Saturday, June 10, 2017

Greatest & Acoustic Hits vinyl on June 30th

Non-picture disc versions of the recent Record Store Day 'Greatest Hits' and 'Acoustic Hits' vinyl releases will be out June 30th. Both are up for pre-order at Amazon US - Greatest / Acoustic. Other pre-order links can be found at Super Deluxe Edition.
Thanks, Andreas, Craig and Benj.

How America Fell In Love With The Cure

From Observer:

"By 1987, The Cure had been leading the British post-punk scene for over a decade. But here in America, unless you were a devotee of independent record stores and college radio, the legendary group was still something of a well-kept secret.

That all changed 30 years ago today.

Soon after The Cure released their ambitious double album Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me on May 25, 1987, their infectious singles like “Just Like Heaven” were dominating U.S. radio.
“I’m a sucker for short and sweet hit pop songs [like ‘Just Like Heaven’]. And ‘Why Can’t I Be You?’ does the trick for me [too],” says guitarist for Bauhaus Daniel Ash, whose post-Bauhaus band Love & Rockets also enjoyed the after-effects of Kiss Me in 1989 with their smash hit “So Alive.”

Partially recorded at the famed Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me interjected the dark tones of their earlier work with elements of bleeding edge R&B, Prince-esque funk grooves, warm jazz and dreamy psychedelic pop that caught fire on such prominent American radio stations as Los Angeles’s KROQ and New York’s WLIR."

Read the rest at Observer.

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Lol will be in San Diego today

'Cured' paperback out in the UK

Tom Sheehan interview in Classic Pop

SUE readers rank all 225 Cure songs

Slicing Up Eyeballs recently conducted a poll of their readers, asking them to rank their top 25 Cure songs, and the results have now been posted:

#225 - Why Can't I Be Me?
#200 - Return / The Reasons Why (Tie)
#150 - Gone! / Stop Dead / Where the Birds Always Sing (Tie)
#100 - Last Day of Summer / Wrong Number (Tie)
#50 - M
#40 - Three Imaginary Boys
#30 - Prayers For Rain
#20 - A Letter to Elise
#10 - A Night Like This
#1 - A Forest

Read the complete list at Slicing Up Eyeballs.

Curespottings & Covers updated

The Curespotting and Cure Covers pages have been updated.