Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cure special on Caracol Radio tonight

From Steven Arce on Twitter: "y esta noche el especial será de 1 hora con las canciones y datos curiosos de The Cure en 9 PM / Tonight there will be 1 hour special with songs and fun facts from The Cure on Caracol Radio at 9PM"

Listen online here. (Thanks Burton_)

Best of The Cure at Bilbao BBK Live

ETB3 will broadcast the Best of The Cure at Bilbao BBK Live tonight (Feb. 2nd) at 23:00. (Thanks David)

Update: Here's what they showed - open, high, the end of the world, lovesong, just like heaven, from the edge of the deep green sea, shake dog shake, the hungry ghost, wrong number, one hundred years,
end. (Thanks The Cure Rarities)

What's Tim Pope up to now?

Interlude helping with Brasil info

"There's some information being gathered here for everybody coming to see The Cure in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, groups from other cities, locations, etc." (Thanks Tiemi)

Friday, February 1, 2013

'Lovesong' on The Vampire Diaries

‘Lovesong’ was featured very prominently on last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. Watch it here (at 22:26). Or skip all of the forced commercials and watch it here. (Thanks )

Lima & Bogata tickets on sale today

Tickets for the Bogota, Colombia show go on sale today at 10am here. Check here for the current time in Bogota. Update: Forget that, they changed it to 8am, so they are on sale now!

Can anyone help with this? "It seems that everyone who doesn't have a Columbian credit card will be excluded from the tuboleta sale. No international card accepted. You either have to be in Colombia in person or have a Colombian card. Perhaps more people should know about it, as some of us have started to make plans to go there. " (Thanks Amanda)

They just confirmed that they wil only accept Colombian credit cards. (Thanks Bianca)

Okay, who needs Bogota tickets? Bianca might be able to buy some for you. Email me, but you need to hurry! Bianca () is fantastic! And wonderful! And everyone better buy her a drink, or dinner, or something, when they get to Bogota! Again, thank you, Bianca!

And here they are! Your Bogata tickets! Thank you again for all your help, Bianca!

Lima ticket. Thanks Juan.

Tickets for the Lima, Peru show go on sale today at 11am here. Check here for the current time in Lima.
Update: No will call for Lima tickets? Only delivery to an address in Lima? Not true! Check Juan's post here. Thank you, Juan!
This article says they sold 1,000 tickets in first 30 minutes. Seems pretty low. (Thanks David)
These articles (1 - 2 - 3) say ticket sales are now up to 10,500. Good job, Peru! And some photos from the Peruvian press posted here. (Thanks The Cure Peru)
2 new articles (1 - 2) about the behind the scenes details of the show, and word that sales are up to 12,000 now. (Thanks The Cure Peru)
This article claims more than 50% of available tickets have been sold. No source for this info is given. (Thanks David)

9 hour Cure radio special on Rock101

There's a 9 hour Cure radio special airing on Mexican radio station Rock101 right now. Listen online here. (Thanks Jorge)

Reeves Gabrels comes to Bogota with The Cure

Reeves posted this article (English) on his Facebook.

Help with tickets for Brasil?

Can anyone help Pablo with this? Thanks!
"I'm from Uruguay, and i wanna go to the Brazilian show in Morumbi. As you know, those tickets are gonna be sold by 
The thing is, i tried to register in that site, and it wouldn't allow me! It asks for a CPF, that is like a brazilian Social security number.
Could you ask in COF for help registering in that site? Maybe i didn't see a link for international customers or something? Maybe there's some way to bypass that?
Curiously, i did register in (The argentinian site) and i'm ready to buy tickets for the Bs As show, so if anybody needs help, let me know."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Cure 2013 bio

The new bio has been added to the official site. Note the part about all SummerCure shows being filmed for a possible DVD release - "All the shows were filmed in various formats… "with a future DVD release in mind"!" (Thanks Aaron)

Santiago tickets on sale today

Tickets for the show in Santiago, Chile on April 14th will go on sale today, Jan. 30th, at 11am (check the current time in Chile here). Please check the DG Medios (English) page for all important ticket info, prices and a way to get a 20% discount.
Tickets will be sold at Punto Ticket, Ripley shops, Cinemark, Call center at 600 462 6000, and international phone sales at + 56 2 2927 18 00. Good luck to everyone trying to get them!

Ticket page is up!
This article (English) says they sold over 4,000 tickets in the first hour. (Thanks Burton_)
TV report about the ticket sales.
25,000 tickets sold in 48 hours.
Video from the Hard Rock Live press conference. (Thanks Aaron)
This article says The Cure, with 13,000 sold, are 6th on the "most tickets sold on the first day in Chile" list. U2 are #1 with 50,000. (Thanks David)
This tweet from the promoter says 30,000 now sold.
This article (English) says ticket sales are 30,000 and record sales are up 80-90%. (Thanks Jan)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Peter Hook's ridiculous comments in new book

From Spin: "For the most part, Hook is generous to the bands that arose at the same time as Joy Division. He lets one famous group have it, though. "I don't think the Cure liked us," he writes, thinking about a 1979 show supporting the goth-rock standard-setters. "I think they resented us in some way, because we'd managed to stay cool, credible, and independent and they'd, well, sort of sold out a bit . . . I think they thought, Wish we were Joy Division." (Thanks Aaron)

Update (Jan. 29th, 2013): Lol Tolhurst has posted this response on his Facebook - "I don't normally add my two cents to stuff but I understand Peter Hook has a new book out wherein he speaks about a certain 1979 gig that Joy Division supported the Cure at ? Well I remember that particular gig too and my memory is somewhat different from Pete's. See we arranged a show at the Marquee club in London for every Sunday for a month ( called it a month of Sundays I think) and picked every band that opened for us. Because we, LIKED them and wanted to help them out. Not for any reason other than that." (Thanks Burton_)

And a few more comments from Lol: "And although I may be a little biased lets not forget that The Cure still have the preeminent bassist of our generation in Simon. And he's also the hunkiest still!
Dont worry I take no offense .Just wanted to set the record straight here because as time passes its harder to verify the facts and I just wanted Cure fans to know the truth here from someone who was most certainly involved haha!
And Sell outs? I think Robert has done a most marvelous job over the years of making sure that the Cure were the LEAST sellout band possible .He's always operated with the utmost integrity as concerns that side of the music business . And to insinuate otherwise is absolutely false and just plain bollocks too!"

And as to Peter's "sell out" claim, Alan reminds me of this gem - The Sunkist ad from New Order.

Update (Feb. 1st, 2013): Lol's comments have been picked up by Spinner and Spin.

The Cure 2013 logo & band photo

Some better quality versions of the new Cure logo & band photo by Andy Vella. (Thanks Aaron)

Anyone have the RS album retrospective video?

Can anyone help Patrick with this? I found it on YouTube, but it's blocked by UMG. I believe it was called Backspin and originally posted on Yahoo Launch in 2000? Not sure. Thanks!
"Wondering if you might know where I can find an interview with Robert (more of a talking-head type thing) where he talks for a few minutes about the making of each album and before he talked about each one, they flashed a shot of the album cover.. I'm pretty sure it was around the time that Bloodflowers came out. I think it ran for about 14 minutes or so total."

Glove news soon?

From Steven Severin on Facebook: "Can't spill the beanz yet, but....there is GLOVELINESS for collectors coming in April." (Thanks @guillaumegrivaz)

Article about this at Slicing Up Eyeballs.

100 Great Albums of the 90's from the UK

'Wish' included in the Britpopnews 100 Great Albums of the 90's from the UK list. (Thanks Toni)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Where's Tim going?

I wonder where he might be going? :) And is he bringing his cameras? Maybe to film the Lima show, as this article claims?

Cure in Lima promotional reel

The Cure in Lima promotional reel. (Thanks Aaron)

Interview with Peru show organizer

Here's an interview with the organizer of the Cure's show in Peru. Main points in English here. (Thanks  & )

The Cure tweets!

Just had to post this to commemorate the day The Cure sent their first tweet. :)
Aw, they deleted the first one. I should have screen capped it. But now they've tweeted it again, with the new band photo as their profile pic.

The Cure LatAm 2013 Tour

And it's now official!

April 4th - Río de Janeiro, Brasil (HSBC Arena)
Tickets on sale Feb. 19th at 10am

April 6th - Sao Paulo, Brasil (Morumbi)
Tickets on sale Feb. 18th at 12:01am

April 9th - Asunción, Paraguay (Jockey Club)
Tickets on sale Feb. 18th at 10am

April 12th - Buenos Aires, Argentina (River Plate Stadium)
Tickets on sale Feb. 4th at 12:01am

April 14th - Santiago, Chile (National Stadium)
Tickets on sale Jan. 30th at 11am.

April 17th - Lima, Perú (National Stadium)
Tickets on sale Feb. 1st at 11am

April 19th - Bogotá, Colombia (Simon Bolivar Park)
Tickets on sale Feb. 1st at 10am

April 21st  - Mexico City, Mexico (Foro Sol)
Tickets on sale Feb. 11th at 11am. Banamex presale on Feb. 11th & 12th. General sale on Feb. 13th.

Jay asks if there are English links for the ticket websites? If so can someone please let us know? If not, maybe once the actual pages are up, someone can help with how to buy them? Thanks! For Mexico, you can switch to English in the upper right corner.

Media reports at Slicing Up Eyeballs, Consequence of Sound.

Robert asks a question

Guessing he might have something to say soon. :) And we can hopefully end the nonsense and get some real, official word on these shows.

 Update (Jan. 28th, 2013): Now changed to AREWESTILLHERE? And added the new promo shot by Andy Vella.

And now changed again to THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED! with the details of the LatAm tour.

The Cure 2013 promo photo

Looks like this is an official Cure 2013 promo photo. So an official welcome to The Cure, Reeves! The photo comes from this website, which also seems to have a press release about the South American tour. Here are the dates they have listed:
Abril 4 – Río de Janeiro, Brasil.
Abril 6 – San Pablo, Brasil.
Abril 9 – Asunción, Paraguay.
Abril 12 – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Abril 14 – Santiago, Chile.
Abril 17 - Lima, Perú.
Abril 19 – Bogotá, Colombia. (Thanks Z)

South American tour media reports

Peru: El Comercio 1 - 2 (says the band wants to film the Lima show, 3 hours, 35-40 songs) / La Republica / / Peru21 / Terra / Correo

Paraguay: UltimaHora 1 - 2

Colombia: Colombia Reports / Plan B / Infolatam / Noticias Caracol / El Tiempo / W Radio

Argentina: LaViola

Chile: Cooperativa / La Tercera / La Segunda

Brasil: Diario de Pernambuco

Mexico: Es Mas

(Thanks David, Burton_, @biva77, The Cure Peru)