. As Smith finds himself amid the revelry—where he’s crushed by the hands of strangers pressing in that “won’t go away,” eventually becoming so inebriated that he’s laughing “like an animal in pain,” yet still “just looking at the floor”—he’s always aware that his outward, manic joy is just a chemically supplied mask for his inner sadness.

“I can’t seem to think / Where this is / Who I am / Why I’m keeping this going,” he yelps over seasick guitars, at the song’s midpoint moment of clarity, before yowling arguably the mopiest lyric the Bard of Mope ever moped: “And the way the rain comes down hard / That’s the way I feel inside.” I don’t go to many ’80s dance nights anymore, and I’ve since (mostly) outgrown romanticizing inner torment. But even today when I hear “Open,” that’s the way I feel inside too.

Win passes to BottleRock

They're also hiding some 3 day passes around various California cities. Follow them on Instagram for hints on where to find them.
Update (05/22/14): More passes to win from Santa Cruz, Coors LightSol RepublicLaunchRock

Also, listen to Live 105 all this week at 8PM, and all weekend, to win passes.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Musical Encounter with The Cure on May 29th!

From Live105 on Instagram: "hit up this weekend to enter for chance to get into a SECRET SHOW with THE CURE."

Articles about this: Slicing Up Eyeballs / Post-Punk 

Update (05/22/14): @AaronAxelsen just confirmed that the secret show will be next Thursday, May 29th. And he says it will be an "intimate" show.

Update (05/23/14 1:37pm): LIVE105 just said the Secret Show will be a private BottleRock rehearsal only open to 7 people. 7! Win tickets from them starting at 3pm today. Yeah, good luck with that!

It needs to be stressed that this is NOT going to be a "secret show". As in a full Cure show. Think soundcheck level type of show.  Live105 messed that announcement up. Still, will be nice to attend it.

And here are the details.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Riot Fest updates

For those of you going to the Denver Riot, they've posted shuttle info for you. You can take it from Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins.

For those headed to the Chicago Riot, they've posted info on locker rentals.

They've also posted hotel info for all Riots, but unless I'm missing something, it's just links, no special discounts or packages.

Cure were a last minute addition to BottleRock

From the Napa Valley Register:

"Graham said the tipping point for the festival came at a meeting with a Los Angeles-based William Morris music executive named Marc Geiger.

“We flew down there, and we told him our story,” said Graham. “Who we were. Our intentions. Our background.” In the end, “He let us give them our money,” said Graham with a laugh.

The producers ended up booking all-important headliners Outkast and Eric Church through Geiger, Graham said.

The Cure was a last-minute, but “much welcomed,” addition, and just in time to announce the entire lineup, he said."

Monday, May 19, 2014

New Cure ink

Melanie G.'s tattoo

Added new tattoos from Hayley Jane and Melanie G. to the Cure Tattoo Gallery.

'Fantastic Guitars' from Reeves & Bill Nelson

From Reverend Guitars on Facebook: "Reeves Gabrels has an album coming out with Bill Nelson, called Fantastic Guitars!"

'Sugar Girl' in 'The Wait'

This should be in Curespottings, but was too good to just post it there. I watched a movie called 'The Wait' last night, and what happens out of the blue? Chloe Sevigny puts on The Cure's 'Sugar Girl'! Plays almost the entire song. Loved it! It's on Netflix streaming, so if you want to watch it, it starts at 31:25 or watch most of the scene here. See Chloe Sevigny & Jena Malone dance to 'Sugar Girl'. :)

Is 'Just Like Heaven' The Cure's best song?

From Music Times:
7 Artists Whose Best Song Isn't On Their Best Album
6. The Cure - "Just Like Heaven" (1987)
It might be a little lame and unoriginal to think that a band's most popular song is its best, but the Cure's "Just Like Heaven" is truly a tour de force of pop songwriting. Unfortunately, the rest of the songs on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me don't even come close to reaching the same heights. The albums released before and after it, The Head on the Door and Disintegration, are the band's two best. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

'The Figurehead' (karaoke version)

Have you been waiting & hoping for a karaoke version of 'The Figurehead'? Well today is your lucky day. Someone has created what nobody really wanted. :) (Thanks Christian)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

BottleRock schedule posted

The set times have been posted. The Cure get 2 & 1/2 hours! Will play from 7:30 - 10pm on the Toshiba stage.

XFM's 15 Greatest Double Albums

From XFM:
The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1987)
Decamping from London to the South of France, Robert Smith and co had such a good time in the studio, they came out with this 18-track double set that ranges from the screeching wah-wah rock of opening track The Kiss to the sweet pop of Catch and Just Like Heaven. (Thanks Andy G.)

'Shake Dog Shake' (Multicam) at RAH

From Francois: Multicam version of The Cure - Shake Dog Shake at Royal Albert Hall (March 28th & 29th)