Friday, May 15, 2009

4 For The Cure press release

You can read the Sirius XM press release here. Note that the RS interview will air only once, on May 24th at 11am eastern. Also, it says that Robert will guest dj throughout the weekend, introducing Cure songs and offering insights into them.
(Thanks Kate)

Cure on Awaydays soundtrack

10:15 Saturday Night is included on the soundtrack of the film Awaydays. (Thanks Monghi)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update: Cure on MTV's World Stage

MTV's World Stage will be airing The Cure - Live in Rome (Oct. 11th, 2008) on Friday night. Here's the schedule:
MTV Thailand - 7pm.
MTV Germany - 8pm.
MTV Portugal - 9pm.
MTV Europe & MTV Philippines - 10pm.
MTV Brasil - 10:30pm. Repeats on 5/17 at 7:15pm.
MTV Australia , Canada (MTV2), Asia (Singapore) & Italy - 11pm.
MTV Latin America - 11pm. Repeats on 5/16 at 10pm, 5/17 at 5pm, 5/18 at 8pm, 5/20 at midnight, and 5/22 at 1am.
MTV Japan - 11pm. Repeats on 5/17 at 1am, 5/19 at 6pm, 5/22 at 11:30am and 6pm.
MTV Asia (Malaysia) - Midnight.

And here are the songs that will be aired: Wrong Number, Underneath the Stars, The End of the World, Sleep When I'm Dead, LoveSong, The Perfect Boy, Boys Don't Cry, The Walk.

Update: Well, the above is what MTV listed, but here's what they actually aired: Underneath The Stars, The Hungry Ghost, The Perfect Boy, Sleep When I'm Dead, Wrong Number, The End Of the World, The Walk, Lovesong, Friday I'm In Love, Boys Don't Cry. (Thanks Junko, Mad Bob, Stefan, Sandro and Yawns)

Official Site updates

Suretone has updated the official site with the news about the Sirius XM special and the MTV World Stage online webcast.

Update: DM cancels Athens, Istanbul, 4 more

Update: 4 more shows have been canceled. See for the latest.

Tomorrow's show in Istanbul has also been canceled or postponed. See for the news.

Depeche Mode were forced to cancel or postpone tonight's show in Athens, Greece, after Dave Gahan fell ill backstage and was taken to a hospital. Here's the announcement at the show, and a story about the possible cause of his illness. Get well soon, Dave!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cure special on Sirius XM radio

"So the rumored show on Sirius 1st Wave is happening on memorial day weekend, Robert will be introducing songs and they will broadcast a Cure concert, they did not say what show will be broadcasted." (Thanks Paul)

Cure on DirecTV VOD

"Under the videos section on DirecTV Video on Demand they have 14 minutes of concert footage from Berlin 2002. 100 Years and Fascination Street." (Thanks Chris)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coachella footage needed

"I'm putting together a dvd of the Cure's coachella set. I recorded the entire set on video and am hoping to find other people who recorded video with their digital cameras from different angles to edit into the dvd. If anyone that reads your blog can help please let me know. I will post the dvd on dimeadozen as soon as it's complete." (Thanks Luke)

Update: DM in Israel

Highlights 1 / Highlights 2 / In Chains / Wrong / Walking In My Shoes / It's No Good / Question of Time -Part 1 & Part 2 / Precious Part 1 & Part 2/ Fly on the Windscreen / Jezebel / A Question of Lust / Come Back / Peace / In Your Room / I Feel You / In Sympathy / Enjoy The Silence / Never Let me Down Again / Happy Birthday Dave / Stripped / Master & Servant / Strangelove (alternate angle) / Personal Jesus / Waiting For The Night

DM played the same set as in Luxembourg, though the video for Strangelove was censored tonight. Some photos from the show. (Thanks to karimamilena at for the setlist)

Here's today's press conference in Tel Aviv (part 1 / part 2).

All kinds of stuff

Some original Cure "goods". (Thanks Kazuko)

Random top ten: Singers pretending to be bands, and a game, promoting the band Toxic Sonic, but mentions Robert.
(Thanks Kate)

"Bloc Party played for a French TV show called 'One Shot Note' broadcast on France 5. The lead-singer wore a 'Boys Don't Cry' t-shirt. Not a surprise as they are huge Cure fans."
(Thanks David)