Thursday, September 25, 2008

UTS on Piano!

Underneath The Stars on piano! To Wish Impossible Things, too! (Thanks DJ scribbles)

Update: Fuschia Sometimes also has a piano version of UTS (but he calls it We Could Drift Away).


  1. YAY!!
    much better than the close to me dancing with the stars jammy isnt it?

    if watching this brings you a need for more piano covers then:
    Just Like Heaven
    The Only One

    i know ive posted them before on another thread.. but theyre too good not to watch if you havent. alrighty, im done whoring cover pianists :)

  2. well I did it time ago,search fuchsiasometimesmusic :p

  3. oooooh, I've heard a couple of these covers, but the To Wish Impossible Things cover almost brought tears to my eyes. I need to learn that one! ;_;
    The UTS cover is lovely as well...

    Thanks Dj!

    On a another note, I think this website is fucking shweet!!!

    Not only is it Cure 24/7, but it also includes, rare, demo, and live material. I think the fans have been begging Robert for something like this for quite some time... Can life get any better?

  4. fuschia sometimes.. wow,.,., one and only good cure cover ive evr heard

  5. I cannot fucking wait for the studio version of UTS. If they fuck it up, I am OUTTA HERE!!!!

    Okay, maybe not. But I will cry.

  6. fuschia sometimes, that's in the top 2 best cure covers ive ever heard. it almost made me cry. beautiful layers and arrangements. too gorgeous. the atmosphere and tone matches the original song perfectly.

  7. Thanks dj for the links. The piano covers are just lovely!

  8. thank you friends. FuchsiaSometimes