Saturday, March 10, 2012

Help with Rock in Roma?

Can anyone help Andrew and Benj with their questions about going to the Rock in Roma show? Thanks!

Share a room for Les Eurockeennes?

From Jess: "I have a hotel in Belfort - for Les Eurockeennes fest-. is a room for 3, one double bed and a bunk bed...i am going on my own but i wanna share it with other fans. checking in the 29th June checking out the 1st in morning or maybe the 2nd in the morning...depending on what the other people need."

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Cranberries cover 'Inbetween Days'

The Cranberries will be covering 'Inbetween Days' on French television show Taratata tonight at 11:50 pm on France 2. (Thanks Vincent)

Update: Well, here it is. Aired tonight, but recorded on January 19th, 2012. (Thanks @ElectroMoonLite)

Cure clips at

Update: Another tip from Perfect.Murder - "For those who absolutely have to see everything (yeah, me too :)), there are about 15 or so tv adverts which aired during the 90s and 00s. Go to"Recherchez sur" (right handside of screen) type in "the cure" and replace "video" by "publicite" then in the box below in "Affiner la recherche publicite" click on 'Medias et editions (30). And voila!!....short ads from French tv...........ah the good old days!" Also, this direct link might work for you.

I've already posted many of the other Cure clips from, but figured I'd collect them all in one place for those who might have missed them:
A Forest (early version), Three Imaginary Boys, Killing An Arab (Chorus - Dec. 16th, 1979)
A Forest (L'écho des bananes - May 30th, 1982)
The Figurehead (L'écho des bananes - May 30th, 1982)
Cold (L'écho des bananes - Oct. 24th, 1982)
The Hanging Garden (L'écho des bananes - Oct. 24th, 1982)
One Hundred Years (L'écho des bananes - Jan. 16th, 1983)
Play For Today (L'écho des bananes - March 20th, 1983)
Interview (Decibels - Dec. 8th, 1985)
Close To Me (Champs Elysées - April 12th, 1986)
Robert intro (Tout le monde en parle - July 12th, 2003)
Robert interview (Tout le monde en parle - July 12th, 2003)
Lullaby & interview with fans at Eurockéennes de Belfort 1995
If I've missed any, please let me know.

Reading & Leeds teaser

So, can anyone make anything out of this image? (Thanks John)
Update: Hmm, I think that image is actually last year's poster. I can make out Muse and My Chemical Romance, I think.

In other R & L news, NME reports that everyone who buys a weekend ticket gets a free beer & burger. : )

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making of the 'Just Like Heaven' video

Video clip posted at - Robert talks about the making of the 'Just Like Heaven' video & working with Mary (Rapido - Sept. 10th, 1987). And here's another clip.

If you'd like to buy the video, here's how: "create an account, then choose the vid you like and click "telecharger"(download) or "graver sur dvd"(burn on dvd) directs you to a site where you leave your credit card details, then it takes a couple of minutes to download and you're done." (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

And some stills that were sent to me yesterday from the full 37 min special.

Happy Birthday, NME!

NME turns 60 today, and John at On Nights Like This posted some of his Cure covers from various years, and this photo of his favorite issue (mine, too!).

Monday, March 5, 2012

Beware of Ultra Music Festival ticket scam

That is in response to some listings that had The Cure playing Ultra Music Festival in Miami this month.