Friday, January 10, 2014

Roger Interview on Pharmacy Radio

Really nice interview with Roger on Pharmacy Radio. It's broken into 3 parts, and they start at 6m48s, 24m42s and 47m10s. Roger's favorite song to play live - 'Like Cockatoos'. Favorite song he played on - 'Prayers For Rain' or 'Same Deep Water As You'. Favorite Cure song to just listen to - 'All Cats Are Grey'.
(Thanks Sascha)

Can Roger be allowed to put together the setlists from now on? Or at least let the man play his favorite songs more often? :)

Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Best of the 1980s poll

Now that the polls for the individual years are finished, time for the big one.What were the best albums of the entire decade? Head over to SUE and vote for your 25 favorite albums from 1980-1989. All of The Cure's albums are listed, along with The Glove's 'Blue Sunshine'.

Update (Jan. 6th, 2014): The results are in, and 'Disintegration' comes in at #1, beating out The Smiths' 'The Queen is Dead' by a mere 9 votes. The Cure dominated the poll with 3 other albums in the top 10 - 'Head on the Door' #6, 'Kiss Me' #7, and 'Pornography' #10. 'Seventeen Seconds' came in at #34, 'Faith' at #35, and 'The Top' at #70.

Update (Jan. 10th, 2014): USA Today has article about this.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Cure show rumor for 2014 - Hungary?

The first rumor of a Cure show in 2014 comes from Recorder in Hungary. It says The Cure may play a festival there between July 14th - 20th. Goes without saying, but this is nothing more than a rumor and not confirmed. In fact, the promoter has denied there are any negotiations with the band. (Thanks Mars and Jorge)

Pearl at the Project Peace on Earth concert

Here's some video of Pearl Thompson and Finbar O'Hanlon performing 'The Spheres' at the Project Peace on Earth concert in Jerusalem on Dec. 25th, 2013. (Thanks Chris/Big Ginge)