Friday, November 4, 2011

Win tickets to Reflections London

From the Universal email: "We are running an amazing competition to win a pair of tickets to the sold out Reflections show at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday November 15th, but be quick as it ends midday on Thursday 10th November. Click here to enter!" (Thanks Deadboycraved)

'The Cure Classic Album Selection (1979-1984)'

Amazon UK has a 5 CD box set listed for release on Dec. 5th, 2011, called 'The Cure Classic Album Selection (1979-1984)' that will include 'Three Imaginary Boys', 'Seventeen Seconds', 'Faith', 'Pornography' and 'The Top'.
(Thanks Aaron, Danny, and Fabien G)

Update: From the Universal email - "We are proud to announce the release of The Cure Classic Album Selection on 5th December. This 5CD box set includes mini-LPs housed in an attractive slipcase and provides the perfect album anthology of The Cure's career spanning the classic period 1979-1984."
(Thanks Deadboycraved)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roger live in Toronto

More photos here, and a couple of videos here & here. And this was listed in the program for the show: "At the request of Roger O'Donnell, tonight's concert is being recorded thanks to the generosity and expertise of Keith at SOUNDCHASER ( in the hope that iTunes sales can be directed to benefit programs for young musicians." (Thanks Shawn)

Nov. 3rd at Little Trinity Anglican Church in Toronto, Roger will be performing Quieter Trees with the Corktown Chamber Orchestra. Here's some video from rehearsals.

Compilation of Springwatch Cure mentions

Watch it here.

"For the benefit of non-UK CoF'ers, Springwatch is an annual BBC show (with a sister program Autumnwatch) which is on daily for about two weeks each year, and charts the fortunes of British wildlife during the changing of the seasons. It got my attention in 2009 when I found out that one of the presenters, Chris Packham, was shoehorning Smiths references into his live links (as seen on this YouTube video). I loved this, and then found out that this year he did the Manics. I had a quick google to see if he'd 'done' anyone in the interim year (fingers were crossed for The Cure as my wife is a MASSIVE fan). Sure enough, he had done them, and had even posted a handy blog about it on the BBC site - only snag being it had been on well over a year ago.

Fast forward to October this year - we were getting married on the 11th and I thought it would be a great idea to track down the series, find the clips and make the video. Perfect wedding present for my Cure-daft wife-to-be, I thought. Thanks to a handy torrent site I was ready to go. Didn't manage to get it done in time for the wedding but this is kinda the midpoint between the wedding and the Reflections show so there you go. Took well over 25 hours to do, including having to watch episode 10 four times right through in the (unsuccessful) attempt to find In Between Days. But - got all the rest though (eventually), so here you go.

PS - went down a treat with my wife Lorna - hope he doesn't do Depeche Mode next or I'm fucked."
(Thanks and congratulations, Alan & Lorna!)

Rubik's Cubes as Cure album covers

"Space Invader is a famous french artist inspired by lot of 80's stuff : video games, movies... I saw a brief TV broadcast in which were shown some record covers made of hundreds of Rubick's cubes. Among them Pornography and Boys Don't Cry." (Thanks David)

A look back at La Route du Rock 2005

M-La-Music (English translation) talks to a fan about The Cure's show at La Route du Rock 2005. (Thanks David)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cure on Beacon Theatre marquee

"While watching Conan in NY last night, they had a road trip segment on Andy driving from WB studios in LA, to the Beacon Theater in NY. When Andy finally got to the Beacon, The Marquee had THE CURE on it in big blue letters! The show has a lot of good shots of what the theater looks like inside. Conan will be at the beacon for the rest of the week if you want to see the theater, it is really beautiful in there. You can see it here at 7:09. Watch the ticker on the marquee!" (Thanks Carnage Visors)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Robert interview in Uncut

There's a new interview with Robert in the December issue of Uncut magazine. (Thanks Chris)

Update: Added easier to read scans. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Reflections LA tickets for sale/trade

A million thanks to everyone who sold tickets to other fans at face value and helped get more fans in to the show!

Cure Reflections LA ticket info

Sold Out! But keep trying! Random tickets do still pop up occasionally. Try for single tickets instead of pairs. Try calling 800-745-3000.

Tickets are listed! Night 1 - Night 2 - Night 3
Very important note: There is a strict two (2) ticket limit across all three shows per household. You are allowed to purchase two (2) tickets only for one show. Any orders exceeding the ticket limit will be cancelled with out notification.

Official word from The Cure on Facebook:
On sale: Oct 31st at 10am Pacific
Prices: $101.50 / $81.50 / $61.50
(Thanks Robert, Lovecat and AndytheCurefan)

Reflections NYC tickets for sale/trade

Have spare tickets you want to sell at face value, or want to try and work out a trade? Post in the comments or email me and I'll post for you.

Cure Reflections NYC ticket info

Sold Out! But keep trying! Random tickets do still pop up occasionally.

Official word from The Cure on Facebook:
On sale: Oct 31st at 10am Eastern
Prices: $100.50 / $90.50 / $80.50 / $70.50 / $60.50
Now listed at Ticketmaster with this note - "Due to a strict over the ticket limit policy, tickets will not be printed / shipped until Monday November 7th, 2011."
(Thanks Robert, Lovecat, Dr. Fishbones and AndytheCurefan)