Thursday, October 25, 2012

Porl painting on ebay

"Just wanted to let you know there is a painting from Porl Thompson up on ebay. It recently sold at auction for 260 GBP and is now up for 2000 GBP." (Thanks Leo)

Reeves Gabrels interview

Not much talk of his time on the SummerCure tour (what little there is starts at the 22 minute mark, and a clip of 'Wrong Number' from Les Eurockeennes 2012 at 40 minutes in), but here's a new interview with Reeves. (Thanks thesmudge)

Tim Pope's 'Elephunts'

From Tim Pope on Twitter: "Elephunts... I like elephunts... 'phunts"... the B-side recorded with The Cure & Tim Pope. NEW VIDEO!!! See it here."

"This is one of the finest recordings of The Cure and a career highlight for Tim Pope.
It's the catchy B-side to the "I Want To Be a Tree" 45. Love the crackles and scratches from the original vinyl. I played all keyboards on this one, and sang; Robert Smith made noises; Porl Thompson played freaky echo guitar and sax; Andy Anderson played drums. Chris Parry was in the producer's chair. Recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes." (Thanks Jenny)