Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cure best of the decade polls

Update 4: Due to some jackass, or jackasses, screwing up the poll, it is now closed and the results discarded. Had a really nice battle going between BF and UTS, but some no-lifer had nothing better to do than add hundreds of votes for BF. So we revert back to the results of the previous poll of the Top 25, and Underneath The Stars wins, followed by Bloodflowers, Last Day of Summer, Out Of This World and Cut Here. Thanks to everyone who voted (once) and enjoyed the polls. And to the asshole(s), get a life.

Update 3:
Okay, we have our top ten now for the final round of voting on the best Cure song of the past decade. Can any song defeat UTS? And we have a winner for Best Tour - Dream Tour 00, and Best Album - Bloodflowers. Thanks to everyone for voting!

Update 2:
The top 25 Best Cure Songs Of This Decade have been decided. Now vote for your favorite on that list in round 2, and we will take the top 10 from this one, and have the final vote next weekend. Songs are listed in their final order from the previous poll. The top 25 contains 10 BF tracks, 7 TC tracks, 7 4:13 tracks, and Cut Here.

Added the "Best Cure song of this decade" poll. Cast your vote, and we will take the top 20-25, and run it again next week.

I'm going to be adding a few Cure - Best of This Decade polls over the coming days, and will start with the best album and tour. What do you think? Which Cure album and tour was the best of this decade (2000-2009)? Why?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Disintegration pre-order bonus

Update: From Chris @ Ideal Copy - "We felt comfortable with our announcement in our newsletter about a bonus item to be included with pre-orders for the Disintegration 3CD Deluxe because our regular customers have a history with us and probably have a good idea of the incentives we try to provide them. For instance, this year we included exclusive promo only remix CDs and exclusive-content samplers for the new Pet Shop Boys album and Kraftwerk Reissues Box Set, respectively.

For those that have not shopped with us before - we're big fans of the Cure and have had a good relationship with Rhino over the past 5+ years. For the previous Cure reissues, we have included promo-only posters for those that ordered them from us. Nice posters. Big. We probably have a few left.

When we spoke to Rhino about doing the same thing with Disintegration, they indicated that they probably weren't going to do posters, but they were most likely going to do something else. Something that I thought was pretty cool.

So, sorry to tease, but we found all this out right before the holiday break, and I'm sure Rhino won't have confirmation until mid January.

As usual, any pre-order bonus is first come first serve. Always best to get the order in in a case like this, and then cancel if it's not for you. Even if we weren't offering a bonus, we think you should buy from us, rather than the robot companies. We'll figure out a way to make you happy with your purchase from us no matter what.

Oh yah, we just activated the 2LP vinyl reissue as well. How cool is that? My picture disc from 1990 only has 10 tracks and the 2LP has all twelve. and i just want to own one version of their albums on vinyl. quite the dilemma, eh?"

From the Ideal Copy newsletter: "...those who do get their orders in early should be getting a very special Free Bonus Item as well. Can't say what it is yet, but it's probably not a Promo Poster as we've done in the past, unfortunately. It's better. :) More details as we get confirmation."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More live 4Tour footage at

"Please check news at as we will welcome New Year with another exclusive - Multicam video consisting of Katowice, Berlin, Vienna and Prague material." (Thanks Jacek)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Disintegration Memories

As promised, Roger has posted his memories of the Disintegration era, and as a special bonus, he has also included his demo of The Other Side/Fear of Ghosts. Thank you so much, Roger!