Thursday, July 8, 2010

Q review

Update: Here's the review. Also, in case you missed it, here's the Record Collector review that was posted yesterday. (Thanks JC)

Can anyone provide us with a scan of the 4 star review of Disintegration Deluxe that's in the new issue of Q magazine? Thanks! (Thanks to Andy for the tip)

Lol to guest DJ at Part Time Punks

"Lol is slated to DJ the next Cure Nite at Part Time Punks, a weekly, Sunday night post-punk-oriented dance event at the Echo in L.A. The event takes place August 22. Here's the link to the Part Time Punks website:" (Thanks Amorn and Griffith)

Disintegration Deluxe US sales

Update 2: 964 sold in its 4th week. 12,206 total sales to date. (Thanks Friend of CoF)

Update: This week's sales figures - 1,541 sold in its 3rd week. Total sales are now 11,242. And here's how sales break down along formats - 8,268 on CD, 1,735 downloads, and 1,239 on vinyl.
Also, here are the totals for the other deluxe editions (2 disc editions only, doesn't include the single disc versions) so far:
Three Imaginary Boys (2004) - 31,622
Seventeen Seconds (2005) - 15,257
Faith (2005) - 16,103
Pornography (2005) - 21,085
The Top (2006) - 7,615
Head On The Door (2006) - 13,853
Kiss Me (2006)- 18,750.
So, as FoC says, given the lack of any real promotion at all, Disintegration is off to a pretty solid start.
(Thanks Friend of CoF)

Figures from last week - 3,001 sold in its 2nd week. Total sales are now 9,695. (Thanks Friend of CoF)

Disintegration Deluxe #7 on Quietus list

Disintegration Deluxe is #7 on The Quietus' list of Best Compilations, Reissues & Live Albums Of 2010 So Far.
(Thanks Darrell)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Comic artist needed

Anyone interested in helping James with this? "I’m writing and launching a web comic called THE PUTTO. However, I have an eight page story which finishes with a rather big twist involving a Cure record that I’m looking for an illustrator for! I’m wondering if there are any big Cure fans with some skills in comic book illustrating that may wish to come on board?"
Check the comments section for more details.

Monday, July 5, 2010

More Cure on BBC iPlayer

"Mark Sutherland profiles Robert Smith and the Cure in the third part of 6 Music's The Alternative 80s. Available until 12:32am Thursday 8th July 2010" (Thanks JC)

Entreat vs. Entreat Plus

"The Cure 24.07.1989 London - Wembley Arena. 30 second comparisons of the 1989 mix vs. the 2010 mix. It's pretty obvious, the effects of digial mixing vs. real faders, outboard gear, tape masters, recording trends in general & 35+ years of loud music. For educational purposes only." (Thanks Michael)