Monday, December 29, 2008

Memories of the 4Tour

Timo sent in some great photos during the Euro 4Tour, and now he's made a very nice video, reflecting on all of the shows he went to. (Thanks Timo)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Have a Very Merry Christmas, and the Happiest of Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trilogy on Blu-Ray update

As first mentioned back on Oct. 14th, Eagle Rock will be releasing Trilogy on Blu-Ray in 2009. The date has slipped a bit, but it IS coming. It's now scheduled for release on Feb. 3rd, 2009 (US) and on Feb. 9th, 2009 (Europe). (Thanks Fuji)

Update: Listed for pre-ordering at CDJapan, Amazon (UK), Amazon (Germany), Play (UK), Play (Euro). (Thanks Andreas)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cure on Best of 2008 lists

"The Portuguese music magazine called "Blitz" ( asked their readers to choose the best 20 concerts in Portugal in 2008. The Cure were listed #9 for their concert in the Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon (March, 8th 2008)!! Not bad!!
From the same magazine, "Blitz", 4:13 Dream was chosen by the readers as #30 in the Best International 2008 Album category." (I've posted the full lists in the comments section)
(Thanks JupiterMain)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hungry Ghost on Kimmel

The Cure's performance of The Hungry Ghost has finally been posted on the Jimmy Kimmel website. Just wait for the commercial to finish, and the clip will start.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cure make Top 10 of 2008 list

Okay, it's People magazine, but you take what you can get. : )
"Just reading the Best and Worst of 2008 PEOPLE Magazine. THE CURE 4:13 Dream has made the Top 10 Best of Music in 2008 list. They come in at #7. " (Thanks Pauline)

Cure on NPR's World Cafe today

Setlist: Push, The Perfect Boy, The Only One, RS Interview, The End of the World, Just Like Heaven, Boys Don't Cry.

Audio - Full Cure segment (Thanks J.)
Interview - Transcription (Thanks V)

The Cure recorded a World Cafe session on May 10th in Philadelphia, and it will air this afternoon. The easiest way for most of us to hear it will be to listen to WXPN. The show airs from 2-4pm eastern, 1-3pm central, noon-2pm mountain and 11am-1pm pacific. You can also listen to the show on your local NPR station. But be sure to check if/when your station carries the World Cafe show.
If you missed it, you can catch it again at 1-3am eastern, midnight-2am central, 11pm-1am mountain, 10pm-midnight pacific.

Update: Oh well, so much for the rumors of it being recorded in LA this week. This interview and performance was recorded on May 10th, after the Philadelphia 4Tour show, and has already been posted online. (Thanks Kate)

Update 2: Looks like the broadcast is slightly different than what was posted online.

More on UTS (remix) on Underworld soundtrack

As mentioned back on Dec. 1st, there will be a remix of Underneath The Stars on the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans soundtrack album. It will be released on Jan. 13th, and Ideal Copy has it up for pre-orders, and has the full tracklist.

Carson Daly taping

The Cure taped an appearance for Last Call with Carson Daly on Dec. 12th. The show aired on Dec. 18/19th. Here's what they played:

Soundcheck: Sleep When I'm Dead.
Setlist: The Only One (aired on the show), Sleep When I'm Dead, Boys Don't Cry.
(Thanks Sara, Brian and Stephanie)

Video - The Only One
Review - Rev. Heron, Kittencult

(Thanks Stephanie)

Laura and Debi at Carson. Photo by Heron. (Thanks Debi)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Troubadour audio

The Real Snow White.
Update: Full show on Dime in 24 bit or 16 bit. And on Megaupload as 190KB or 320KB. (Thanks crowbi_wan, Pierre and Andy)

Davey Havok's Lovecats shirt

Davey Havok (AFI) has created a Lovecats inspired t-shirt. $63 and limited to 100 shirts. (Thanks Dane)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More video from the Troubadour

I've posted a bunch of new video links in the Troubadour topic. (Thanks to Yvonne and everyone else who has uploaded them.)

Further delay for the Cure Calendar

Is TMU printing them? : )

"We emailed you recently regarding your order for the 30th Anniversary Calendar. We have just been informed that there will be a further delay due to problems relating to the printing of the Calendar. It is anticipated that stock will now arrive at our warehouse this Friday (19th December). Obviously we will be working very hard to get the order dispatched to you as quickly as possible. You will receive a dispatch email once your order has been sent out to you. Please accept our sincere apologise about these delays and don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. Kind Regards, The Cure Customer Service Teams" (Thanks Kate, Rob, Diana)

Holiday deadline for Nightmare t-shirts

"The deadline for Nightmare teeshirt orders for holiday shipping is 6 pm Thursday, Dec. 18th. I will still have them after that, but that's the last day I will be able to ship them to have them there before xmas next week. " (Thanks Rev. Heron)

Jimmy Kimmel taping

They aired Freakshow and only 30 seconds or so of Hungry Ghost. Jimmy said we can watch the full performance of THG on his website, but I don't see it yet. The show is on his website, but no Cure.

Setlist and show notes are here.
Reviews - COF / Kittencult
Articles - Stereogum
Photos - COF
Video - On Dime, Hungry Ghost (FLV file, YouTube), Freakshow (click Watch in High Quality)
Audio - Freakshow & a bit of Hungry Ghost

Kimmel setlist (Thanks Amy A.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photo updates

Added a shot from the Kimmel taping.
More KROQ, including a shot of Tim Burton with Mr. Happy. : )
KROQ has posted their photos.
Added some excellent new shots from KROQ AAC.
A bunch of photos from the weekend events.
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter at KROQ AAC.
Some of Andy's photos from Carson Daly.
Heron's photos from the weekend.
(Thanks Gwyneth, Aaron, Lisa, Kelbel, fmjews and AndytheCurefan)

Monday, December 15, 2008

More Secret Show photos

MySpace Secret Shows has posted a bunch of photos from the Troubadour show.

Cure session on NPR

Geffen posted this at the official site: "The World Cafe will be broadcasting The Cure on NPR's World Cafe session on Friday, December 19th, 2008.
National Public Radio’s World Cafe with host David Dye can be heard on nearly 200 stations nationwide. Fans can find their local station by scrolling to the bottom & choosing their state under "Find a Program Broadcast Time" after clicking HERE.…or worldwide they can listen online to the WXPN/Philadelphia stream Monday through Friday, 2pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time by going HERE."

Slight delay for Cure Calendar

Dear Customer, Many thanks for your recent order. Please be advised that we are experiencing some delays in receiving the Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Calendar that you ordered. We expect to receive this product by Wednesday 17th December, with a view to dispatching your order the same afternoon. It is therefore anticipated that you will receive the order no later than Friday 19th December. Many thanks for your patience in this matter and apologies for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards The Cure Online Store Customer Services Team
(Thanks Kate)

NME Big Gig news

NME has an article announcing that Crystal Castles and White Lies have joined the lineup, and that The Cure will be playing a 90 minute set. (Thanks Kate and Fab G)

Win an autographed cd and a poster

Fearnet is giving away an autographed copy of 4:13 Dream and a poster. (Thanks Kate)

Friday I'm in Love t-shirt

Threadless has a Friday I'm In Love inspired t-shirt. (Thanks Geri)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Secret Show at The Troubadour

Setlist and show notes are here.
Photos - MySpace Secret Shows / Day 19 / Getty Images / COF / Heron /Pure People
Reviews - Rev. Heron (line) (show), COF / Kittencult / LA Times / Reuters / LA Weekly / Glossolalia / NME
Articles - Plug In Music / All Headline News / Live Daily / AntiMusic
Audio - Full show in 24 bit or 16 bit / Real Snow White
Video - Underneath The Stars / Pictures of You / Lullaby Part 1 Part 2 / alt.end / Reasons Why / Reasons Why (short) / The Walk 1 / The Walk 2 / Lovesong / Real Snow White / Hungry Ghost / Andy rocks out to Wrong Number / Sleep When I'm Dead / Push Part 1 Part 2 / Inbetween Days / One Hundred Years / Freakshow 1 / Freakshow 2 / Freakshow 3 / Close To Me 1 / Close To Me 2 / Why Can't I Be You / A Forest / Boys Don't Cry / Grinding Halt / Killing An Arab /

Cure secret show at The Troubadour

"12:13 Dream"

Doors @ 8:00 PM
@ The Troubadour
9081 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA
(310) 276-1158

There will be no line ups allowed before noon on Saturday.
If you line up before then, you will be asked to leave.
As always, this show is first come first served.

Update: LA Weekly has a story about it, and says you must be a Cure Myspace friend to get in. No idea if that's true or not.

Update: As suspected, LA Weekly is wrong. KU says no printout needed to get in.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Keith meets The Curse

Keith Uddin with Brian and Alexis from The Curse.
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Tonight Show video and audio

YouTube HD.
On YouTube.
Full show on the Tonight Show website.
Version for iPod Touch and iPhones.
(Thanks Aaron, Junko, Morris, EchoBunny and Ariel)

Robert's wishes for 2009

KROQ has posted the Almost Acoustic X-mas program guide, and they asked each band what change they would like to see most in 09, and here's what Robert wants:

More people getting involved in the preservation of the only world we have? The rich getting poorer, and the poor getting richer? No more labels? Can I really only pick one?

"The only angels you should hear are reason, honesty, equality and love / the only devils you should fear are hatred, ignorance, greed and a world full of people scared dumb."

Amen! Uh, I mean, right on! ; )

Update: V made an excellent observation this morning - "I was just looking at the AAC program and I noticed that the first paragraph from The Cure's page is not in quotes, but the second part ("The only angels...") is in quotes.
I wonder if this is another lyrics preview, like we got for TRSW in the 4Tour program? :)" (Thanks V)

Last chance to win KROQ tickets

From the KROQ website: "Today is your last chance to win tickets to KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2008. Listen for the songs below and be caller 20 to 800-520-1067 to win. Slamma Damma Ding Dong!"

Friday 12/12
7am - The Offspring "Self Esteem"
8am - The Cure "Love Cats"
10am - STP "Big Empty"
1pm - Death Cab For Cutie "I Will Possess Your Heart"
3pm - The Offspring "Hammerhead"
5pm - During Kevin & Bean: Cinco de la Tarde

You must be a resident of Ca. to win the tickets.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

KROQ Sold Out! Webcast details announced

To no one's surprise, the KROQ shows are completely sold out. But they have posted the details of the webcasts. The Cure will hit the stage at 10:15, Sunday Night (pacific). : )

The Cure play the Tonight Show

The Cure played The Perfect Boy, and they didn't get any interview time at all. (Thanks Brian)
Brian: "Robert's vocals sounded really good tonight. Best performance of this song, in my opinion."

Reviews - Kittencult.
YouTube HD.
On YouTube.
Full show on the Tonight Show website.
Version for iPod Touch and iPhones.
(Thanks Aaron, Junko, Morris, EchoBunny and Ariel)

Cure fans line up for the taping. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Buy 4:13 (again), get Kimmel tickets

Geffen posted this at the official site:

If you purchase the CD “4:13 DREAM” at VIRGIN MEGASTORE (6801 Hollywood Blvd.) you will receive a pass to the outdoor performance at JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! Pass distribution begins on Friday Dec 12th! (limited space available)"

Snow in New Orleans!

Just thought I'd tell y'all. : )

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Curse plays HOB on Saturday

Saturday December 13th 2008
House Of Blues Hollywood
8430 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90069
Tickets for The Curse at HOB are $13.50 and are available here.
"We confirmed the show kind of late so TicketMaster doesn't have our band listed on the event, they only list Sweet & Tender Hooligans. I believe we go on at about 8:45pm so be sure to get there early. Our set is almost entirely made up of requests, especially from those of you traveling to CA for that weekend."
(Thanks Paul K and Brian)

Carson Daly setlist

If you don't want to know what the band are planning on playing at the Carson Daly show, do not highlight the following text, or read any of the comments. But if you do want to know, then just highlight the following text: The band are scheduled to play 3 songs - The Only One, Sleep When I'm Dead, and Boys Don't Cry. (Thanks Sara)

KROQ Ticket password

The password to buy tickets for the KROQ show is KROQACX08. For full details on the tickets, check here. (Thanks Debi)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tonight Show help

Can anyone send in reports from the Tonight Show? Thanks! Here's our live reporters so far:

Tonight Show - Brian
Carson Daly - Stephanie
KROQ - Stephanie
Jimmy Kimmel -

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pre-order your limited edition Cure calendar

Geffen has posted news of a Cure 30th anniversary calendar that is up for pre-ordering.

Press release at the official site

Geffen has posted a press release about the upcoming TV & KROQ appearances.

KROQ onsale info

Tickets for Night 2 of KROQ's Almost Acoustic X-mas go on sale Thursday, Dec. 11th at 6pm. Tickets for Night 1 go on sale at 5pm the same day.

From the KROQ Street Team e-mail: "Tickets are $75 (plus ticketmaster fees) and are only available through We'll be emailing you a password soon. You wont be able to buy the tickets without the password, so keep an eye out for it. Go to for more ticket info."

(Thanks to everyone who helped out by posting the info today)

Reminder: KROQ ticket announcement

From KROQ: "On sale details Monday morning at 7:20am with Kevin & Bean" (Thanks KelBel)

Here's the link to the Ticketmaster page. Tickets are $79.95. Please pay close attention to the residency note.

I won't be here when the announcement is made, so please check the comments, as I'm sure someone will post the details. Or check the KROQ website.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

4:13 charts update

6th week positions
Italy - up to #67.
US (Billboard Top 200) - drops off the chart.
Poland - drops off the chart.
Belgium / Wallonie - drops off the chart.

5th week positions
France - drops to #71.
Germany - drops off the chart.
Mexico - drops off the chart.
Switzerland - drops off the chart.
Spain - drops off the chart.

3rd week positions
Greece - up to #6.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Reasons Why (Dream 13 mix)

No idea if this is an "official" remix or not, but you can download The Reasons Why (Dream 13 mix) from Mad Bob's blog. There's also this artwork:

(Thanks Mad Bob)

Cure party in Poland

"There will be Cure Party in Gugalander club in Katowice, Silesia, Southern Poland. It is organized by" (Thanks to Nevyn @ TheCure.Pl)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kimmel tickets now available!

The taping is on Dec. 15th at 6:15pm on the outdoor stage. Get your tickets here. (Thanks Danielle, Brian, Debi, RJ, and Emily)

Update: Sold out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

UTS remix on Underworld 3 soundtrack

A Reinholder (Danny Lohner) remix of Underneath The Stars will be on the soundtrack album (out on Jan. 13th, 2009) for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. (Thanks Friend of COF)

4:13 charts update

5th week positions
Italy - drops to #71.
Poland - drops to #41.
Netherlands - drops off the chart
Belgium / Wallonie - drops to #50.
Belgium / Flanders - drops off the chart.

4th week positions
US (Billboard Top 200) - drops to #178.
Germany - drops to #79.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cure Live in Rome on VH1 (US) tonight

The VH1 (US) schedule has The Cure Live in Rome listed for 2am eastern tonight/tomorrow morning. (Thanks Kate)

Update: Same setlist (and censoring) as the Palladia broadcast: Underneath The Stars, The Only One, The Reasons Why, Freakshow, The Hungry Ghost, Switch, The Perfect Boy, Sleep When I'm Dead, The Scream, It's Over.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update: Cure posters at Christie's auction

Christie's has some Cure posters up for auction.
(Thanks Scott/Monkeybutt)

Update: The posters went for $875. (Thanks Van)

Autographed CD winners

Jamsbio has posted the list of winners for the autographed 4:13 Dream cd.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Live in Rome on MTV

"MTV Germany will broadcast The Rome Show on Friday, Nov 28th form 01:30-02:30 and then repeat the Videography." (Thanks Bi)

"MTV Latin America is airing a "The Cure Live" show next friday november 28th 9pm Central time, Im guessing it is the Rome show although no details are given in the ad." (Thanks Conrado)

Update: The Latin America airing was Valencia, not Rome.

Autographed Blackhawks jersey auction

"This Blackhawks Jersey, signed by the Cure, will be auctioned off on December 5, 2008 for Rock For Kids. For more information and to bid online visit" (Thanks Eice13)

Win a signed copy of 4:13 is giving away an autographed copy of 4:13 Dream. (Thanks Kate)

The reviews for 4:13 never stop!

US - Christian Science Monitor (positive), Worcester Telegram (4/5), Electric City (mixed), EvilSponge (6/7).
France - Telerama (4/4), Rolling Stone (3/?), LCI (?), Rock n Folk (2/4), Les Inrockuptibles (negative), Femina (3/?), Voici (3/?), Start Up (3/?), A Nous Paris (3.5/5).

And here's a small article from Waterfront Online.

(Thanks Kate, Jason, Rod x, and Carole)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Leno tickets update

"Looks like whoever mailed in a request WILL get in! My friend requested 4 and just got them." (Thanks Debi)

MTV Live on Palladia

Here's the setlist: Underneath The Stars, The Only One, The Reasons Why, Freakshow, The Hungry Ghost, Switch, The Perfect Boy, Sleep When I'm Dead, The Scream, It's Over.
So they cut out Sirensong, Real Snow White, and THANWY.

And there was some very odd censoring going on: "I couldn't take all the censorship. Yes, backmasking an F-bomb I can understand. But "slide me in"??!?! "Suicide"??!?!"

(Thanks Brad, Drew, and S)

4:13 charts update

Sales news
Poland - certified Gold (sales of 10,000).
US - total sales as of last week: 39,436.

4th week positions
US (Billboard Top 200) - drops to #178.
Mexico - drops to #61.
Switzerland - drops to #82.
Spain - drops to #64.
France - drops to #51.
Croatia - drops off the chart.
Italy - drops to #46.
Poland - drops to #25.
Netherlands - drops to #84.
Belgium / Wallonie - drops to #39.
Belgium / Flanders - drops to #41.

3rd week positions
Germany - drops to #55.
Croatia - drops to #34.

2nd week positions
Greece - up to #8.

(Thanks to Bob, David, Levko, and Nevyn @

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Curse plays UTS and more

"Here's some video footage of The Curse playing Underneath the Stars. UTS Part 1 / UTS Part 2
They also did The Only One (security told me to stop filming, so it's only 44 seconds long), The Perfect Boy, and The Reasons Why (audio only). It was a great show."
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Roger plays London on Dec. 2nd

Dec. 2nd, 2008 at 7 Day Xmas Itch at The Bull and Gate, 389 Kentish Town Road, London, London and South East NW5. 8pm.

"Part of an interesting art exhibition and series of shows. My set will feature Erin Lang."

More 4:13 Reviews

US - Daily Princetonian (2/5), Paste (69/100), Slant (4/5), Halo 17 (4.5/10) .
UK - Uncut (4 stars), The Word 1 / 2 (positive), MusicOHM (3/5).

(Thanks Kate, JC, and Swifty)

Looking back at In Orange

The Dec. 08 issue of Uncut has an article that takes a look back at In Orange. (Thanks JC)

Is Robert the coolest artist ever?

If you think so, vote for him at NME (that click gives him an automatic 10). (Thanks Aaron)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cure play KROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas!

Night 2 (Dec. 14th) - The Cure, The Killers, Death Cab For Cutie, Paramore, Franz Ferdinand, Scott Weiland, Snow Patrol, Vampire Weekend.

Night 1 (Dec. 13th) - Offspring, Rise Against, AFI, Staind, 3 Days Grace, Slightly Stupid, Hollywood Undead, Stone Temple Pilots.

Tickets - Kevin and Bean will start giving away tickets on tomorrow's show (in the 7am hour, call in when you hear them play Plush by STP). And KROQ says they will be giving away tickets, nearly every day. When prompted, be caller 20 to 800-520-1067. You can also win by signing up for the KROQ Street Team.

You can see the ad for the show on the KROQ website. Perfect for those Nightmare Before Cure-mas shirts.

The show will be broadcast live on KROQ, and yes, Virginia, there will be a webcast. : )

4:13 charts update

3rd week positions
France - drops to #26.
Czech Republic - drops to #47.
Mexico - drops to #44.
Austria - drops off the chart.
Billboard Top 200 - drops to #109.
Billboard Comprehensive - drops to #130.
Billboard Modern Rock/Alternative - drops to #19.
Billboard Tastemakers - drops to #14.
Billboard European Top 100 - drops to #33.
Billboard Top Rock Albums - drops off the chart.
Canada - drops off the chart.
World chart - drops off the chart.
Sweden - drops off the chart.
Switzerland - drops to #46.
Spain - drops to #43.
UK - drops off the chart.
Ireland - drops off the chart.
Poland - drops to #15.
Italy - drops to #30.
Netherlands - drops to #53.
Belgium / Wallonie - drops to #16.
Belgium / Flanders - drops to #30.

2nd week positions
Argentina - drops off the chart.

1st week positions
Greece - enters at #11.

(Thanks David, Andrea, Pietro, Carole, and Thomas)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

KROQ news tomorrow?

Kevin and Bean say they will announce "details" about Almost Acoustic X-mas, on Thursday morning's show. The show starts at 5am pacific, but you can probably expect the announcement to be made later in the show. (Thanks Debi)

Update: The announcement will be made at 7am pacific.

New articles

"The Cure are on the cover of D-Side's issue of Nov-Dec. There's also an article in Elegy." (Thanks David)

Update: Posted the scans from Elegy and D-Side. (Thanks Rod x)

Jimmy Kimmel update

"My cousin in law Joe DeMaio is the director for the Jimmy Kimmel show and has told me that the taping will be the 15th of December and not the 16th. Just wanted to share the info."
(Thanks Sara/bluecloudrain)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Few more 4:13 reviews

US - 411Mania (8/10), Oklahoma Daily (3/5).
France - Elle (positive), Paris Match (mixed), Magic (4/6).
(Thanks Kate, JC, and Francois)


"Thought it was kind of funny that in the new Ricky Gervais HBO special he mentions The Cure while having a laugh about what people blog about on websites. The line was something like: "Hi, I have a cat. I like The Cure." Just a tad ironic, since I'm emailing this off to a guy to post on a website. ;) " (Thanks Andrew)

"After famous French authors Virginie Depentes and Olivier Adam mentioned The Cure in some of their books, a new novel called 'New Wave' writen by Gaël Morel and Ariel König tells the story of a young man whose life is rythemed by Cure music."
(Thanks David)

"Pig & Dan - Cured." (Thanks Andrew D.)

"In France, in my city, there is a pub very famous where they play electro and gothic, and in the main room there is one only huge poster of Robert Smith. It’s the only pub I know where i can see so big picture of him." (Thanks Olivier C.)

French Pornography magazine

Settle down, it's not what you think. : )

"This is a link to a french special artistic magazine about "Pornography". A tribute cd is offered with it. The price is 13 euros. The website is in french and in english too."
(Thanks Nathanael)

Problems with the 4:13 vinyl?

"I am very disappointed with the Vinyl copy of 4:13 Dream - its running like an egg - in german we use the verb "eiern" for it - which would be "to wobble" in english. Also the vinyl is quite thin. The record shop in Vienna was very kind and exchanged it. But it isn't much difference with the new one....Did you hear any other complaints ?" (Thanks Thomas)

Anyone else having problems?

NME's Coolest Artists of All Time?

NME has a photo set of the "Coolest Artists of All Time?", and The Cure are included. (Thanks Aaron)

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Cure artwork

Some more artwork added - Lou's Robert, Ryanne's Cure shoes and James' Robert portrait. (Thanks Lou, Ryanne and James)

4:13 French promo cd

Photo of the rare (only 50 made?) French promo cd for 4:13 Dream. (Thanks Chrisx59)

Classic Cure concert on BBC 6 Music

"BBC 6 Music plays an archive BBC concert each week, 2-3am Sunday UK time. 16 November will be The Cure. No more details yet, but by next week it should say which concert is to be broadcast."(Thanks artwwweb)

Update: This will be one of the Shepherd's Bush Empire shows from 1997. Here's what they aired last year.

Update: Listen to it here or here. Setlist was the same as the link above. (Thanks AndrewV127)

Saga of The Cure on RTL

"You can listen to the Saga of The Cure on the french radio RTL. It's a good and a long saga with many details, but in french......" (Thanks Wrongnumber)

4:13 makes The Measure

"4:13 Dream came in second on The Guardian magazine's 'what's hot and what's not' list, The Measure, yesterday - praise indeed!" (Thanks Jo/A Nightingale Like This)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

KROQ is NOT confirmed

I don't want to ruin the fun and excitement, but as of Friday, The Cure were NOT confirmed for the KROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas. Doesn't mean they won't be playing, doesn't mean they will. But as of Friday, The Cure are not booked for that event. As soon as I hear something either way, I'll post it. (Thanks Anonymous)

Win an autographed poster

"The Cure is giving away 5 autographed posters exclusively on VampireFreaks. To enter to win, add THE CURE to your bands list on VampireFreaks and send them an inbox telling them why you should win and what their music means to you, along with your full name and mailing address." (Thanks Fabian)

Cure play Leno, Kimmel, and Daly

Listed under Events at the official site:

12/11/2008 - Tonight Show w/Jay Leno. (Tickets)
12/16/2008 - Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Tickets - not listed yet)
12/18/2008 - Last Call with Carson Daly. (Tickets - sold out)

(Thanks Mad Bob)

It looks like the Carson Daly appearance will be taped on the 12th, and aired on the 18th. The Leno appearance should be recorded on the 11th, for airing later that night. Not sure about Kimmel.
Update: Geffen has posted the dates on the front page, too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

2 weeks until KROQ news?

Debi contacted Kat @ KROQ to ask when the Almost Acoustic X-mas lineup would be announced, and here's the reply she received: "No word yet but probably after Thanksgiving."
(Thanks Debi)

Let's hope we get a cryptic hint from RS before then. : )

Win 4:13 and a poster

Absolutepunk is giving away a copy of 4:13 Dream with the lithograph/poster. Contest ends on Nov. 20th, and you have to register with their website. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Roger's Mexican tour canceled

From Roger's website: "Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control the shows in Mexico have been cancelled. I apologise to everyone who may have made plans and hope to play there sometime next year."

A few more 4:13 reviews

US - Contact Music (positive?), The Snapper (B-), Red and Black (mostly positive).
Australia - dB Magazine (mixed).
Denmark - DBH (4/6).
Italy - Rockstar (4/5, Album of the Month).
Finland - NYT (3/5), Soundi (4/5).
(Thanks Kate, JC, fmjews, Antti, and Marc)

Cure live in Rome airing in the US

MTV Live: The Cure in Rome will be broadcast in the US. It's on Palladia HD, which is available on Comcast, Cox, Verizon FiOS, Time Warner, Dish, DIRECTV, Charter, AT&T u-Verse and Insight.
It will air on Nov. 23rd at 9pm and midnight, Nov. 24th at 3pm, Nov. 26th at 8pm, and Nov. 30th at 11am. All times are eastern.

Please check the official site for broadcast info in other countries.

4:13 charts update

3rd week positions
Belgium / Wallonie - drops to #16.
Belgium / Flanders - drops to #30.
Netherlands - drops to #53.

2nd week positions
Billboard Top 200 - drops to #60.
Billboard Comprehensive - drops to #64.
Billboard European Top 100 - drops to #18.
Billboard Modern Rock/Alternative - drops to #12.
Billboard Top Rock Albums - drops to #16.
Billboard Tastemakers - drops to #5.
Mexico - up to #17.
Croatia - up to #9.
Denmark - drops off the chart.
New Zealand - drops off the chart.
Czech Republic - drops to #33.
France - drops to #16.
Austria - drops to #55.
Spain - drops to #29.
Canada - drops to #85.
Switzerland - drops to #30.
Sweden - drops to #58.
World chart - drops to #35 (38,000 copies sold)
Germany - drops to #41.

1st week positions
Argentina - enters at #3.

(Thanks David, Pietro, Farbruun, Levko, Andrea, Sanjin)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Official site update

Geffen has updated the official site, with dates for the airing of The Cure Live in Rome.

Rumor: KROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas?

From a listing at Craigslist:
Acoustic X-mas December 13 & 14 @ Gibson Amphitheater
The Cure, The Killers, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots & more. (Thanks to Toberr @ A Pink Dream)

Remember, this is only a rumor, and has NOT been officially confirmed. But it is pretty exciting. : )

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cure on Last Call with Carson Daly

Looks like The Cure will be heading to the US in December! They will be performing a "mini-concert" for Last Call with Carson Daly on Dec. 12th at 5:45pm in Burbank, Ca. Get your free tickets here. (Tickets are sold out, but keep checking.)
(Thanks Anonymous)

No way they are coming all the way over here for just one show, right?

And even more 4:13 reviews

US - Tuscon Weekly (mixed), The Channels Online (4), The Phoenix (3/4), Fearnet (positive), SF Bay Guardian (negative), New University (mixed), Salt Lake Tribune (C+), Vail Daily (3.5/5).
UK - Uncut (4).
Canada - Hour (3/5), Montreal Mirror (7.5/10), Voir (3/5).
Ireland - Entertainment (3.5/5).
Italy - Il Cibicida (negative), Gufetto (positive), Storia Della Musica (3.5/5).
Belgium - Humo Magazine (3.5/4).
(Thanks Kate, Swifty, Riccardo, Heron, fmjews, Carl, Darrell, and Sophie)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jamsbio poster winners, new contest

Jamsbio has posted the winners of the autographed posters. And they have started a new contest, to win 5 autographed cds. Just list your top 5 Cure songs with the best lyrics. (Thanks Debi)

Jason Cooper, film composer

"Jason wrote a movie soundtrack for From Within. This movie won an award (best score) at the Solstice movie festival 2008. He's currently writing another soundtrack for a horror movie." (Thanks to Toberr @ A Pink Dream)

Congratulations, Jason!

New articles

Yahoo/Getback think The Cure shouldn't have made a "comeback". (Fox "news" posted it, too.)
Jamsbio re-assess Disintegration and 3IB.
(Thanks Fabian, Robert, Brian, and Debi)

Monday, November 10, 2008

4:13 charts update

2nd week positions:
Switzerland - drops to #30.
Norway - drops off the chart.
New Zealand - drops off the chart.
US (Hits Top 50) - drops off the chart.
Australia - drops off the chart.
UK - drops to #69.
Poland - up to #9.
Italy - drops to #18.
Netherlands - drops to #51.
Ireland - drops to #73.
Belgium / Wallonie - up to #10.
Belgium / Flanders - up to #23.
(Thanks Jo and David)

More 1st week positions:
Portugal - didn't make the chart.
Finland - didn't make the chart.
Greece (Alternative chart) - enters at #1.
Mexico - enters at #42.
Billboard Comprehensive - enters at #17.
Billboard Tastemakers - enters at #2.
Billboard European Top 100 - enters at #8.
Billboard Modern Rock/Alternative - enters at #4.
Billboard Digital Albums - enters at #13.

Dear Billboard, you have way too many charts! : P

Cure artwork

"After seeing the Cure art you posted up I thought I should send in a photo of the painting given to my mum for her birthday last year by a friend of hers. (Thanks April)

"Seeing as you're on the subject of Cure Artwork, I thought I'd send you this. I drew this with chalk back in 1989 at art college. I was pretty proud of it back then and still am." (Thanks Steve)

"In my college drawing class we were assigned a project where you layer the numbers 1-5 and fill in the negative space with a theme of some sort. Well, after many failed themes i decided to do artwork from Cure albums/singles! I wanted to share this with you all. I'm really really happy with it. (My art teacher also thought it was awesome. I got an A)." (Thanks Tara/believer_ko)

"Hi I'm Benjamien t'Kindt, a Belgian cure fan, and here is my cure wall painting. I worked 2 weeks on it, drawing and painting. And the cure fans like the results, so maybe you can put it on your site." (Thanks Benjamien)

Phil Thornalley remembers his Cure days

It's old, and you might have seen it already, but Phil has a brief remembrance of his Cure days on his website. (Thanks Adam)

iTunes booklet update

"I just received this email...
Thank you for downloading 4:13 Dream. An error occurred, and the digital booklet for this item did not download. To correct this problem, we have added the booklet to your download queue free of charge. To begin downloading, click this link.
Or, you can open iTunes and select Check for Purchases from the Store menu. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team by replying to this email.
Sincerely, iTunes Store Team

That's good news. Thanks to Robert for his effort."
(Thanks Ollie and D)

And even more 4:13 reviews

Italy - Rockol (positive), Sound Magazine (positive), Wuz (No clue! See comment section for a translation).
US - Cauldron (positive), Northstar (3/10), College Times (3/?), Groove Vault (no idea, not really a review), The Quad (positive).
UK - The Guardian (3/5).
Australia - The Sunday Mail (3/4).
Spain - EP3/El Pais (3/5).
Fans - Clockwise Cat.
(Thanks Kate, Heather, Laura, Alison, and Sharon @ Charlotte Sometimes)

Nightmare shirts are in stock

Rev. Heron's Nightmare shirts are in stock. (Thanks Heron)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reminder - Q Profile: The Cure

"Tune in to Q Radio this Sunday evening (8-9pm) as Q Magazine features editor, Dave Everley profiles the life and career of legends, The Cure. Click here for Q Radio. UK residents can also tune in via their digital TVs - Sky Channel 0181, Freeview Channel 716 and Virgin Channel 878, online at & on DAB in London." (Thanks Lauren)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Porl!

Hope you have a great day. Cheers!

The Crawley Observer reminisces

The Crawley Observer has a nice little article about the early days of Malice and Robert.

Win an autographed poster

"Jamsbio is giving away 4 autographed posters by Robert Smith in celebration of The Cure's new album. It would be great if you could share this opportunity with your readers. We'd love to have more Cure fans active on the website. We're asking fans to rank their top 5 songs by The Cure. Fans can share and discuss their most favorite songs by the band. They can also share any memories they have of the band, whether it be from a concert or a Cure song that reminds them of a special event."
(Thanks Julianne)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Music Week article

There's an article at Music Week about the first week sales. (Thanks Kate)

What becomes of the broken-hearted?

The Independent has an article about Robert. (Thanks Kate)

Even more 4:13 reviews

UK - The Independent (1/5).
France - Liberation (very negative), Waxx Music (mixed).
US - Tampa Tribune (mixed), Medium Fidelity (positive), NewsOK (negative).
Italy - Music Map (positive).
(Thanks Kate, T2, fmjews)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

4:13 charts update

Czech Republic - enters at #7.
France - enters at #8.
Switzerland - enters at #15.
Sweden - enters at #36.
Denmark - enters at #19.
World Chart - enters at #20 (62,000 copies sold)
US - enters at #6 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart.
(If you missed it, 4:13 entered at #16 on the Top 200 chart)
Canada - enters at #32.
Germany - enters at #21.
New Zealand - enters at #32.
Austria - enters at #28.
Croatia - enters at #12 on the Top 40 (foreign releases).
(Thanks Aaron, David, Jack, Stef, Alban, Farbruun, Jeff, Levko, Bianca, Sanjin)

Postmarks cover Six Different Ways

Pitchfork has an article about the new covers album by The Postmarks, which includes their cover of Six Different Ways. (Thanks Matthew)

4:13 Dream is out in Brazil

"The new album is out in Brazil, been selling in 2 virtual stores: CD Point (price: R$ 28,90) & Video Lar (price: R$ 27,50)"
(Thanks Álvaro)

Watch/Listen to the EMAs online

Looks like MTV is streaming the European Music Awards on their website.

Update: The Cure loses the Headliner award to Tokio Hotel. Linkin Park was 2nd, Metallica was 3rd.

More 4:13 reviews

US - Daily Campus (3.5/5), MN Daily (4), Cleveland Scene (positive), Just Press Play (5/10).
Austria - Falter (positive).
Portugal - Time Out (4/6).
Canada - Eye Weekly (3/5).
Argentina - Clarin (positive)
New Zealand - NZ Herald (3).
Australia - Rave (3).
(Thanks Kate, Thomas, Claudio, Swifty, AndytheCurefan, Ariel)

NME posts Cure Covers

NME's Daily Download has an article about Cure Covers, along with videos and mp3s. (Thanks Darrell)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4:13 Dream is out in Japan

"At last, 4:13 Dream was released in Japan today. In Tower Records Shinjyuku in Tokyo, many CDs were displayed along the wall with a big luminous cover artwork above. The Japanese on the display says "Everlasting Adolescence Syndrome". The album was in the listening booth, too.

Tower Records' free magazine "bounce" November issue has a 4-page retrospective article on The Cure. It features the band's history, short comments on the present & former members, and a discography including soundtracks, covers by other bands, and albums & songs Robert and other members have been involved with. (Pix 3 & 4)

I also went to HMV Shinjyuku but they didn't have any displays. It seems Tower Records Japan is the only CD shop promoting 4:13 Dream on a large scale.

I found some album reviews of 4:13 Dream in Japanese music magazines: "snoozer" December issue has one review, and "rockin' on" December issue has two. All of them are very positive. The reviewer of "snoozer" says it could have been a masterpiece if it didn't lack coherence in the musical styles, but it's still brilliant." (Thanks Junko)

O2 pre-sale tickets available

More pre-sale tickets are available from Ticketmaster.
(Thanks Simon and Rob)

4:13 chart update

Spain - enters at #13 on the Spanish Top 100 Albums chart.

US - enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #16, with first week sales of 24,000.
In comparison, here's how previous albums fared:
'The Cure' debuted at #7 (90,705 copies)
'Greatest Hits' debuted at #58 (32,452 copies)
'Bloodflowers' debuted at #16 (70,953 copies)
'Galore' debuted at #32 (36,413 copies)
'WMS' debuted at #12 (74,000 copies)
'Wish' debuted at #2 (135,348 copies)
'Mixed Up' debuted at #14
'Disintegration' debuted at #45 (before slowly climbing to #12 and staying in the chart for 55 weeks!)

US - enters the Hits Daily Double Top 50 Albums chart at #20 with first week sales of 21,625. It was #4 on the Newbury Comics Top 10 chart.

Norway - enters at #17 on the official Top 40 Albums chart.

Big Gig tickets on sale now

Tickets on sale now from NME Tickets. The lineup so far is The Cure, Justice, Foals, Crystal Castles, and more to be announced. Tickets are £30.00 + £4 booking fee.

Update: Advance tickets are sold out at NME. Ticketmaster has pre-sale tickets available. Regular tickets go on sale Nov. 10th.

More 4:13 reviews

US - People (4/4), USA Today (2.5/4), Daily Beacon (3/5), The Flat Hat (mixed), Daily Sundial (3/5).
Canada - Journal Montreal (positive), Calgary Herald (3.5/5).
Italy - SaltinAria (7.3/10).
(Thanks Kate, fmjews, Kim, Kevin, and Berndt)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

: )

"It's a perfect day for dreams come true
For thinking big and doing anything you want to do
Let's get happy!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Cure plays O2 Arena on Feb. 26th

NME confirms that The Cure are headlining The Big Gig at London's O2 Arena on Feb. 26th. (Thanks Kate)

The latest TMU screw-up

Robert gives it to TMU once again. Seriously, do they get anything right? But where is the booklet not available? US? UK? Everywhere? It was on iTunes US when I bought it on the 27th. So if this problem is with the US, TMU are flat out lying. It was there, then they removed it.

4:13 Dream in Brazil update

"4:13 Dream" is now listed for pre-order on at least two websites:
Livraria Saraiva - R$29,90
Both indicate November 7, Friday, as the release date."
(Thanks Marcos)

Rome re-broadcast on MTV Italy

"The Rome show will be re-broadcast on Sunday 9 November at 9.00 pm (cet) on MTV Italy." (Thanks Andrea)

More 4:13 reviews

US - Treble (positive), Boston Globe (positive), NY Times (positive?), Cleveland Plain Dealer (B+), Blog Critics (positive), Arizona Republic (4/5), Aversion (3/5)
Australia - Independent Weekly (negative), Daily Telegraph (4/5)
Germany - In Your Face (8/10), CD Starts (7/10), Laut (3/5), Plattentests (7/10).
Fans - Winosaur, Scott V., Todd.
(Thanks Kate, thistle, Ryan, syrex, Scott, and Todd)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

4:13 Charts News

Italy Top 100 - enters at #8.
UK Top 75 - enters at #33 (sales of 7,360).
The Netherlands Top 100 - enters at #38.
Ireland Top 100 - enters at #46.
Poland Top 50 - enters at #27.
Belgium / Wallonie - enters at #26.
Belgium / Flanders - enters at #45.
Australia Top 50 - enters at #30 (and enters at #31 in the Physical Albums Chart, which I assume is a component of the main chart).

(Thanks Pietro, David, Reminder, Fab G, Steven, boc)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Why 4:13 isn't a double album

The Guardian has an article about the state of the double album these days, and has this very interesting bit about 4:13 Dream:

"I mean, you'd expect the Cure - a band with past double opus form, thanks to 1987's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - to be able to release a double album, right? Er, sadly not. Their new album 4:13 Dream is the "light" first half of a double collection, with the second "dark" half to be released separately in 2009.

Robert Smith recently told me the rather shocking factors behind the release strategy. Basically, Geffen were only prepared to pay them royalties equivalent to a single album, even if the album was priced as a double. In effect the label were penalising the band for wanting to give their fans more music for less. Smith insisted he didn't care about making any more money but the principle was paramount; he was furious at the idea of a major label conning him out of making the record he wanted. So he held back the second half of the album for six months and one day later, the earliest moment that his contract permitted. The concept would be intact, it would just be up to the fan to Sellotape the two "episodes" together."

And Idolator has an article reacting to the Guardian article.

(Thanks Fabrice and Kate)

Jigsaw has Robert and Porl!

That evil Jigsaw has put Robert and Porl into his evil traps! (Thanks vjesci)

More 4:13 reviews

UK - Indie London (4/5).
US - Boston Herald (B), Penn State Collegian (C), Pitchfork (6.7/10), Time Out NY (3/6), URB (4/5), Pop Matters (4/10).
Italy - Horror Magazine (3/5).
And check out Metacritic for an average of all scores.
(Thanks Beau, Swifty, Sofia and fmjews)

EMA Cure nomination video

MTV has put together a video package for each of the nominees for the Headliner award. Here's the video for The Cure.
(Thanks Aaron)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Official site update

Geffen has updated the official site with the story about the Godlike Genius award and the NME cover. (Thanks V)

Italian radio specials

"We are the editorial staff of We want to inform that, on the occasion of the publication of "4:13 Dream", our webzine will dedicate to The Cure a double radio date in collaboration with Radio Zammù (Catania University's radio, Sicilia). Two transmissions: the first one on the air Friday 31st October (from Three Imaginary Boys to Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me). The second one: Friday 7th November (from Disintegration to today). So we invite you and all the users of Chain of Flowers to click on (6:00 pm, Italian time) and listen to us." (Thanks Riccardo)

More 4:13 reviews

UK - Music Week (positive), Nouse (negative).
US - URB (4/5), Pop Matters (4/10), Blender (4/5), Spin (3/5), AVClub (8/10), Duke Chronicle (negative), Badger Herald (negative).
France - Nouvel Obs (positive).
Spain - Muzikalia (negative).
(Thanks Steven, Kate, V, T2, Alfonso)

Cure party in San Francisco

"Tonight (Oct. 30th) is a Halloween/4:13 Dream/Cure tribute record (perfect as cats) release party at Popscene in San Francisco. costume party to boot.

Doors open at 9:30 PM. Early arrivers get a free drink(s?)

The first 200 people to enter the club have a chance to win a Gibson guitar signed by all the members of The Cure. Perfect as Cats, 4:13 Dream, and other Curey and noncurey stuff being given away. I don't know why they have a pic of the Schecter, its a Gibson that's being given away or so they say. Its probably whats in the pic though.

DJ Aaron and DJ Nako will be spinning along with local acts - Veil Veil Vanish and Murder of Lilies.

330 Ritch street (off Townsend b/w 3rd and 4th)
San Francsico 94107
18+ with valid id

(Thanks dj scribbles)

First week sales projected to be weak

Hits Daily Double has posted their first week US sales projections for 4:13 Dream, and it isn't good. They project that the album will only sell 20-25,000 copies. (Thanks Peter)

HDNet Charlotte show on Youtube

The Charlotte show clips are going up on Youtube.
(Thanks Aaron)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NME Archive Cure special

"Noticed that NME Archive (Sky Satellite Channel 382 in UK and Ireland) are showing an hour of Cure videos on Saturday 1st/Nov at 21.00pm." (Thanks Niall)

NME interview - part 2

NME have posted more of their exclusive interview with Robert. (Thanks JC)

HDNet Charlotte update

The HDNet Charlotte show is on Dime and Megaupload.
(Thanks Echobunny, Steve, and B.)

More 4:13 reviews

Canada - Eye Weekly (3/5), Montreal Gazette (4/5).
France - France-Info (audio), Direct Soir (positive), Metro (3/5).
US - Student Life (positive), Collegiate Times (positive), Sonoma State Star (mixed), AP (positive).
Sweden - DN (3/6), SvD (3/6).
(Thanks Carl, Rob S, Linnea, Kate, Carole and T2)

4:13 Dream vinyl etchings

Etched onto the vinyl of 4:13 Dream:
Side A - One Crowded Hour / Side B - Of Glorious Life
Side C - Is Worth An Age / Side D - Without a Name
The full verse is:
Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife! To all the sensual world proclaim, One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name. - Sir Walter Scott
(Thanks Chris)

Update on The Cure: VH1 Midnight Live

"Just watched the midnight show that was on VH1 in the UK. It was indeed the Valencia show but with a slightly different setlist.

The Setlist was: From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, The Only One, Push (Previously unseen: Very Happy Robert), Inbetween Days (I think this was a slightly different version than the others we have seen, new camera angles maybe) and Boys Don't Cry (Previously Unseen: Great Crowd)". (Thanks Beau)

Win the Dream on 105.1

"105.1 The River, a station in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is giving away copies of 4:13 Dream all this week through Friday as a prize for winning the "'80s Fast Track" contest, which they do during their "80 Minute '80s Lunch" show, which goes from 11:50am to 1:10pm.
For those who aren't familiar with the contest, the DJ plays a short clip of an '80s song in fast forward, and the object is to guess the band and the song. The first person to call in with the correct answer wins, and if you want to hear yourself winning, they play your conversation with the DJ over the air after the next song. :) The contest is usually done between 12:35 - 12:45.
If you plan on trying to win, the toll-free number for the station is 1-800-628-5488. Good luck! (Thanks Shawn)