Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lol and Michael interview

As mentioned a few months ago, Lol Tolhurst and Michael Dempsey taped a tv appearance on May 6th, for a tv show called Focus In The Mix. And now, I've posted video clips from the show on Vimeo. If you'd rather just download them, here you go. (Thanks to Maria for the files!)
Update: My original Vimeo account with the files has been removed, but you can still watch it on YouTube - Part 1 / Part 2. (Thanks notherbob)

And if you missed it below, I posted a photo of the Lol interview from Mojo. (Thanks Jean-Francois)

Vote for Robert

"NME is currently hosting a Vote for the Greatest Front Person of All Time! You just have to go through their list of all front people to find Robert, while voting for each one along the way on a scale of Worst to Best." (Thanks Darrell)

Update: Here's a short cut. Click here to automatically vote 10 for Robert. (Thanks Brad)

UTS on Piano!

Underneath The Stars on piano! To Wish Impossible Things, too! (Thanks DJ scribbles)

Update: Fuschia Sometimes also has a piano version of UTS (but he calls it We Could Drift Away).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lance Bass dances to Cure cover

"On last night's Dancing with the Stars, Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer did the quick step to Close to Me!" (Thanks elion, Toni, Jeff and Michael)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Lol interview in Mojo

Here's a photo of the article. (Thanks Jean-Francois)

"The latest edition of UK music magazine Mojo (Queen on the cover) has a full page diary-style confessional by Lol Tolhurst. It's VERY candid and he speaks honestly and sincerely about his relationship with Robert and the problems that led to his dismissal from the band.

He says that when the band listened to the finished mix of "Disintegration" he'd been drinking, and said half of it sounded like The Cure and the other half he hated. After more drinks he then told the rest of the band that he hated all of it. Lol explains, what he actually meant was that he hated the fact that he hadn't been more involved in the making of the album.

There are some really touching comments throughout the article, and he even refers to his stupidity in taking the band to court. I stumbled across this purely by chance, as I was waiting for a train, reading the magazines at the station - a nice surprise." (Thanks Graham)

New Cure tattoos

Posted some new tattoos for Chris, Alex, and thedrowningman.

Charts update

Hypnagogic States:
France Top 200 - enters at #48
Australia Top 50 Physical Singles - enters at #27

Check the comments for the singles info.
(Thanks Pietro)

Cure in Volume

There's a new Cure article in the Sept. issue of the French magazine Volume. (Thanks Carole)

Hypnagogic reviews

Ground Control has a review of Hypnagogic States. (Thanks Mark)
And so does Muzikalia (Thanks Alfonso)

Robert picks his Top 5 Motown Songs

"To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Motown Records, Universal Music are releasing the album Motown 50 on 1st December. Universal Music are inviting the public to vote for their favourite Motown tracks and the UK version of the album will be compiled purely from the top 50 tracks chosen by YOU on our GREATEST MOTOWN SONGS Poll !"

Robert has participated, and here are his Top 5:
1 My Guy (Mary Wells)
2 You Keep Me Hangin On (Supremes)
3 Jimmy Mack (Martha Reeves & The Vandellas)
4 ABC (Jackson 5)
5 War (Edwin Starr)

Cure mention in Rolling Stone

From the Rolling Stone Fall Music Preview (#1062, 10/02/08):
The Cure - 4:13 Dream (10/28)
"I like the sound of deadlines as they rush past my head", says Cure frontman Robert Smith, explaining why his album has been two years in the works. Now, after a massive world tour, Smith has met his deadline. The Cure's latest has the same gloriously gloomy vibe as the band's Eighties discs - one song, "Sleep When I'm Dead" was originally written for 1985's The Head on the Door. Smith's new lyrics, however, take on current events. "I'm trying to be a bit more socially aware," says Smith. "I've always been very careful to shy away from that, but the songs are about things that bother me in a global sense."
(Thanks Paul K. and Dayna)

13 Impossible Words

Rev. Heron has posted another interesting article, 13 Impossible Words. (Thanks Rev)

Curedrink 2008

The next Curedrink will take place on Sept. 27th at 9pm.
(Thanks Tom)