Friday, December 14, 2012

Love & thoughts to Sean of The Cureheads

From Gary of The Cureheads: "if you know Sean from The Cureheads please please please think about him now.... he needs your love and will and best wishes.... please do it... He is the only real friend I have... I need him to stay on this planet...."

All of my love & positive thoughts to you, Sean. Please get better soon. Lots of fun Cure stuff ahead, and you are NOT going to miss them!

Update: Gary has updated his condition here. Sean is doing better, but still not out of the woods yet.

Cure in Chile on April 12th?

CNN Chile (English), Nacion (English) and Latercera (English) are reporting that The Cure are confirmed to play National Stadium in Chile on April 12th. The big announcement is said to be happening on Dec. 21st. As always, not confirmed until you hear it from the band, but things are certainly looking good at this point. (Thanks Leo and Solardark)

Chris White on BBC 6 Music

Very nice to hear on BBC 6 Music (starts at 51:30) yesterday, and he picked a Cure song ('Doing the Unstuck') for his Good Day track.

The Cureheads - Dizzy Christmas

"Thank you to Cure fans everywhere that dragged us around the world and made 2012's a little stocking filler for you. Recorded today in one take.... We wrote it and recorded you may take it free as a present for Cure fans everywhere..." (Thanks Gary)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kevin Vanbergen working on Cure project

From Kevin Vanbergen's Facebook on Nov. 21st: "Working with The Cure this week! Get in!" 
On Nov. 28th: "Rendering video... 3 days now... Boooring!!!!"
On Dec. 7th: "Week three on the cure almost done. Mammoth job!"
And when someone replied, asking if it was one of the deluxe editions, this was his reply: "Can't say on Facebook. A new project. Exciting times." (Thanks Dan)

Hmm, Reflections or SummerCure DVD/Blu-Ray? Who knows! Well, Robert does, but he's not saying just yet. :)  But very good to know work is being done on something. 

Update: Kevin has now deletd these posts. Guess he wasn't supposed to say anything. :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

3 to 5 Cure shows in Brazil?

"Now a brazilian music journalist for UOL says that The Cure have 3 to 5 dates booked in Brazil. The official announcement is expected to happen in the following days." (Thanks Leo)

Read the story here (English). And at this point it should go without saying, but none of these rumored shows have been confirmed by the band. If it's really happening, it will be posted on the official site or Facebook or Twitter. Until then, fingers & toes crossed for our South American friends.