Friday, August 1, 2008

Julien-K remixing SWID

From the Julien-K Myspace page:
"Cure Remix with Gerard Way
We just started a remix of the Cure's new single "Sleep When I'm Dead" with Gerard of My Chemical Romance. It has to be turned in Monday so expect to hear it very soon. All the proceeds of the sale of this single will be going to Amnesty International."
(Thanks Moontear)

Perfect Boy preview

There's a brief preview of The Perfect Boy up on the official site. Sounds great!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Charts update

Sleep When I'm Dead
US - drops to #4 on the Hot Singles Sales chart (2nd week).
Spain - drops to #3 (3rd week).

US - up to #9 on the Hot Singles Sales chart (7th week).
Spain - drops to #6 (6th week).

The Only One
US - up to #10 on the Hot Singles Sales chart (8th week).
Spain - holds at #4 (11th week).

Roger & Erin live in London tonight

A reminder that Roger & Erin will be playing at Synthetic in The Cavendish Arms pub in Stockwell, London tonight. Show starts at 7:30pm. Opening bands are Noush, Hornbeam, and Lettie.

Update: Roger has posted a video of two songs from the show.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo update

Soledad met Simon and Porl in Madrid.

Support the Indies!

"I work at an indie record store in Denver and I wonder if we can be posted along with the big boxes (best buy, amazon......) as a store that carries the singles. We've got the import 7"s as well. and we do mail order. " (Thanks Dawn)

And so that you don't have to search:
Only One cd / 7"
Freakshow cd / 7"
Sleep When I'm Dead cd / 7"

Singles in Argentina on Aug. 7th

"a communication from Universal Argentina :the singles Freakshow and Only One will be released August 7th in Argentina." (Thanks to Ariel @ Curerarities)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No traction for The Cure in Toronto?

"On the afternoon of July 26, I sent e-mails to Alan Cross, the programming director and host of The Ongoing History of New Music, and Don Mitchell, the music director, of Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge regarding the lack of airplay of The Cure's last three singles, including the current one. Late night yesterday, I actually got a response from Alan! Here's what he said:

"Thanks for the note! We’ve been looking at the Cure’s new material during our music meetings and researching it with our audience, but for some reason, the new stuff is having a hard time gaining traction with them. It’s weird. We’ll keep at it, though…"

Alan Cross"

Update: "I mentioned before that I contacted both the program and music directors for 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, and my response from Program Director Alan Cross was posted a few days ago. Well, guess what? I heard back from their Music Director/Assistant Program Director Don Mitchell yesterday, and this is what he had to say...

"Hi Shawn. We do spend a large amount of money on music research. It involves Phone, Online and Auditorium surveys. We try new songs on them (like the Cure), and sometimes they just don’t take off. Unfortuantely, to stay competitive in the tough TO radio market we simply can’t play everything and have to choose the songs that will make the quickest impression on our listeners. Thanks for the query. dm"

Taking the easy way out in the name of money. The 102.1 of today is so far removed from the 102.1 of the late '80s that had no set format and played bands such as Skinny Puppy. I guess that it's really no surprise that their market share dropped and that they've never surpassed or even tied it since the change. It's really too bad."

(Thanks Shawn-W)

Drowning Man / Other Voices in Charlotte

The Drowning Man & Other Voices live in Charlotte (6/16/08)
(Thanks easycure13)

NIN Lights in the Sky tour coverage

I know there are a bunch of NIN fans who read COF, and I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the excellent coverage being offered for the Lights In The Sky Over North America tour.
Rob has been posting photos from the road and the shows at the NIN website.
Those photos are being archived at the NINblog Archive, and you can view the setlists and live videos at the NIN Tour Video Archive. Fantastic job guys!

And I can't believe they played In This Twilight at the Seattle show! And now Vessel in Edmonton!

Update: The Seattle show is up on Dime and Nintorrents in FLAC, and you can get it in mp3 on sendspace (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Secret Language of Cure Tattoos

Rev. Heron has posted another interesting article, The Secret Language of Cure Tattoos. (Thanks Heron)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cure stuff for sale

"I know you do not normally do this but I just wanted to make other cure fans aware that after over 25 years of cure collecting I have finally decided to sell it on.
I will not be selling it through Ebay as I refuse to give them the extra profit. I will be sending out a list to all who want one and they can send in their offers.
I have most things people want acetates (inc a killing an arab small wonder acetate on prt) test pressings promos (inc 3 track top promo and the forest oz promo c/w folder which sold for over $5000 on ebay last month !) gig posters and tickets from 1978 - present.
I am still doing the list but if any of your readers would like one when its done please email me at"
(Thanks John)

"My wife created a cool Robert Smith themed My Little Pony, would you mind posting this up on COF so Cure fans get a chance to see and or bid on this?"
(Thanks Tomas/Untitled)

Charts update

Sleep When I'm Dead
Australia - drops to #44 (2nd week).
Germany - enters at #80.
UK - drops off the chart after one week.

The Only One
France - drops to #80.

(Thanks Jo and Pietro)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cure album certifications in the UK

Japanese Whispers - Silver (Jan. 20th, 1984)

The Top - Silver (May 2nd, 1984)

Faith - Silver (Feb. 18th, 1985)

The Head on the Door - Silver (Oct. 29th, 1985), Gold (Dec. 9th, 1985)

Standing on a Beach - Silver (May 20th, 1986), Gold (June 17th, 1986)

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - Silver (June 11th, 1987), Gold (Aug. 18th, 1987)

Disintegration - Silver and Gold (May 5th, 1989)

Mixed Up - Silver and Gold (Nov. 26th, 1990)

Boys Don't Cry - Silver, Gold and Platinum (March 1st 1991)

Wish - Gold and Silver (May 1st, 1992)

The Cure - Silver (June 25th, 2004)

UK criteria for awards:
Silver = 60,000
Gold = 100,000
Platinum = 300,000

(Thanks to Peter and the BPI database)

I posted the US Data on July 18th.

Holy Hour in Charlotte

The Holy Hour - Live in Charlotte (6/16/08)
(Thanks Cat)

SWID soundscan numbers

The official numbers from Soundscan:
Sleep When I'm Dead sales - 18 (early leaks), 1684 (week 1),
1702 (total so far)

Also, Freakshow sold 771 copies in its first week of release in France.

(Thanks Peter)