Friday, May 1, 2009

Robert interview from Oct. 1996

"My name is Marc, I have been a long time Cure fan since childhood. I am also the photographer for Lol's most recent project Levinhurst. I just wanted to let you know that I dug out a VERY rare interview of Robert backstage after their show in Zurich/Switzerland 1996 (my first Cure show I attended). I don't think any of you have ever seen it, and I'm sure it's gonna make you smile, especially when he mentions that this is the last Cure tour) You can watch it here." (Thanks Marc)

Robert update

Robert has posted an update at the official site. Don't get excited, it's still related to "Free Music", and a response to this. Oh well, maybe next time...or the time after that. (Thanks Debi)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photos from the Kiss Me sessions

"I'm Stéphane, an old Cure fan from France. So there are six pictures taken during the Kiss Me recording session at Miraval studio, this is late at night in a Chinese restaurant in Brignoles biggest nearest little town from the studio which was lost in the countryside. You can recognize in one picture it's David M Allen with Robert, but there's also Mary, Simon, Boris, Perry (not yet a Cure guitarist but still a roadie) on the others. It took me time to find them again. This is why I send it to you a bit late, after this question: Who sat beside Robert at the NME awards?"
So that really was Dave with Robert at the NME Awards.
(Thanks Stéphane)

Updates from Heron

"First, I finally did a post about giving the Other Voices book to the Cure here: Other Voices - Signed, sealed & delivered! and also updated a bit about being interviewed for Studio Brussel, along with the transcript from Vicky about her interview.

I'm working on getting the hardcopy version of Other Voices done so that people can start to order them, my goal is to have it ready to order by Thursday night. Update: I am happy to let you guys know that I beat my own deadline, and the books are now available to order!

Finally, I put up a new series of teeshirt designs from the South Park Cure shirt, I kept getting requests for ones with the individual members, so now you can get one with just Robert or Simon etc. and I also updated my numbers for the Lovecats shirts, stock is dwindling rapidly. There are still a few Nightmare shirts." (Thanks Heron)

Another Coachella recording (FLAC)

"It's on DIME, but I've gone ahead and downloaded it and compressed it into 4 separate RAR archives. You'll have to use WinRAR or something equivalent to open them up.
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part1.rar Size: 300MB
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part2.rar Size: 300MB
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part3.rar Size: 300MB
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part4.rar Size: 116MB
Credit goes to Javier aka jsradiohead for recording it & uploading it to DIME." (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coachella webcast on Youtube

At least some of it. I'll add the rest when they're uploaded.
Underneath The Stars / Prayers For Rain / A Strange Day / alt.end / The End of the World / Lovesong / To Wish Impossible Things / Pictures of You / Lullaby / From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea / The Perfect Boy / Wrong Number / Push / Inbetween Days / Just Like Heaven / Primary / Shake Dog Shake / The Hungry Ghost / Disintegration / One Hundred Years / It's Over / If Only Tonight We Could Sleep / The Kiss / At Night / M / Play For Today / A Forest / Three Imaginary Boys / Fire In Cairo / Boys Don't Cry / Jumping Someone Else's Train / Grinding Halt.
(Thanks AnonymityrocksLA, Lovecat44, Debi, and Aaron)