Saturday, January 21, 2012

'Apart' remix for Underworld 4 soundtrack

Update: You can listen to the full track on YouTube and at 91X.
(Thanks @weekendbernie and Andreas)

Danny Lohner is working on a remix of 'Apart' for the 'Underworld: Awakening' movie soundtrack: - i still can't get over the fact that when i solo the vocal channel- i hear Robert Smith serenading me a capella?! -ApartRemix (Thanks J.)

As you might remember, The Cure also appeared on the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans soundtrack, with 'Underneath the Stars (Renholder remix)'.

Update (12-14): - 2nd b-day spent remixing THE CURE! i remxd UnderneathTheStars 4the last Underworld sndtrk w ;)
Update (12-31): NME and Film Music Reporter have reports about this. (Thanks Dom)
Update (01-06): Hear a sample at Amazon and another one here. (Thanks TheCure-Collector)
Update (01-17): Out now at Amazon, iTunes, and all of the usual places.

Fan made Cure videos

Faith (Rome June 4th, 1989) by Vicky
Want & Faith by MafiaEMafiaTV
(Thanks Vicky and Leonor)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rock in Roma "exclusive" set

So the Rock in Roma website says The Cure will be doing a nearly 3 hour "exclusive" set there, including "unreleased" songs. Maybe they mean b-sides?
Update: No, looks like it was just a bad translation. In fact, I'd ignore the whole thing. If there's going to be "exclusive" sets anywhere, I'm sure Robert will say something about it.

History of the Sythesizer

iCrates Magazine has a feature on the History of the Synthesizer with Roger.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Matthieu Hartley update

Matthieu Hartley's new band, Icicle Thieves, plays The Brunswick in Brighton on Jan. 21st. (Thanks Beto)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Is this the festival map?

(Update: We have a definitive answer about the map. It's fan made. See here. )

Is this the original version of the map image that Robert posted a few days ago? Or just someone getting creative? Thanks to Matt/TheSmudge for finding it at the Latitude Festival forum. It's originally from So just assuming for the moment that it could be real, can anyone connect these dots to actual festivals?
Obviously the map is unconfirmed and not official in any way. Just something fun to look at and consider for now.

A - Portugal (July 14th Optimus Alive)
B - Spain (July 12th-13th Bilbao BBK)
C - Spain (June 1st Primavera Sound)
D - France (June 29th-July 1st Les Eurockeennes)
E - France (July 20th Festival Vielles Charrues)
F - Netherlands (May 26th Pinkpop Festival)
G - Switzerland?
H - Italy (July 7th Heineken Jammin')
I - Italy (July 9th Rock in Roma)
J - Germany (June 22nd-24th Southside Festival)
K - Denmark (July 5th-8th Roskilde Festival)
L - Sweden (June 14th-16th Hultsfred Festival)
M - Germany (June 22nd-24th Hurricane Festival)
N - Austria (Aug. 18th Frequency Festival)
O - Russia (June 11th Maxidrom)
P - No P on map
Q - England (Aug. 24th & 25th Reading & Leeds Festivals)
R - Ireland (Sept. 1st Electric Picnic)
(Thanks The Smudge, Danny, Moggieboy, John, Perfect.Murder)

Bettie Page's Plastic Passion

From the Who Knew? file: Bettie Page did a video for The Cure's 'Plastic Passion'. : ) (Thanks @moggieboy)

Cure Glastonbury 1990

Aired on BBC Radio 6's Live Music Hour. (Thanks Aaron and Benj)