Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chicago show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Review: Chicago Sun-Times / Lumino magazine
Photos: COF / Katz 42

Prayers For Rain
Boys Don't Cry
10:15 Saturday Night
Close to Me
Pictures of You
A Night Like This 1
A Night Like This 2
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 1
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 2
Why Can't I Be You?
Lullaby 1
Lullaby 2
The Walk
Lovecats 1
Lovecats 2
Lovesong/POY/Lullaby/Deep Green Sea
Friday/Inbetween/Heaven/Close To Me/WCIBY/Boys

Only One single updates

The Only One and NY Trip are now available on iTunes New Zealand.
(Thanks Alastair)

"I spoke to 2 different JB HI FI stores in Melbourne, Australia yesterday, JB HI FI are one of the most popular music stores across all of Australia. Both stores I spoke to said they expected the single this weekend to release on the 19th, but it's been delayed 1 week until next weekend."
(Thanks Brent)

Robert on XM radio

Did anyone else hear this? Have more details? Recorded it?

"I was driving to Dallas last night to see Be Your Own Pet and She Wants Revenge. I was listening to XMU's Afterschool Special on XM Radio. Robert Smith was being interviewed. All I heard was that Robert doesn't believe in luck. Fate plays a lot in how people turn out in life. I wish I could provide you with more, but it was my friend's car and he kept turning down the sound to talk about something."

(Thanks Joe)

Robert posts

Robert has posted at the official site, talking about the frustration of the single being hard to find, the new website, the single vs. double album choice and the "Dark Album" at Christmas.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Freakshow listed for pre-ordering

Ideal Copy has the Freakshow 7" and cd singles up for pre-ordering.

Amazon (UK) has the 7" single for Freakshow listed, but you can't pre-order yet.

(Thanks Fabietto and Alastair)

WFNX interviews Robert

Robert does an interview with Fletcher of WFNX.
(Thanks Justin)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Montreal show

Some Montreal newspaper reviews.
Just uploaded a bunch of photos.
Setlist has been moved here.

Videos from the show:
The Walk
Killing An Arab
Just Like Heaven
Close To Me
Inbetween Days
Boys Don't Cry
Lullaby 1
Lullaby 2
The Perfect Boy
Why Can't I Be You?
One Hundred Years 1
One Hundred Years 2
10:15 Saturday Night
A Strange Day
Caroline's Videos

WCYY video interview with Robert

WCYY interviews Robert in Boston. Final album tracklisting STILL not decided upon, but probably a 13 track, upbeat though not necessarily happy album. Maybe two downbeat songs. But the big epic, downbeat tracks will be saved for a possible very unhappy Christmas album.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Angie Hart's POY cover on iTunes

"Angie Hart's version of The Cure's "Pictures Of You", used in the Transport Accident Commission new TVC campaign highlighting the hidden victims of speeding, is also out as a single on iTunes next week. Profits from sales go to "The Compassionate Friends Of Victoria" who offer understanding after the death of a family member. The iTunes release (out through Level Two Music) is accompanied by " Don't Be Shy" a track lifted from Hart's solo album "Grounded Bird". See"

Guitar Talk

"Some people have been suggesting that RS is not playing a six-string bass on this tour. However, the light-colored Schecter he is playing is a baritone guitar as evidenced by its thick strings—much thicker than a normal guitar. We’re just not seeing the Fender VI he played from Faith thru Bloodflowers. He is either on the Schecter payroll in some way or, as Perry suggested when he designed his own Bass VI, the Fender VI possesses a lot of limitations… or both."
(Thanks Jeff)

No curfew for Chicago?

"I called Allstate Arena and the person I spoke with said the facility has no set curefew and that would be up to the band themselves. wonder how long they'll play on saturday?"
(Thanks Gene)

Only One video for iPod

"I've converted "The Only One" video to iPod format if anyone is interested."
(Thanks Brad)

The Perfect Boy live in Philadelphia

Just posted a new live video of The Perfect Boy from Philadelphia.
Thanks to Tim for sending me the file.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MTV UK talks to Robert

From MTV UK:

EXCLUSIVE | Robert Smith talks to MTV News about the band’s new material…

The Cure have announced details of their new 13th album and four singles that will precede it.
Frontman with the band Robert Smith talked exclusively to MTV News about the plan: “Because it’s the 13th studio album I thought let’s introduce the number and see what we can do with it.”
“I thought lets have four singles and release them on the 13th of every month then release the album.”
From today (May 13) The Cure will bring out a new track on the 13th of each month starting with The Only One- they will then release their album on September 13.

Smith added that MTV encouraged the unusual idea: “When I put this to our dear label they said ‘you can’t possibly do that it’s ridiculous,’” He said.
“And then someone from MTV- very high-up- sent an email to me and said ‘this is a great idea.’ Then the label went ‘actually it’s a really great idea.’”
The Cure were working on a double album and according to Robert they’ve recorded 33 songs but decided to make a single upbeat disc.
The frontman explained to MTV News: “I always wanted to have this as the 13th Cure album- it’s 30 years since we did the first one, I just wanted it to be a big thing to mark the occasion.”


Excellent Boston photos

The Phoenix has posted some excellent photos from Boston. Check out Simon's amp. Not just an awesome musician, but a great dad too.
(Thanks Brad)

Only One video!

Update: I just uploaded it to Youtube.

MTV Italy has an exclusive video for The Only One. You can only watch it in Italy, but Marco has uploaded it for everyone:

this version is avi (low quality)
this is in the original quality (.flv)

(Thanks to Marco(Labyrinth) at

Boston videos

Pictures of You 1
Pictures of You 2
The Blood
End of the World
Just Like Heavan

Boston newspaper reviews

Review from the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.
(Thanks Eric, Martin, Brian, Matt and Mike)

Only One on iTunes

The Only One / NY Trip is up at iTunes now.

Sleep When I'm Dead

Live recording of Sleep When I'm Dead from the Boston show.
It's fantastic! The Cure is kicking ass once again.

Here's some info about the song from that Rolling Stone interview last month:
"At least one tune will almost definitely make the cut: "Sleep When I'm Dead," a recently unearthed demo from 1985's The Head On The Door. "It sounds genuinely 1980's," Smith says. "I don't think that's a bad thing. It's part of our heritage."
(Thanks Brad)

Only One in Australia

"Some news for Australian fans – just found The Only One at available for pre-order. Release date is listed as 19th May. CD single - $4.61. Never ordered through these guys before so don’t know what they are like to deal with but they are the only on-line store that I have found that has The Only One available (so far)."
(Thanks Dave)

Fantastic new interview with Robert

Ok, first the bad news. Robert confirms that the album will be a single, not a double. Now the good news. He also confirmed that he is working with Tim Pope on a 30th Anniversary dvd, and he seems to indicate that there will be a Prayer Tour show video released, though he says it's from Texas Stadium, which they didn't play in 89. That was the Wish tour in 92. Fingers & toes crossed that it's a Prayer Tour show. Now, on to the interview:

"I had the incredible opportunity Saturday night to meet and interview Robert Smith of the Cure, thanks to 104.5 FM in Philadelphia! The station had a contest where fans submit 10 questions to ask Robert and my submission was chosen!

Despite the fact that I was awfully nervous at the start, it was a fantastic interview. We talked about the new stripped down lineup, the future for The Cure, youtube, Robert's sly way of releasing a double album, the possiblity of solo material, the forthcoming remasters, and more. And we laughed a whole lot more than you'd probably expect.

Video of the entire interview is on the radio station website here:

After the interview was over, I was sure to slip him a couple CDs of my band The Silence Kit and as I handed them to him I said, "I'm sure you're too busy to get a chance to listen but-" and he stopped me and said, "No. It's a long bus ride!" and he asked me a bit about what I do in the band, etc. It was a singular, amazing experience to finally be able to give him my music and say, "Without you, I never would have made this."

(Thanks Pat. Fantastic job!)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Boston show

The setlist and show notes have been moved here.
Some additional notes from Vince:
"Just some quick notes from the Boston show. Porl had some problems with his guitar through some songs and it went out completely during the first 2/3rds of Inbetween Days. Robert mentioned before Lovecats that it was a strange show and that it was a weird night for him. The new song Sleep When I'm Dead was really good, up tempo, and like Jeff said, Porl was a maniac with the wah. Crowd was small, but was very in to the show. "

Pitchfork reviews Fairfax

Pitchfork has a review and some great photos from Fairfax.
(Thanks John)

Only One out in the UK / French download now

"Just to let you know that HMV here in the UK have “The Only One” on the shelves today. I think both songs sound great."
(Thanks Andrew)

"we will apparently be able to digitally download the new single on this site from midnight French time (CET), 1 hour prior to the uk site you mentionned!"
(Thanks Bill)

Nice review in the Washington Post

From The Washington Post:
A refrain from "Lovesong" describes the ebullient crowd at the Cure concert Friday at the Patriot Center: "Whenever I'm alone with you/You make me feel like I am young again."

The primarily middle-aged audience sang, clapped and -- even if it annoyed those in the row behind -- stood and danced for three hours to 39 songs culled from 30 years of gloomy-to-jovial alternative rock.

And yes, frontman Robert Smith, at 49, still wears the Goth-clown makeup and has a Medusa-like head of hair (albeit possibly with a bald spot). But the look still works for him, a la Keith Richards and his 64-year-old pirate persona.

This edition of the Cure is stripped down to four members, with Smith and Porl Thompson manning the guitars, Simon Gallup still wielding a low-slung bass and drummer Jason Cooper thumping away behind them all. And though there were some triggered synth sounds in the mix, the group revamped keyboard-heavy songs such as "The Lovecats," "The Walk" and "Close to Me" into guitar-woozy rock tunes.

The Cure even plugged two new numbers into its hits-heavy set list: the straight-up guitar popper "The Perfect Boy," which Smith said was a "world premiere," and "Freak Show," which fell next to the peppier (even silly) songs in Smith's enormous repertoire.

But for the most part, the concert was about the Cure's glorious past, and when the band played "Friday I'm in Love," it summed up the audience's adoration for a band it grew up with.

-- Christopher Porter

Cure gets glowing review from Philly Inquirer

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
The Cure, 65daysofstatic play Wachovia Spectrum
By David R. Stampone

Not a bad gig for England's 65daysofstatic (also known as 65DOS) - getting tapped by the mighty Cure to open for the goth-pop-plus legends' entire North American tour. Their band name was even on one of the "The Cure Tour4 2008" T-shirts. Talk about exposure.

And the Sheffield lads did impress those who saw them Saturday at the Wachovia Spectrum, just the second date of a tour that will conclude next month with a three-venue stand in New York City. (They wisely kept their late-spring schedule clear after the Cure scuttled plans to tour last fall with 65DOS.)

But offering an engaging half-hour of their Mogwai-meets-Aphex Twin danceable post-rock to early arrivals only went so far. One patron, smoking outside between acts, was heard to say, "Pretty good - might download some of their stuff, maybe."

Then the Cure hit the stage, and the band unexpectedly overwhelmed in terms of quality, quantity and evidence of a throbbing musical pulse. Through 35 songs lasting almost three hours, the streamlined English post-punk-and-on band that traces its origins to Crawley, Sussex, circa 1976, scaled highs that included material off their 13th studio album (a double), scheduled for September release. Sexy single "The Only One" - coming out tomorrow - came off well, and "The Perfect Boy" was even better.

"I really don't know what I'm doing here," began Cure centerpiece Robert Smith in the show's first track, "Open" (also 1992's Wish album-starter). But the 49-year-old vocalist-guitarist, in loose black pants and shirt and, as ever, topped by stringy black hair framing a whitened face with inexactly applied red lipstick and smudgy guyliner, was not to be taken literally. He clearly enjoyed himself, leading ace guitarist Porl Thompson (a goth-glam fashion plate in sparkling ruby platform shoes), key veteran Simon Gallup on bass, and drummer Jason Cooper back for three encore sets.

The final seven-song barrage found Smith's famously high warble as strong as ever in the band's setlist-designated "Old School Encore." He surged through tracks off the 1979 debut album Three Imaginary Boys and first single, from 1978 - the night-closing "Killing An Arab" (lyrics altered in 2006 to "Killing Another" to prevent people misinterpreting Smith's original riff on the plotline of Albert Camus' novel The Stranger). Potently poetic, pensively dark, yet cheerfully cute, Smith has known what he's doing all along.