Friday, May 8, 2009

Robert doesn't like Remo drum heads

And he told them so. : ) (Thanks PMGen)

TIB 30th anniversary chat

"We are going to be doing a special chat tonight for the 30th anniversary of the release of TIB, and wanted to invite all CoF friends old and new to stop on by and say hello! Starting around 7 Pac / 10 EST (sorry eastern seaboard peeps!)." (Thanks Heron)

Cure #7 on Top 10 British Touring acts

"Tours by Coldplay, The Police and Iron Maiden helped make 2008 a record year for British music exports, according to figures published by PRS For Music.
Top 10 touring PRS for Music acts in 2008*
1. The Police 2. Iron Maiden 3. Coldplay 4. Spice Girls 5. Elton John 6. Mark Knopfler 7. The Cure 8. Def Leppard 9. James Blunt 10. Girls Aloud
*According to Pollstar Top 200 Worldwide Tours of 2008"
See the comments for the full story. (Thanks Peter)

Roger update

Roger has been selected as Moog's first Featured Artist profile. He also wrote a new song, The Crow Flies, and you can listen to at the Moog MySpace page. (Thanks Jeff)

Another Pearl recording

On DIME and Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker.
DIME - 16-bit & 24-bit / PPTT - 16-bit & 24-bit" (Thanks Junko)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tour of the Universe warm-up show

Stop reading now if you don't want any spoilers for the Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe. This is the setlist (and videos) from the warm-up show on May 6th in Luxembourg:
In Chains / Wrong / Hole to Feed / Walking In My Shoes / It’s No Good / A Question Of Time / Precious / Fly On The Windscreen / Jezebel / A Question Of Lust / Come Back / Peace / In Your Room -part 1 & part 2 / I Feel You / In Sympathy / Enjoy The Silence / Never Let Me Down Again
1st encore: Stripped / Master and Servant / Strangelove
2nd encore: Personal Jesus / Waiting for the Night
If you only watch one video, watch Strangelove. ; ) Also, DM has arrived in Israel for the start of the tour.
Get the full show on Dime. (Thanks Kazuko)

Tour programs on Ebay

"I just posted to ebay all my tour/festival programs including some RARE items your readers may have interest in:
1981 Picture Tour Faith Tour Program
1984 Top Tour Program, Japan/UK
all my official tour programs 1985-2008
many festival tour programs 2000-2004
also some clippings/mags, posters, all the guitar song books and other auctions" (Thanks MickelCure)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More on Smith vs. Beaumont

Aversion has a report on Robert's remarks to Mark Beaumont. And as Martin points out, Mark has since apologized for his comments. (Thanks Kate and Martin)

Buzz celebrates 20 years of Disintegration

"Sorry this is a little late, but last Sunday (05/03/09) The Buzz alternative radio station in Kansas City played Disintegration in full to celebrate its 20th anniversary release. It was played on the show "Resurrection Sunday" and the DJ, Jason made some very good comments before and in between each track being played. He said that if you have never heard The Cure before that this is a great album to start with and that it defined them as a band and made them more popular worldwide. He also talked about their full catalog and stressed that if you thought The Cure were a depressing band, then think again - you MUST listen to all they have produced and understand that the band mean a great deal to an awful lot of people. He said that Disintegration defined alternative music and was a welcome break from the big hair bands such as Def Leppard in the US.
The show was very enjoyable to listen to and the DJ certainly knew his Cure stuff. (Thanks Steve)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Update: Cure feature in Mojo

"Just a quick note that there's a feature in this month's Mojo magazine on How to Buy the Cure - their 10 best albums. Guess what's number one! I can't scan it in at the moment but will try to do that tomorrow. It's not a bad read and I think the 10 were voted for by the readers." (Thanks Graeme)

Update: The scans have been added. Also added a review of the Siouxsie at the BBC DVD. (Thanks JC)

New tattoo

Tara gets the Nightmare Before Cure-mas. (Thanks Tara)

Pearl complaints

"As you may have heard, many considered the Pearl's admission procedures to be unsafe. The line-up process was chaotic. The general admission load-in was considered unorganized, unprofessional and very dangerous. A number of people have expressed interest in sending formal complaints to the Pearl and other City officials. I have compiled a list of addresses. Most contacts are for staff at the Pearl. At the bottom, I have listed the contact information for the Fire Marshal of the City of Las Vegas." Please see the comments for the list of addresses. (Thanks Kate)

Also, you can write a review of the venue here. (Thanks Sara B.)