Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Argentina rumors

I wasn't even going to mention this one, but I'm getting a bunch of emails asking about it. VOS and Telam are running articles today that say The Cure have confirmed the April 10th show at River Stadium in Argentina. Problem with these articles? They also claim that the dates/announcement are posted at the official site, and that Porl is in the current lineup. Not true. Again, don't believe a word of any of this until you see an official post from The Cure.

Update (Jan. 10th, 2013): Here's yet another article (English) about this, but at least this one has a sense of humor about it all. :) (Thanks David)

SummerCure #4 in Magic poll

"In the December issue of French music magazine Magic, which makes a retrospective of 2012, SummerCure was voted 4th best musical event of the year by Magic readers. Complete list is:
1. The split of The Girls
2. Pitchfork music Festival in Paris
3. Pulp at the Festival 'Les Inrocks'
4. The Cure tour
5. The coming back of Blur.
I could not find a web link for it, it seems to be only in the paper issue." (Thanks Sylvain)

Cure Glastonbury 1990 on BBC 6 Music

30 minutes ('A Strange Day', 'Lullaby', 'Just Like Heaven', 'Primary', 'Disintegration', 'Close To Me', '10:15 Saturday Night')  of The Cure's 1990 Glastonbury set aired again on the BBC 6 Music Live Hour yesterday. Listen to it here for the next few days.
(Thanks @AaronLaw92)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Secret 7" 2013

The 2013 Secret 7" campaign has been revealed today, and while there's no Cure involvement this year (at least that we know of, it IS a secret after all, and there's a Nick Drake single...), it's still a very fun project and a great cause (Art Against Knives), so I hope they get lots of support.

This year you can design artwork for singles from Nick Drake, Elton John, HAIM, Jessie Ware, Laura Marling, Nas, and Public Enemy.

So check out the Secret 7" website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for more info on this year's project. Good luck if you're designing this year, and thanks again to the great team at Secret 7" for all of their hard work!