Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tour of the Universe warm-up show

Stop reading now if you don't want any spoilers for the Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe. This is the setlist (and videos) from the warm-up show on May 6th in Luxembourg:
In Chains / Wrong / Hole to Feed / Walking In My Shoes / It’s No Good / A Question Of Time / Precious / Fly On The Windscreen / Jezebel / A Question Of Lust / Come Back / Peace / In Your Room -part 1 & part 2 / I Feel You / In Sympathy / Enjoy The Silence / Never Let Me Down Again
1st encore: Stripped / Master and Servant / Strangelove
2nd encore: Personal Jesus / Waiting for the Night
If you only watch one video, watch Strangelove. ; ) Also, DM has arrived in Israel for the start of the tour.
Get the full show on Dime. (Thanks Kazuko)


  1. ME WANT SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They really need to drop question of time. Nice to see FOTW though.

  3. The video for "Walking on my shoes"
    it is the darkest and most beautiful I haver seen!!


  4. Looks good, I'd rather get a idea of what they may play before I see them this summer.

  5. The highlights of the set are 'Fly on the Windscreen', 'Master & Servant', and 'Strangelove'. Without those 3, this show would be worthless...

    I mean, 'Question of Time, again? Really? 'Walking in my Shoes', 'I Feel You', again?

    Personally I think the new stuff sucks compared to PTA. And only one PTA song?

    Nothing off 'Speak & Spell', 'Broken Frame', or 'Construction Time Again'???? WTF ???

    Depeche Mode really don't stray too outside the box I guess. 'Waiting for the Night', a snoozer, lol.

    Thank God The Cure play 30 - 35 songs, b-sides, rare album tracks...

    Just once I would like to see DM play an older song that is not a 'single'. I mean why not bust out 'Something to Do', 'Told You So', 'Sacred', 'Puppets', something really rare that would pay a little respect to the old school fans...

    Anyway I do love the video in the background for Strangelove. NICE.

  6. Imagine that... save for 2 older songs and of course the new album songs, they are once again rehashing the same set that they have been playing since 1998.

  7. Yep, DMode and DDuran have no vision at their concerts - same songs always.

    I'm going to DMode b/c my wife has never seen them, so at least she'll be awe struck.

  8. will you be here tomorrow Craig ??lol.. anyone reporting from Israel ???? tee hee ...

  9. actually no idea what the time difference is anyways-lol...

  10. I heard that "Lie to Me" is supposed to follow "Fly on the Windscreen" in the set. Also heard that "Shame" is going to be thrown in one of the encores. I agree that they have to change up the set for the old school fans.
    -Here Is The House..?
    -Blue Dress..?
    -To Have and To Hold..?