Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Forget Bunny Lake...

Join the search and get a shirt. (Thanks Kel) And if you are wondering what this is about, it's a take off on the RS BLIM mystery. : )

Cure-related world record set

Longtime (since 96!) CoF reader/contributor and creator of Improv Everywhere, Charlie Todd, now holds the world record for Fastest Time To Name 40 CDs by The Cure and Their Release Years While Holding Them. : )
Thanks and congratulations Charlie!

Another new Friday shirt

Republic have a new Friday I'm in Love vest top. (Thanks Aaron)

Cure night on i-Concerts

"Tonight on TV channel i-concerts HD (well right now in fact), they show a one hour edit of Trilogy from 9 to 10 pm, and then their program guide says 'The Cure & Co, Later with Jolls Holland' from 10 to 11 pm (all Central European summer time, UTC+2 ) ... And they have a 'The Cure night' logo on the screen., and then click Program Guide." (Thanks Sylvain)

Cure book giveaway at A Pink Dream

"The new "cure book": Dans la tête de Robert Smith (In Robert Smith's head) to win here." (Thanks T.)