Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rumor: Cure to play Chicago on June 24th?

Ok, this is strictly a rumor at this point, but this ebay listing says The Cure will be taping an episode of Soundstage in Chicago on June 24th. Again, no official confirmation on this yet, so you might want to hold off on bidding. Anyway, here's what they claim:

"The winner of this auction will receive two (2) tickets to an exclusive SoundStage® performance and live taping featuring The Cure! An event like this rarely occurs, so bid accordingly!
MasterCard™ is proud to present The Cure in an intimate setting for the taping of their SoundStage® performance! This exclusive performance takes place on Tuesday, June 24th in Chicago, IL. Winning bidders will receive a guaranteed place in the 300 capacity sound stage for the up close modern music experience of a lifetime!"
(Thanks Creighton)

Ok, who wants to do the live reports? : )

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dallas show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: COF / Dallas Observer / Star-Telegram / Dallas Morning News
Photos: COF / Dayna / Kami / Purse.Ho / Amdavisart / Guinn9 / Vania / Kevin
LGTB/Freakshow/Close To Me
A Forest intro
A Forest Part 2
Prayers For Rain 1
Prayers For Rain 2
Underneath The Stars 1
Underneath The Stars 2
The End of the World
Shake Dog Shake 1
Shake Dog Shake 2
The Only One
Wrong Number
Killing An Arab
Pictures of You 1
Pictures of You 2
Fascination Street
One Hundred Years 1
One Hundred Years 2
Just Like Heaven
Inbetween Days
Friday I'm In Love 1
Friday I'm In Love 2
Lovesong 1
Lovesong 2
Lovesong 3
The Walk
Boys Don't Cry 1
Boys Don't Cry 2

Freakshow set for June 13th in NZ

"Good news for NZ fans, the 'mighty' universal in NZ are on to it for this next single. FreakShow is released domestically here on Friday 13th, and should be in shops on the Monday! so thats great, they are going to be releasing both the following singles about a week after the US dates. Great News for us kiwi fans! "
(Thanks Alastair)

The Only One chart updates

Spain - holds at #1 (3rd week)
US - Hot Modern Rock Tracks - holds at #32 (3rd week)
UK - falls out of the chart (3rd week)
Netherlands - up to #86 (3rd week)
France Top 200 - falls to #37 (3rd week)
Europe Hot 100 - up to #58 (3rd week)
(Thanks Pietro and Ivan @ HispaCure)

Robert to judge ISC again

Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20), Chaka Khan, Ray Davies (The Kinks), Loretta Lynn, Tom Waits, T-Pain, Robert Smith (The Cure), John Mayall, and many more celebrities team up with high-profile music industry executives to choose 2008 ISC winners.
Full story at PRWeb.
(Thanks Kate)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Erin & Roger play NXNE

"Erin has confirmed an appearance at this years NXNE music festival in Toronto. We will be appearing with the Toronto band at The Savannah Rooms on the 14th of June, then I will be heading back to the UK to start work on a new live show for the Autumn."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Phoenix show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: COF / AZ Central
Photos: Suriel / Kevin / Kellyr / COF / Jerry D.
Killing An Arab
Jumping Someone Else's Train/Grinding Halt
A Forest
The Only One
Wrong Number
A Night Like This
The Big Hand
Inbetween Days

Houston Press article

Houston Press - A Compendium of Cure-related information.

Sleep When I'm Dead on July 15th?

From a reliable source : "Looks like “Sleep When I’m Dead” might be the July single with a July 15th street date…not sure of b-side at the moment"
And "Freakshow" is set for US release on June 10th.
(Thanks Friend of COF)

Full Shrine show in FLAC

The Cure live at The Shrine in Los Angeles (June 1st, 2008)

Note: "Taped and mastered by JB. Please don't sell or convert to lossy format." If you can't do what the taper asks, then please don't download it. Thank you.
Also, if JB, The Cure, Geffen, Universal, etc. would like this removed, please let me know.
(Thanks to JB for sharing and to Gilbert for uploading them)

Phoenix cameras and curfew

"Just called Security at Dodge Theatre – no professional cameras allowed, but personal ones are fine. Also, curfew is at 11 PM for the band."
(Thanks Sara)

Michael Stipe, Cure fan

At their show at Red Rocks last night, Michael Stipe of R.E.M. gave a shout-out to The Cure:

"There's this bit at the end of the show where Stipe points out people in the audience with shirts he likes. He pointed out a bunch of Obama shirts, then he said, "Hey you - put your shirt back on!" Then after a short pause, he said, "I like The Cure too!" (The guy's shirt was obviously a Cure shirt.)"

(Thanks V)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

San Diego show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: COF
Photos: COF / Xaguaro / Sleepydoll / Blondieesd / Allsoarty / Lick The Tin's / Evidence Of My Existence
Simon attacks his bass
Close To Me
A Night Like This
Hot Hot Hot

Shake Dog Shake
The Perfect Boy
Prayers For Rain
To Wish Impossible Things
Close To Me Part 1
Close To Me Part 2
Inbetween Days
Boys Don't Cry 1
Boys Don't Cry 2
Fascination Street Part 1
Fascination Street Part 2
Lullaby Part 1
Lullaby Part 2
The End of the World
The Walk
Lovesong 1
Lovesong 2
Just Like Heaven
Pictures of You 1
Pictures of You 2
Pictures of You 3
Fascination Street 2
Lauren reviews the show

Lol with The Curse

Some photos of Lol playing drums with Cure cover band The Curse in Santa Monica on May 30th, 2008.
Also, check out Debi's Shrine photos.
(Thanks Debi)

Freakshow cover art and promo photo

Hi-res image of the Freakshow cover:

And the new promo photo they're using:

(Thanks to Wilco @ Goth City)

The Perfect Boy on Stereogum

Stereogum has a story up that highlights The Perfect Boy. Unfortunately, they link to the Red Rocks version, where Robert's voice was still suffering.
(Thanks Scott)

Lol confirms work with Michael

"Regarding your post from someone who said that Lol was working with Michael Dempsey on the new Levinhurst album along with an unnamed guitarist, I've just confirmed it. I posted on Levinhurst's board and asked Lol:

"Lol, Craig posted a statement on Chain of Flowers from someone who said that Michael Dempsey plays bass on the new album, and that there's a guitarist, as well, but their name isn't mentioned. Is this true?"

To which Lol responded today:
"Yes It is! Michael recently came out to California and we worked on nine new songs with Eric Bradley ( Levinhurst Live Guitarist ) and Cindy.We hope to finish the new album for release around october/november time"

(Thanks Shawn)

MSG Afterparty on June 20th

MSG Afterparty @ Contempt! FRIDAY 20 June 2008 @ M1-5
If you've seen this announcement before, please take note of the VENUE CHANGE

On Friday, June 20th, 2008
CONTEMPT! celebrates 30 years of…THE CURE
…with an aftershow extravanganza that will make you SHIVER AND SHAKE!
Come out after their MADISON SQUARE GARDEN show and dance 'til the HOLY HOUR!!!
We're also the official aftershow party for…
LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT's first NYC show in 10 years!
(see below for show information)
Where's all this taking place?

Friday, June 20th
10:15 PM – 4 AM
@ M1-5
52 Walker Street (south of Canal, between Broadway & Church)
21+ to enter WITH ID
$3 with Cure or London After Midnight ticket stub
$5 with printed pass/flyer/announcement
$7 empty-handed

Cure singles, rarities, B-sides and live cuts will be highlighted amidst Contempt's signature kaleidoscope of industrial/ebm/goth/alternative/new wave tunes served up by resident DJ SUBVERT and special guest DJ JEFFO!

Visual delights: The HOT! HOT! HOT! Contempt GO GOs shake it on the box. MISS APPROPRIATE brings you a Cure video montage on the screens.
Giveaways GALORE courtesy of THE IDEAL COPY
DRINK SPECIALS: $4 kamikaze shots 'til midnight and $6 vodka cocktails ALL NIGHT to keep you spinning on that dizzy edge…

Show information:
THE CURE with special guests 65daysofstatic
June 20th @ Madison Square Garden
Tickets available at

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT with special guests Life Cried
June 20th @ Don Hill's
511 Greenwich St, NYC, NY 10013
Get your advance tickets here.
more info and RSVP here.
(Thanks Angel)

Cure gets positive press from NME... to end very soon, Hell reports snow flurries. : )
NME at the Hollywood Bowl
(Thanks Brian)

Faith at The Shrine

Faith (Live at the Shrine in L.A.)

(Thanks Andy)

The Only One chart updates

Canada - debuted at #2, now #1.
Italy - #8 on the singles chart.
Austria - #1 on the Sound Portal chart.
Australia - off the chart now.
(Thanks Simon, Luigi, Pat and Jo)

Also, The Only One is now available on Rhapsody.
(Thanks ChristianZ)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Photo updates

Just posted some photos for Hollywood Bowl (more added) and The Shrine.

Houston & Dallas camera policies

"I called the Houston Toyota Center to see if cameras were allowed and they said no cameras were allowed inside. I’m also going to the Dallas show and they said that only regular cameras were allowed, no video cameras. I don’t know about the Austin show since I can’t make it to that one."
(Thanks Summer)

UTS at the Hollywood Bowl

"I made a matrix of Underneath the Stars (and a little enhancement) based on two different recordings of the Hollywood Bowl show (DMLIVE2K2 and ITP). It sounds pretty good to me (mainly because the song is just damn good)."
Underneath The Stars (live at the Hollywood Bowl) FLAC
And here's the WAV version.
(Thanks Pilal and Muldfield)

Lol at The Shrine

Lol comments on the Shrine show. Good for Lol! Love to hear that.
(Thanks Andy)

Frank Iero plans Cure Tribute

My Chemical Romance member Frank Iero will join other rockers to pay tribute to the 1980s band, The Cure.

Blog Critics reviews Hollywood Bowl show

I'm pointing this one out because it's pretty damn funny.
"An even more annoying group of drunk, obnoxious women sat down a row behind them. They would be fine during something popular like “Lovesong” or “Pictures of You” because their tone-deaf caterwauling of the lyrics was slightly less annoying than their vapid conversations about cheerleaders."

Faith from The Shrine

Faith (live at the Shrine - June 1st, 2008) in FLAC format.
Note: Brian asks you to please not convert it to MP3, except for your own personal use on an mp3 player.
(A million thanks to Brian for sharing it)

Because it needs to be said...

And due to my stupidity, it hasn't been said on COF in a few years.

Robert Smith (Porl, Simon & Jason too) KICKS ASS!

Now THAT was a show!
And if anyone has a good copy of the show, I'm begging for it.
Or at least OOTW, Bloodflowers and Faith.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

LA - Shrine Auditorium show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Photos: COF / Sleepydoll / Lushlulu / Hear The Wind Sing / Wearefloating / David Gagne / Pushdwnstairs / Johanna with Porl
Reviews: COF
How Beautiful You Are
Adagio/Out of This World
Three Imaginary Boys 1
Three Imaginary Boys 2
Faith 1
Faith 2
Disintegration 1
Disintegration 2
One Hundred Years
Killing An Arab
Kyoto Song 1
Kyoto Song 2
Kyoto Song 3
Sleep When I'm Dead 1
Sleep When I'm Dead 2
The Perfect Boy
Plainsong 1
Plainsong 2 (RS guitar problems)
Plainsong 3 (great crouching, smiling Simon)
Fire In Cairo
Lovesong 1
Lovesong 2
Lovesong 3
Just Like Heaven
The Baby Screams
Out Of This World
The Only One 1
The Only One 2
Inbetween Days
10:15 Saturday Night 1
10:15 Saturday Night 2
Push 1
Push 2
Push 3
Pictures Of You 1
Pictures Of You 2
Pictures Of You 3
Pictures Of You 4
Fascination Street 1
Fascination Street 2
Fascination Street 3
Grinding Halt / 10:15 / Arab 1
Grinding Halt / 10:15 / Arab 2
A Strange Day (Simon-centric)
Lullaby 1
Lullaby 2
Lullaby 3
Lullaby 4
Lullaby 5
Boys Don't Cry 1
Boys Don't Cry 2
Boys Don't Cry 3
Boys Don't Cry 4

Photo updates

Johanna met Jason at the Hollywood Bowl aftershow.
Added some photos for Santa Barbara.
A better look at one the 4Tour girl's t-shirts.

Happy Birthday Simon!

What more needs to be said? You rock! Cheers!

(Photo by Jason)