Friday, January 22, 2010

Robert duets with Anik Jean

Update 2: You can download the track for free here (select "Non, ..." unless you want updates from Anik). Or if you want to avoid giving her your email, click here. (Thanks Steve and Brad)

This "new" collaboration is really just Robert and Earl Slick's Believe with Anik adding French vocals. Listen to it here. (Thanks Olivier)

Looks like one of Robert's recent collaborations has been revealed. According to 7Jours, Robert is doing a duet with Canadian singer Anik Jean on her upcoming album to be released in April. The song is “J’aurai tout essayé” (“I shall have tried everything”), with lyrics in English and French, comparing love and disenchantment. Looks like Earl Slick will be involved as well. (Thanks Jacques)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roger plays Toronto and London

Roger will be playing two special shows in the upcoming months. Details from Roger's website:
"I will be playing a one off show in Toronto on February 18th. Its a preview from the Two/Three album and I will be playing three or four songs with Paul van Dongen on Cello details here.
I have also agreed to perform another one off show in London on March 7th. I'm currently writing a new suite of music for this show which will only be performed once. Its a very interesting night on a boat on the Thames (it doesnt go anywhere) run by a good friend of mine Klarita Pandolfi. Here are some details." (Thanks notherbob)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disintegration remaster delayed again

Another delay for the remastered Disintegration set. Now scheduled for March 30th in Europe, and April 6th in North America. (Thanks to Chris @ The Ideal Copy)