Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photos from Super Rock Festival 1995

"Blitz, A Portuguese music magazine, has put online today some photos of The Cure at Super Rock Festival (Lisbon) backstage in 1995.
Rita Carmo, the photographer, says that she spend some time photographing the band and after that she took some Robert Smith photos even if Robert, at first, was not happy with the idea. He stood in front of camera for 5 minutes without moving most of the time." (Thanks Hugo)

Cure Special at The Albany in London

"I will be guest djing this 'Cure special' night at The Albany in London on March 10th. It is by no means a Cure only night and I imagine I'll be playing more 'Birdmad Girl', 'Upstairs Room' kind of pop stuff, but...." (Thanks Colm)