Friday, June 27, 2008

Official site updated

The official site has been updated with links to some videos. I think it's for the two MTV videos of Only One and Freakshow, but looks like they all have the regional lockout thing applied.

RCMH recording (incomplete)

The Cure live at Radio City Music Hall (MP3 - only 20 tracks).
(Thanks Xuan)

Cure chat tonight

Rev. Heron will be hosting a Cure chat tonight at 7pm pacific, 8pm mountain, 9pm central, 10pm eastern. Topic is Favorite 4Tour Moment.

Photo updates

New shots added for Vancouver, Toronto, MSG and RCMH.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tim Pope update

Tim has posted a note about why he isn't doing any more Cure videos.

Michel Gondry's Top 25 videos

Director Michel Gondry has picked his 25 favorite videos, in no particular order, and Close To Me made his list.
(Thanks Dumb Anguish)

Charts update

Europe - enters at #47 on the European Hot 100 Singles chart.
US - drops to #3 (2nd week) on the Hot Singles Sales chart.
Spain - enters at #1.
Italy - enters at #2 on the FNAC chart.
Germany - enters at #78.

The Only One
US - holds at #5 (3rd week) on the Hot Singles Sales chart.
US - drops to #39 (6th week) on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks.
Spain - holds at #2.
Italy - #5 on the FNAC chart. Drops to #12 on the official chart.
Latvia - #1 on the Radio Naba chart. #10 on the SWHROCK chart.
Canada - holds at #3 (6th week)
Germany - drops one spot to #78 (2nd week), out of charts (3rd week)
France - drops four spots to #56

(Thanks to David, Simon, Guntars, Luigi and Gianluca for help with the charts)

New Lol interview

Ariel at The Cure Rarities Blog has posted a new interview with Lol. (Thanks Ariel)

Cure covers / Curespottings

"Dinosaur Jr played a fucking brilliant version (as always) of Just Like Heaven at the 'Norwegian Wood' in Oslo, Norway." (Thanks Lars)

"Wayne Hussey played a solo-acoustic show a few nights ago in Buenos Aires... and included "A night like this" on the setlist.... also played "Ashes to ashes" (Bowie)!!!" (Thanks BETO)

Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls talks about her worship of Morrissey and Robert. (Thanks Shawn)

WiiFit blogger uses Cure lyrics for post titles. (Thanks Andrew)

"I just made a silly little Facebook application - you can now send Robert Smith to your friends!" (Thanks Christie)

Cure Karaoke on MySpace

Do you dare try your hand at Cure Karaoke and have it posted on MySpace? (Thanks Andy)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Robert # 2 on Rock's Top Mopes list

MSN has compiled their Rock's Top Mopes list, and Robert comes in at #2, just behind Morrissey. (Thanks Marcio)

IBD sampled on new Girl Talk album

"Inbetween Days is used as a part of the song "Don't Stop", track 13 on Girl Talk's new album "Feed The Animals" which came out last wednesday...I also caught a part of "Close To Me" on another track (very brief).
It's all mashed up samples (zillions) but it works quite well...other highlights include sampling Big Country and Aphex Twin...." (Thanks Matt)

Disintegration cover redesigned

"I found this via Drawn - there's an art show in Ireland called Candy Karaoke. "Over 70 of Ireland's leading illustrators, photographers and designers were asked to contribute a piece that would re-imagine or re-design their favourite album covers." Artist Will St. Leger recreated Disintegration. You can see the entire Flickr set here." (Thanks Jason)

SWID 7" a picture disc?

According to this listing on ebay, the Polydor sales note is listing the Sleep When I'm Dead 7" as a picture disc. I think we all remember the Only One box debacle, so don't put too much faith in it just yet. (Thanks Rod x)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Only One alternate video

"Universal has posted a new video clip (only 1:38 in length) of 'The Only One'.
It's shot in studio but in color. I can't help wonder if this is one of the 'Cure TV' videos RS posted about?
The stream is horrible with about 95% of frames dropped. I managed to download the original FLV file and put it here.
The file has an odd header and it's difficult to play or to convert. Probably why there are so many dropped frames on the stream.
I've posted an MP4 here, and on YouTube." (Thanks Brad)

Update: All versions have been removed. Maybe Universal jumped the gun on releasing it?

UTS at Stereogum

Even Stereogum loves UTS. : )

(Thanks Monkeybutt)

Sleep When I'm Dead artwork

Photo updates

(Thank you Chris! And Kate too!)

Kate has posted her shots from MSG and RCMH
New shots added for MSG and RCMH
Close Encounters in Phoenix and Vancouver
MSG / COF meet up photos from Rev Heron

Band arrives for RCMH / Roses at MSG

Porl / Jason / Simon and Robert
(Thanks Steve)

Close To Me (MSG - Chris gives her roses to Robert)
(Thanks Rev Heron)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Chart updates

UK - debuted at #108 last week, up to #89 this week.
Australia - debuts at #26 in the "top 50 physical singles" chart.
France - debuts at #1 on the FNAC chart.

The Only One:
US - drops to #5 in it's 2nd week on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart.
Spain - drops to #2 in it's fifth week, after 4 weeks at #1.
Italy - drops to #7
France - drops to #56
Canada - re-enters at #4

(Thanks Pietro, Keith, Ivan and David)

Disintegration #14 on EW list

Disintegration is #14 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the Top 100 Albums of the Last 25 Years.
(Thanks Monkeybutt and Wyatt)

Forever! and The Kiss

Forever (live at RCMH)
The Kiss (live at MSG)
The Kiss Part 1 / Part 2 (live at MSG)

(Thanks to Christina P and Rev Heron for The Kiss
and to Cat for posting the version from Chris)

MSG soundcheck videos

Sleep When I'm Dead
"Fucking Amazing"
Underneath The Stars
To Wish Impossible Things
Friday I'm In Love
(Thanks Rev. Heron)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Underneath The Stars at MSG

UTS at MSG (Fuse)
UTS at MSG (Rev Heron)
UTS at MSG (Jack)

The new songs

Freakshow (video - Live in Valencia)
Freakshow (audio - Live in Boston)

The Only One (audio - Live In Boston)
Underneath The Stars (video - Live in Denver)
Baby Rag Dog Book (video - Live in Denver)
Sleep When I'm Dead (video - Live in Toronto)
Sleep When I'm Dead (audio - Live in Boston)
The Perfect Boy (video - Live in Philadelphia)
The Perfect Boy (video - Live in Fairfax)
The Perfect Boy (audio - Live in Boston)
A Boy I Never Knew (video - Live In Houston)