Friday, July 18, 2008

Cure chat tonight

Rev. Heron will be hosting another Cure chat tonight at 7pm pacific, 8pm mountain, 9pm central, 10pm eastern. Topic is: Album delay? New EP? New DVD? What do you think about all the recent news?

Cure's Gold/Platinum History in the US

Standing On A Beach - Gold (Feb. 5th, 1987), Platinum (May 4th, 1989), Double Platinum (Dec. 12th, 1997)

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - Gold (Aug. 24th, 1987), Platinum (August 14th, 1990)

Disintegration - Gold (June 28th, 1989), Platinum (Oct. 20th, 1989), Double Platinum (July 1st, 2004)

Mixed Up - Gold (Dec. 5th, 1990), Platinum (August 11th, 1992)

Head on the Door - Gold (March 18th, 1991)

Wish - Gold (June 9th, 1992), Platinum (June 16th, 1992)

Wild Mood Swings - Gold (July 1st, 1996)

Galore - Gold (Oct. 17th, 2001)

Staring at the Sea - Gold (Sept. 30th, 1987), Platinum (Sept. 27th, 1989)

In Orange - Gold (June 22nd, 1988), Platinum (January 18th, 1990)

Picture Show - Gold (May 11th, 1993)

Trilogy - Gold (Jan. 30th, 2005), Platinum (July 26th, 2005)

(Thanks to the RIAA database)

Greatest Hits goes Platinum in Europe

From IFPI: "Two veteran acts saw their greatest hits collections pick up a Platinum Award. The Cure, who released 12 studio albums from the 1970s onwards, received an award for their Greatest Hits compilation." (Thanks Peter)

Vampire Weekend or The Cure?

Why are Vampire Weekend "dressing up" like The Cure? Stereogum has your answer. (Thanks Sofia)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Robert confirms Oct. 13th and more!

Robert has posted at the official site and confirms the Oct. 13th release date, a 4Singles remix ep, and work on Paris/Charlotte/NYC tv and dvd projects. Just go read it. Robert seems to be in a good/playful mood. It's a lot of fun to read. : )

Also notice that he says the album is still untitled. Maybe Dream 13 is just a working title or a placeholder that the "mighty U" is using.

Sleep reviews

nerd [heart] geek reviews all 3 singles. (Thanks Paul)

JamsBio has another great review for Sleep When I'm Dead. (Thanks Christine)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Charts update

Sleep When I'm Dead
Spain - enters at #3 (1st week)

US - drops to #11 (5th week)
Spain - remains at #1 (4th week).
Italy - at #12.
France - drops to #61 (3rd week).
Canada - holds at #4 (4th week).

The Only One
US - drops to #13 (6th week).
Spain - remains at #2 (9th week).
Italy - drops to #17 (7th week).
France - drops to #73 (8th week).
Canada - drops to #7 (5th week).

(Thanks David, Ivan@HispaCure and Pietro)

Rumor: Album delayed until Oct. 13th?

Not 100% confirmed, but the word out of Universal today is that the new album has been pushed back a month, probably until Oct. 13th. Don't freak out! Let's wait and hear what Robert says about it. If true, maybe we get a bonus single? Or something else? Not trying to spin it, but I'll actually be very happy if it comes out in Oct. instead of Sept.

Sleep video articles

Stereogum and Pitchfork have articles about the Sleep video.
Aww Stereogum, I kid but we're still friends. : )
(Thanks Austin, Claudio and Monkeybutt)

Without You b-side

Without You will be the b-side for The Perfect Boy single.
Wonder if this is the new title for Christmas Without You?
(Thanks Friend of COF)

Scarlett covers Boys Don't Cry

Scarlett Johansson - Boys Don't Cry (iTunes exclusive).
Or listen to it here.
Pitchfork and Stereogum have articles about it.
(Thanks James and Jacob)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Official lyrics for Sleep/Down Under

The official site has the lyrics for Sleep and Down Under.
Bunny beats Pony. : (
(Thanks Brad/explodingboy and Crystal/caterpillargirl2)

Support Sleep!

Time to get going now that the single is out. Check the Support the Singles page, find your local radio station, call/text/e-mail them, and ask them to play Sleep When I'm Dead. If they don't have it, ask them to get it, and suggest they play The Only One, NY Trip, Freakshow, and All Kinds Of Stuff until they do. : )
Please post or e-mail me with your results. And let me know which stations are playing it. Thanks!

Sleep single now on iTunes US and Amazon

On iTunes (US)
Sleep When I'm Dead
Down Under
(Thanks Brad)

On Amazon (US)
Sleep When I'm Dead
Down Under
(Thanks CarolNYC)

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Perfect Boy on August 12th

"Friend of COF" just confirmed that The Perfect Boy is scheduled for US release on August 12th. The news just gets better and better. : )

Sleep out in the UK / US update

"SWID was released today in the UK... I was in London and the Piccadilly Circus HMV store had plenty of copies (I saw about 30 copies scattered around the store). Cheap too, at £1.99."
(Thanks Simon)

And for the US, "Friend of COF" says that FYE should have the single in stores tomorrow. Best Buy, Borders, Newbury Comics and Virgin also bought copies, but is not 100% sure if they will have them tomorrow. So check with FYE first.
(Thanks Friend of COF)

Updates: "For anyone in Virginia, the record store Plan 9 got copies in today. " (Thanks believer-ko)

"Earshot in Greenville, SC has it!!!" (Thanks Caterpillargirl2)

"Singles available in Southern California @ Mad Platter (Riverside) and Rhino Records (Montclair, or is it Clairmont). Sorry, but no 7" Vinyl singles." (Thanks Haloburn)

Sleep When I'm Dead video

The video is up on MTV Italy and MTV UK, but as usual, not available to anyone outside of those areas.
Update: Thanks to Aaron for sending me the flv file. Here's the link to download it. If you have trouble viewing the file, get Miro.

Update: Sleep When I'm Dead (Official video)
Let's see how long it lasts. Universal, please leave it alone! Read Robert's post on the official site, he WANTS the videos on YouTube.

Update: And here's the video in iPod format.

(Thanks to Aaron for the first flv file, to Monkeybutt for Miro, to for the second flv file and to Brad for the iPod file)

Sleep gets very good reviews

Music Magazine
The Modern Music
Indie London
(Thanks Mark)

Then we have the typical Stereogum "review".
(Thanks Monkeybutt)