Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lady Gaga samples 'Lullaby'?

Has Lady Gaga "sampled" a bit of 'Lullaby' in her new song 'Government Hooker'? Listen to that keyboard bit towards the end. Coincidence or intentional? (Thanks Aaron)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More memories from 1991

As we continue down memory lane, with our thoughts on the T&C 2 show, and the anticipation that was building for the 'Wish' album, here are some 'Wish' era press clippings I found in an old folder - reviews of T&C2 from Q (part 1 - part 2) and NME (this scan is from JC), and a very interesting Aug. 1991 article from Select (Album working title was 'Higher'? 'Anniversary' was written for 'Wish'? What was 'Decadence'? Talk of 'The Last Day of Summer', and titles of songs for Robert's solo album).

Update: More scans added. (Thanks JC/Perfect Murder)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Martyn tribute out July 12th

Consequence of Sound reports that the long-awaited John Martyn Tribute album, 'Johnny Boy Would Love This', which features Robert Smith's cover of 'Small Hours' (you can read the lyrics there, too), will be released on July 12th.
The original story at Direct Current says there will also be a DVD released with interviews and footage from the recording sessions.

Roger at Synthetic update

Roger has posted two of the tracks he's working on, 'Flower' and 'Trees', for his show at Synthetic in South London at The Cavendish Arms on March 23rd. He's also playing at the Picture House in Exeter on March 17th. More info here.

He's also posted the first rough idea, 'Approach', for a new Charlie Crow album (Yes!), and some samples from his 'Scheherazade' project with cellist Julia Kent.

More pre-Wish release talk

With all of the talk and discussion about 'Wish' and the early versions of the songs which debuted 20 years ago at the T&C 2 secret show, John at the On Nights Like This blog has posted a couple of press clippings from those days, which talks about a slightly different track list for the album. (Thanks John)

Update: John has also posted photos of the merchandise he bought at the 'Wish' shows.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cure - Away (Cut) live at T&C 2 in 1991

Posting this because I've just been reminded of how much I love this early version of 'Cut'. Those early versions of the 'Wish' songs were fantastic. If for some reason you've never seen/heard them, also check out 'Wendy Time' and 'The Big Hand'.
(Thanks again for the reminders, Fred and melt05)

Update: And how about this fantastic demo version of 'Wendy Time'? A taste of what we might get on the 'Wish' remastered set. (Thanks JC, Brian, Ben)

Cure covers

Consequence of Sound reports that the Deftones' cover of The Cure's 'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep' will be included on their limited edition (5,000 copies) 'Covers' LP, which is being released for Record Store Day 2011 on April 16th.

Cure for sale page

Been getting a lot of requests to post Cure items for sale, so instead of saying no, or having them take up space on the front page, I'm putting them on their own page now.