Monday, September 14, 2009

Coachella multi-cam DVD

There's a multi-cam DVD with 3-source audio synced to it available on Dime.

Robert Smith action figure

"I customize action figures as a hobby, and I've made one that I'd like to share with fellow COF followers." Shannon says this started out as a Heroes action figure, before transforming into Robert. : ) (Thanks Shannon)

No more remastered CDs from Rhino?

Kent asked Rhino about when the next remastered Cure CDs would be out, and got this very disappointing answer: "We do not have current plans for further Cure reissues, but thank you for your email. I will forward your message to our suggestion box.
- Dr. Rhino" (Thanks Kent)

Update: Chris White says that the Disintegration and Wish remastered CDs are still being worked on, and that as of last week, release dates were still being discussed, and that Rhino would be the last to know when/if they were coming out. : )
(A million thanks to Chris for clearing this up)

CoF Metro DC area get together on 09/19/09

"As you know, on August 12, there was a posting on Chain of Flowers regarding the possibility of a COF Metro DC get together. The good news is that I received a great deal of interest for such an event. Many people had some helpful suggestions and comments. The details have been set as such:
Who: Cure fans, Chain of Flowers followers, all ages
What: A casual get together
When: Saturday, September 19, 2009. 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Where: Union Street Public House, Old Town Alexandria 121 S. Union Street; Alexandria, VA 22304; (703) 548-1785 On Union Street, just off of King.
How: Street and garage parking available. Metro accessible: King Street Station, blue and yellow lines, Free King Street Trolley.
General Information about Old Town Alexandria.
Union Street is conveniently located near Ben and Jerry’s and other fun places in Old Town.
Please RSVP to KateAtCOF [at] zygotestar [dot] com I look forward to meeting all of you!" (Thanks Kate)