Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cure on tv

May 29th - VH1 Denmark - The Cure live - 20.30-21.00 CET.
June 1st - VH1 Poland - The Cure live 22.00 - 22.30 CET.
June 2nd - ABC2 TV Australia - Cure Trilogy Highlights - 10:25.
June 15th - MTV Idol France - Valencia 2008 highlights - 14:00.

(Thanks Jo, Frank, stm70 and jacek)


  1. Thankyou!!! I'll definitely be watching the Trilogy Highlights on Australian TV. Should be great.

  2. Kissing Crimson - If you have never seen Trilogy, I'm pretty sure you can pick it up for about $20 from JB HiFi..... it is completely worth the spend.

  3. :) Hi yes, I've got the DVD, but instead of watching what's usually on TV on Monday night, I'll tune in to that program for sure :)

    maybe they will have some extra commentary on it?, hmm that might be nice.

    thanks altr2elise :)