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Friday, May 30, 2008

Modern Rock chart article

From Billboard:

BACK WITH 'ONE': The Cure began its chart run on Modern Rock Tracks in April 1989 with "Fascination Street" and charted consistently until 1997, amassing 13 chart entries during those years. The group didn't chart again until 2000, with the No. 10 hit "Maybe Someday."
Then there was a four-year gap, as the band returned to the Modern tally with "The End of the World," which peaked at No. 19 in 2004.
Now, almost another four years has gone by, and the Cure is back. "The Only One" (Suretone/Geffen) is a new entry at No. 35.

Note: That was last week. Up to #32 this week.

"Porl and Simon, sitting in a tree..."

Porl and Simon share a kiss in Denver.
This one's for V, Cat, Elise and Jenny. : )

WOXY Modern Rock 500 countdown

The Cure placed 7 songs on the WOXY Modern Rock 500 Memorial Day countdown.
#14 - Boys Don't Cry
#33 - Just Like Heaven
#72 - Lovesong
#134 - Close To Me
#167 - Pictures of You
#402 - Fascination Street
#469 - The Lovecats

(Thanks Matt)

Mystery of the guitar sticker

"In Santa Barbara, on Robert's guitar, no one seemed to know why there was a sticker "Monday, February 11th." Do you know what it references?"
(Thanks Debi)

John McCain: One Hundred Years

"I just made an anti-McCain video using "One Hundred Years" as the background music."
(Thanks Eric)

Tickets - buy or sell

Many of you have asked me to add this, so here it is. Just post your buy/sell requests in the comments section. I'll keep a link to this posted on the right side of this page.

Dream 13 semi-confirmed?

Nothing is official yet, but it seems to be moving in that direction:

"I can confirm that the title of the new album will be "Dream 13".
2 french websites are announcing it : FNAC (CD's-DVD's shops) and NRJ (radio)."

From FNAC:
L'avis de la Fnac sur "The only one" - The Cure
Placé sous le signe du chiffre 13, le nouvel et treizième album "DREAM 13" sera précédé de 4 singles (physiques et digitaux) comprenant chacun un extrait de l’album et un titre inédit et qui sera commercialisé le 13 de chaque mois avant l’album, prévu pour le 13 septembre. Premier de la série et qui cristallise donc toute l’attente et l’envie des fans, THE ONLY ONE, écrit et produit par The Cure, sortira le 16 mai exceptionnellement.

From NJR:
The Cure joue la carte de la superstition
28/05/2008 - 19h00
La bande à Robert Smith a choisi le nombre 13 comme symbole pour leur prochain album.
Ce treizième opus s'appellera Dream 13 et sera dans les bacs le 13 septembre chez Polydor.
Le premier single The Only One est sorti le 13 mai. Quant au deuxième, Freakshow, il sera disponible le 13 juin.
Eponyme, le dernier disque des Cure est paru en 2004. La formation est actuellement en tournée aux Etats-Unis.

(Thanks Chris)

Close Encounters in Marsielle

Added some new Marseille photos to the
Close Encounters gallery.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Santa Barbara show

Follow-up from last night, A Forest was the 3rd encore, not part of the 2nd.
Setlist and show notes moved here.
Photos: COF / New Wave Girl
Why Can't I Be You?
10:15 Saturday Night
Close To Me 1
Close To Me 2
Fascination Street 1
Fascination Street 2

Cure party in Bordeaux, France

"There is a Cure Party on Saturday 7th of June in Bordeaux at "Les Lutins" (The Pixies) 17 rue du Parlement 33000 Bordeaux."
(Thanks Fred)

Kreepy Kid Robert
The Kreepy Kids Oh My Goth! Series consists of: Mike M (My Chem) with ghostly girl and The Crow with crow in hand, Siouxsie Sioux with banshees, and Robert Smith of the Cure with love cats.
(Thanks Tim)

Baby Harlow likes The Cure

The spawn of Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden likes The Cure.
Yes, it's a very light news day. : )
(Thanks Wendy)

And then there's this.
Dear TMZ staff, fuck off. Go write another story about Paris or Britney.
(Thanks V)

Lol and Michael recording together

"My neighbor here in L.A. has just helped Lol and Michael Dempsey record the third Levinhurst album. This occurred last Tuesday-Thursday. They have teamed up with another guitarist and Lol's wife. Lol is on drums, and Michael is on bass, and his wife is on vocals.
He was really nice and got some albums signed for me by both Lol and Michael."
(Thanks Brent)

The Only One chart updates

US -Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks- debuted at #35 last week, up to #32 this week.
UK - falls to #93 (2nd week)
Germany Top 100 - enters at #77
France Top 200 - up to #28 (2nd week)
Spain - remains at #1 (2nd week)
Italy Top 50 Downloads - enters at #35
Hungary Top 10 - enters at #7
Europe Hot 100 - enters at #83
Canada Hot 100 - enters at #63
Canada Hot Digital Sales -enters at #34
(Thanks to Pietro, Thom and Ivan @ Hispacure)

"Heard The Only One on the radio today an Charlottesville, VA on 106.1FM. Also went to the local record store (Plan 9) and they have it there, too!"
(Thanks Tara)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

San Jose show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: Metroactive / San Jose Mercury News
Photos: COF / sirira2000 / lushlulu / marimbolaca / Bigoteetoe / glovestudios / mediachild / lcpetrini / Duncan
Doing The Unstuck
The Only One
Just Like Heaven
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Close To Me
Boys Don't Cry
At Night
A Forest

Vancouver photos

Added 66 more photos to the Vancouver gallery.
(Thanks Greg W. and Aaron B.)

Friday I'm In Love in new movie trailer

A good bit of Friday I'm In Love is used in the trailer for the new film He's Just Not That Into You (use this link if the other is blocked to you).
(Thanks Matt and Eric)

More Austin tickets released has released more tickets for the sold out Austin, Tx. show. It still says sold out on their info page, but go through the process and they ARE available. At least they were at the time of this posting. Good luck!

"I got my tickets during my lunch break, it's $111.00 plus service charges for two tix at local record store, Waterloo Records...I heard the announcement on the local alt radio flashback lunch (101X)."
(Thanks Catterpillarboy)

Underneath The Stars lyrics

Floating here like this with you
Underneath the stars aligned (at night?)
For 13 billion years the view
It's beautiful, and ours alone tonight
Underneath the stars

Spinning round and round with you
Watching shadows melt the light
Soft shining from our eyes, into (a tear?)
Another space is ours alone tonight
Watching shadows melt

The waves....break
The waves....break

Whisper in my ear, a wish
"We could drift away so far"
Your voice inside my head, a kiss
It's infinite, and ours alone tonight
Watching shadows melt or We could drift away
(Depends upon which version you're listening to)

Flying here like this with you
Underneath the stars aligned (at night?)
For 13 billion years the view
It's beautiful, and ours alone tonight
Underneath the stars

(swirling echo voice: Underneath The Stars)

With everything gone
And all still to come?
Together as now
Forever as one
In each other's arms
So near and so far
Together as now
Underneath the stars

As the waves....break

This is the best I could come up with. Some of the words are probably wrong, but I THINK it's a pretty good start. The Kansas City and Denver versions are each different in certain places, but I'm going with the Denver version here. Thanks to Brian for providing the clearest version yet, that helped a great deal with the deciphering.

Update: I'm now basing these lyrics on the Dallas version. Again, some words are different from the previous versions.

Cure article in Lighting & Sound (April 2008)

Robert on cover of Lighting & Sound International
Article & more pictures:
Free, but you have to register.
(Thanks Joe)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Robert interview from MTV UK

Just uploaded the "restricted" MTV UK interview with Robert to YouTube.
(Thanks to Aaron for the file)

Cure on tv

May 29th - VH1 Denmark - The Cure live - 20.30-21.00 CET.
June 1st - VH1 Poland - The Cure live 22.00 - 22.30 CET.
June 2nd - ABC2 TV Australia - Cure Trilogy Highlights - 10:25.
June 15th - MTV Idol France - Valencia 2008 highlights - 14:00.

(Thanks Jo, Frank, stm70 and jacek)

Santa Barbara Bowl times confirmed

"I just got off the phone with a Santa Barbara bowl rep (805 962-7411) and confirmed that there will be a 10pm curfew. Start time for the concert will be 6pm for 65DOS and 7pm for The Cure."

Update: "According the the Santa Barbara Bowl website no cameras are allowed. However, a Santa Barbara Bowl representative just confirmed (via telephone) that for the Cure cameras will be allowed except professional cameras."
(Thanks Ignacio)

Underneath The Stars (yes, again!)

Jason has adjusted/corrected the "Denver mix" version of Underneath The Stars. Here's what he did: "I took some time to edit and correct the MP3 version of UTS posted on COF. Mainly, I ran it through a 31-Band EQ and Reverb Unit to restore some of the original reverb characteristics that would've been present at a venue such as Red Rocks. I also corrected the volume spike that occurs right around 1:01. I'm assuming that's where the two recordings were joined. The EQ was primarily adjusted to bring Simon's bass more into the mix, Porl's guitar-work throughout (especially the crescendos) and Robert's vox as they seemed a bit buried."
(Thanks Jason)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Vancouver show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: Vancouver Province / Straight / Vancouver Sun
Photos: COF / James
The Perfect Boy
Never Enough
Just Like Heaven 1
Just Like Heaven 2
Close To Me (Robert catches some flowers)
Lullaby 1
Lullaby 2
Lullaby 3
Fascination Street 1
Fascination Street 2
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

More of Underneath The Stars

Due to my continuing obsession with the hauntingly beautiful Underneath The Stars, here are two more clips from the Red Rocks show:
Underneath The Stars (full two minute intro, but incomplete)
Underneath The Stars (only 1:36 long)
And thanks to Frank, here's a complete MP3 version from Red Rocks.

Any fans of the book Throat Sprockets by Tim Lucas? I'm starting to feel like that character, hunting down every version of this song that I can find. Little bits here, alternate versions there, etc. Damn you RS! : )

Mystery at the Gorge - Solved!

Anyone know who this was?
"Then when they came out for BDC a blonde girl dressed in a long black dress came out with them and exuberantly danced and shook a tambourine on stage with them through the whole song, WEIRD."
(Thanks Dave)

Update: "It was Zia McCabe from the Dandy Warhols, from Portland, OR. She plays keyboards for them."
(Thanks to IcingSugar for the answer)

MTV UK video interview with Robert

MTV UK has an interview with Robert. Unfortunately, it's another one of those "If you're not in the UK or Ireland, you can't watch it" clips. So here's the transcript:

Robert says the album was recorded entirely in east sussex.

Says he always wanted the 13th album to be a big thing to celebrate 30 years.

Says to mark the occasion he wanted to release the upbeat stuff first. Then work on the darker stuff later in the year to suit the weather!

He describes the whole MTV email vs Studios ideas again.

Says he is not being ironic when he looks back the history of the band.

He is happy with their back catalogue and the era from which the band first came from.

Says he will keep going as long as he is happy to be in a group called The Cure.

The Only One plays throughout the entire interview except when a brief clip of Lovecats plays.

(Thanks to Aaron and to Andrew for the transcript)

Cure on VH-1 Europe tonight

VH1 Europe, 22:00 CET
The Cure Live (MTV Live) - Valencia? (don´t know)
(Thanks Monghi and Charlie)