Saturday, December 12, 2015

Auction for a drumming lesson with Jason

Charity Buzz has an auction for a private drumming lesson with Jason Cooper in London, benefiting the African Rainforest Conservancy. Auction ends on Dec. 17th.

Reeves plays Nashville tonight

Free show but call ahead to reserve at (615) 645-9930.

And here's a Dec. 2nd interview with Reeves on WVKR.

Friday, December 11, 2015

How The Cure saved The Twilight Sad

From The List:

Singer James Graham on how the band went from nearly calling it quits to a world tour with the Cure.

It wasn’t that The Twilight Sad wanted to call it quits after the touring cycle for their third album, 2012’s No One Can Ever Know, was over, but they felt that things weren’t progressing and they didn’t know how to fix it. The album had done well critically, but they were still playing to half-full venues. Those around them didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm the band still had for their music. Other groups – their contemporaries and newer groups without half their experience – were being offered better opportunities.

‘The first time we played the Barrowlands in Glasgow, it was nowhere near sold out,’ remembers singer James Graham of every Scottish band’s rite of passage on the live stage. ‘People who were there said they enjoyed it and so did we, but somehow it felt like a career goal we hadn’t quite achieved.’

And then The Cure happened. Or rather, they had always been happening. Robert Smith and his band were one of the first groups Graham remembers hearing as a child growing up in Kilsyth, and as he got older he became more familiar with their darker side too. ‘They wrote so much that was dark but also some of the best pop songs of all time,’ he says now. ‘It’s not easy to do that, to write a pop hook that everyone identifies with. As a kid I listened to the Disintegration and Faith albums religiously, and on our last tour (supporting Editors across Europe in the autumn) I came back to Disintegration. I listened to it pretty much non-stop, thinking, the guy who sang this also sang one of my songs. Mental.’

Tickets on sale Dec. 11th

Dec. 3rd - London, England at Wembley Arena
On sale: Dec. 11th at 9 am UK time
Ticket links: Bookings Direct / Ticket Factory / AXS / Eventim

May 15th - Dallas, TX at American Airlines Center
On sale: Dec. 11th at 10 am Central
Tickets range from $30 - $80
Ticket link

Thursday, December 10, 2015

3rd London show added on Dec. 3rd

Direct link"

On sale Dec. 11th at 9 am UK time.

Dallas presale today

May 15th - Dallas, TX at American Airlines Center
On sale: Dec. 11th at 10 am Central
Presale: Dec. 10th at 10 am Central
Tickets range from $30 - $80
Presale link

Monday, December 7, 2015

Roger's 'Love & Other Tragedies' video now free

From Roger on Facebook: "When I finished the video from the concert of Love and Other Tragedies I tried an experiment that I was pretty sure would fail. I put the video on the new Vimeo on Demand service with a small fee... I think about 7 people paid and I would like to thank those people... Seems art has no value but the real value is in people hearing it so.. I have just posted it to Youtube, you can watch it for free."

"Also from the Vimeo on Demand package the interview I did with Ben talking about the Love and Other Tragedies project before the concert in London, June 26th 2015."

"...and finally to complete the collection, the 99X/10 10 year celebration concert from the evening of Exquisite Tragedy featuring Erin Lang, Hannah Curwood and Quartet Volute. I arranged a selection of songs from the 99X/10 catalogue for string quartet and piano and Erin and Hannah joined us on stage to sing them. An amazing evening."

Lauren from Chvrches has great taste in t-shirts