Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cure finally in Guitar Hero

The Cure's 'Fascination Street' will be included in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. (Thanks rgtschope)

Update: This was released on Set. 28th. Anyone get it? How is it? Here's a video of someone playing the guitar part.
And Rock Band 3, including 'Just Like Heaven', will be released on Oct. 26th.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paul Banks on The Cure

Paul Banks of Interpol talks about the influence The Cure had on his band, in the Oct. issue of Blitz:

What about The Cure, especially on albums like Pornography or Disintegration? Didn't they influence Interpol?

"The Cure is the band that all of us in Interpol can say influenced us. When I was younger I listened to them a lot. Carlos as well. Actually, he took a straight influence from this band on the way he played the bass and the keys. To me, Robert Smith is also one of these examples: you can't be Robert Smith if you're not Robert Smith. It's one of the bands with the deepest influence on Interpol, because we all like them. They're legendary." (Thanks to Hazey Jane on the Interpol forum for posting the translation)