Friday, August 19, 2011

Something special at Bestival?

Completely missed this earlier today:
- So is now well n truly sold out..thanks so much for ya support if ur coming. saw a v exciting email from robert smith last night :) (Thanks Aaron)

Robert on Thin Lizzy

The Cure - Don't Believe A Word (Thin Lizzy cover) by CoF / Video

From Hot Press: When chatting to The Cure’s Robert Smith about his involvement in the John Martyn tribute album HP were delighted to discover the goth legend is a huge Thin Lizzy fan.

In advance of what would be his 62nd birthday on Saturday it is a timely reminder of the breadth of Phil Lynott’s appeal and his enduring legacy.

“I’ve got every single one of their albums on vinyl,” Smith proclaims. “I saw Thin Lizzy in the Brighton Dome in 1976 and it that was one of my all-time favourite concerts. It was just genius…. Phil Lynott with his mirror bass picking girls out. I loved Thin Lizzy.”

“There are two ways of looking at them, one is the classic line-up and the two guitars and the rock side of it and the other is the softer ballad side. People tend to overlook the best part of Thin Lizzy which is songs like ‘Still In Love With You’, that section of their catalogue is genius. The softer gentler songs and the early traditional stuff is brilliant.” (Thanks Keith)

Bestival officially sold out

Bestival tickets started arriving last week in the UK (thanks to Perfect.Murder and David for the scans), and according to the Bestival newsletter, they are expecting it to sell out by the end of the week. So if you don't have tickets yet, get them now.

Update: Officially sold out this morning. And this from - Please use for ALL your Bestival ticket buying and re-selling needs. The ONLY place we recommend you use! thanks x

Update 2: - Bestival sold out! and just as I was thinking I might go and watch me old mates play! Oh well you will have to tell me how good it was!

West Memphis 3 update

Update (Aug. 19th, 2011): As many of you know, Robert has been a supporter of the West Memphis 3, and has even helped raise money for their defense ("this grotesque miscarriage of justice has dragged on for 17 years too long.” - Robert Smith). Well, there have been some major developments in the case, and word is that they might be released today. Some reports from Reuters , the Commercial Appeal, Arkansas Times and Arkansas Online. Also check this Deadline Hollywood story about the behind-the-scenes financial & legal support that Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh have been providing them, through the years. (Thanks Stefan and RTA)


Original Story (Nov. 6th, 2010):
Looks like the $2,250 that Robert raised for the West Memphis 3, by donating an autographed copy of the new 'Disintegration' vinyl for auction, will be needed, as a new hearing has been granted for them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cure party in Perth, Australia

Aug. 21st - The Loft at Geisha Bar, 135A James St, Northbridge, PERTH AU. Brad/Explodingboy will be DJing. (Thanks Brad and Jo)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

John Martyn tribute update

Update: Robert's track is now available at Amazon UK & iTunes UK for £0.79. Unfortunately, it looks like Amazon US is making it an "Album Only" track, but you can get it from iTunes US for $0.99.

Set includes 2 CDs, a DVD (no Robert interview or performance), and a 40 page booklet (see Robert's page here). (Thanks Chris)

Robert Smith - Small Hours (BBC 6 Music) by CoF (Thanks Aaron)
If you like the track, please buy it, or the album, when it's released on Aug. 15th/16th. Pre-order links - HMV and Amazon US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

“I first heard ‘Small Hours’ on the John Peel Show late in 1977 and fell instantly in love with it... ‘One World' very quickly became my favourite John Martyn album... And these beautiful songs were, are and always will be an inspiration and an enchantment.” - Robert Smith (from the press release)

Reviews: The Telegraph, The Morton Report, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Direct Current, RTE

Original story: Both NME and Timber & Steel have news on the John Martyn tribute CD, which includes Robert's cover of 'Small Hours'. The CD has been rescheduled for release on Aug. 15th in the UK and Aug. 16th in North America. Previous story here. (Thanks Lovecat)