Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprise! Cure in the studio!

Eden Gallup posted this yesterday on Facebook: "In the studio with the cure. Great to hear them playing again ! Surprises!" (Thanks Gildas)

Update: Clive makes an excellent point in the comments. Eden said they were "in the studio", but didn't say a recording studio. He could have just meant a rehearsal studio. So no confirmation of any actual recording going on right now. Sorry for jumping the gun on that.

Update 2: Not recording according to Eden's latest update: "To clear up some confusion, the cure were not recording anything new last week, just dusting of and getting together for 2011, looking forward etca"

Update 3: Received further confirmation on this. It was just a session to get together and play again, to try things out, so that future plans could be made.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Entreat Plus US vinyl canceled?

Update 2: Retailers are being told that the US/Canadian release has been canceled. If you want it, looks like you'll need to import it. (Thanks Mike and Steve)

Insound has a new release date listed for March 22nd. If you don't want to wait to see if it comes out, Amazon UK seems to have it, but with an additional 5-9 day wait for shipping.
(Thanks Jeremiah and Deadboycraved)

What's happened to the US vinyl release of Entreat Plus? Originally scheduled for release on Jan. 11th, then pushed back to Feb. 22nd, it's now listed as "not available" by Amazon and CD Universe. A trusted friend contacted WEA about it, and was told "this thing disappeared…Not on any schedule anymore; was not released anywhere they were aware of in US…nor is anything else (scheduled) for remasters, dvds, etc."
(Thanks to Friend of CoF for helping with this)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vote for Robert

Vote for Robert Smith in the NME Greatest Frontmen/women poll. (Thanks Aaron)

Meeting The Cure at Newcastle 92

John has posted a very nice account (including photographs, I love that one of Perry!) of meeting The Cure at Newcastle prior to the April 22nd, 1992 Wish Tour club show, at his blog, "On Nights Like This". (Thanks John)

Update: John has posted some more photos and press articles from the show.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adele's cover of 'Lovesong'

Seems to be lots of renewed interest in Adele's cover of 'Lovesong', so here are some links I posted a month ago,
and some new ones:
Listen to the cover at Soulculture. (Thanks Jilly)
Adele talks about the cover and The Cure being her first concert.
Adele talks about The Cure being the soundtrack to her life while growing up, and performs a bit of it.
Live performance in NYC on Feb. 11th, 2011
Live performance in London on Jan. 24th, 2011.
Adele says this cover version was originally meant for Barbara Streisand. Was that going to be her revenge for the South Park episode? : )

Monday, February 21, 2011

'Lost Wishes' on ebay

A copy of the much sought after 'Lost Wishes' cassette is up on ebay. (Thanks Andy)

Porl Thompson paintings for sale

"UNIQUE 3 x Porl Thompson paintings! We have bought them ourselves in England, Gallery in St. Just! They never hung on the wall, one is even still in plastic! They are in heavy wooden frames. They are signed by Porl Thompson himself! Super unique in the Netherlands! They are 70 cm x 70 cm each! (WITH GLASS) Can not send them!! (TOO HEAVY AND FRAGILE)). The buyer gets also for free a book signed by Porl Thompson!" (Thanks Helmie)

At Helmie's request, please contact me if seriously interested, and I can forward your email along.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lol and Roger updates

From Lol: "Check out next months SPIN: I did a little chat with them- You may find out things you didn't know! Also a photo you may not have seen!"

From Roger: "I met yesterday for a weird synthesizer thing at the ICA and he managed to coerce me into performing at his Synthetic night 3/23! As I havent got new music to promote I am going to create some over the next three weeks. It will be a 3 part homage to my major influences.... and of interest to tech nerds I will be performing it using @ sound prism, @ two moog voyagers & a moog theremin! I might also fire up my Axis harmonic table keyboard and my Elektron machine drum.The stage will resemble the keyboard dept of a music shop! Im going to regularly broadcast the trials and tribulations of creating this show on my channel."