Monday, May 4, 2009

Update: Cure feature in Mojo

"Just a quick note that there's a feature in this month's Mojo magazine on How to Buy the Cure - their 10 best albums. Guess what's number one! I can't scan it in at the moment but will try to do that tomorrow. It's not a bad read and I think the 10 were voted for by the readers." (Thanks Graeme)

Update: The scans have been added. Also added a review of the Siouxsie at the BBC DVD. (Thanks JC)


  1. Disintegration....#1?

    It's my #1 anyway: <3

  2. actually it's pornography. disintegration was number 2!

  3. Ah! Pornography is my #2 album...


  4. Interesting.Haven't seen it yet, but this is how I'd rank the Top 10 (in order, based on how I 'feel' today):

    1. Disintegration
    2. KM, KM, KM
    3. Wish
    4. 4:13
    5. The Cure
    6. The Head on the Door
    7. 17 Seconds
    8. Pornography
    9. Three Imaginary Boys
    10. WMS

  5. #1. Pornography
    #2. Disintegration
    #3. The Head on the Door
    #4. Faith
    #5. Seventeen Seconds
    #6. Wish
    #7. Kiss Me
    #8. Bloodflowers
    #9. Three Imaginary Boys
    #10. The Top


  6. 1 pornography
    2 the head on the door
    3 faith
    4 the top
    5 disintegration
    6 seventeen seconds
    7 wish
    8 bloodflowers
    9 4 13 dream
    10 kiss me

    because i said so.

  7. I'm uncertain, but I'd say:

    1. Wish
    2. Disintegration
    3. Pornography
    4. Kiss Me

    (I'm not sure after that, but I wouldn't include any album released in the last 15 years)

  8. wish is in the ones to avoid!!!! criminal!

  9. 1 Pornography
    2 Disintegration
    3 Faith
    4 The top
    5 Wish
    6 4:13
    7 Bloodflowers
    8 WMS
    9 TC
    10 KMx3

    Top 3 set in stone, the others swirly:-)

  10. top10:
    1. porno
    2. disintegration
    3. faith
    4. wish
    5. bloodflowers
    6. kmkmkm
    7. 17secs
    8. the head
    9. the top
    10. 3ib

  11. Pornography
    (the most important record in my shaped me in every way)

    (still remember when I heard it the first time, I was 15 and in tears ;-))

    (listening to the first chords of plainsong the very first time just made me faint..and the last dance still does that to me)

    (The album is really great and it has some of the best lyrics robert wrote, and the title track has become a classic on it's own)

    (despite the pop stuff...I was always into the harder guitar driven stuff from that record, it was the first album they really began to rock..)

    17 Seconds
    (a unique record in every way, so much space in the bleak, so grey, an autumn perfection...)

    The Top
    (shake dog shake and wailling wall...not much else to say, it is far better than most people think, maybe the most underrated cure record??)

    The Cure (?? I never thought I would say that when it came out in the first place, if they only would have put "this morning" on it..)

    Kiss me
    (even though it is too long, it has more than 4 good songs on it..and just like heaven is the best pop cure we will ever get anyway..)

    WMS (if only they would haved changed some of the songs with the would have been so much better, put there's want and jupiter crash and treasure..)

  12. Hopefully the "dark album" will make its way in there pretty soon...

  13. Spare77, thanks for writing that! I really enjoyed reading it :)

  14. Mine is a bit nuts but to each their own I guess

    Head on the Door
    The Cure
    The Top
    Seventeen Seconds

  15. 1. Disintegration
    2. Wish
    3. KM KM KM
    4. 4:13
    5. Head on th Door
    6. Pornography
    7. Wild Mood Swings
    8. Three Imaginary Boys
    9. Bloodflowers
    10.The Top

    I love the other albums too though. It's tough. Disintegration is the greatest album ever written by anyone ever; that's why it has to be #1! x

  16. Pornography
    17 Seconds
    The Top
    The Head on the Door
    The Cure
    Wild Mood Swings

  17. well..I love ranking here goes, my humble opinion:

    1. Head on the Door
    2. Bloodflowers
    3. Disintegration
    4. 4:13
    5. Mood Swings, Wild ones...
    6 - 10 in no special order: Top, Wish, Kiss Me, 17 secs, Faith...

    Porno doesn't really suit me, it's a very good album though... and The Cure and 3IB has there moments indeed...

  18. Didn't we do these lists a few months ago. Hopefully my previous list was similar to this. I'm sure my top 2 spots didn't change :

    4:13 Dream
    Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    Wild Mood Swings
    The Cure
    Head On The Door/Seventeen Seconds (dead heat)

    1 to 5 was pretty straight forward, but then it became tricky.

  19. My List then! :)

    And as PJW said, My top three are firm, the rest change from year to year...

    1. Disintegration (Heavy and translucent love and longing. Robert's Magnum Opus.)

    2. Pornography (The -very-beautiful darkness.)

    3. HOTD (My 1st Cure 'tape'!)

    4. Faith (Robert is transparent. Everything I love about The Cure's music is here)

    5. Kiss Me (The Cure in all it's forms.)

    6. 3IB (Youth in it's many incantations.)

    7. Bloodflowers (Takes me back to a time in my life when I really needed The Cure. It was on this tour that I finally got to meet the band.)

    8. The Top (Caterpillar is my Cure song)

    9. Wish (My hippy upbringing loves this pop-swirl album.)

    10. WMS (I HATED this record when it came out. Now, years later-I adore it for what it is, a lovely fresh breeze.

  20. Crap, I forgot to add 4:13! It's going to have to share a place with 3IB. It just gets better and better everytime I listen to it.

    I am so in love with the songs on this record...

  21. 1. Head On The Door
    2. Kiss Me
    3. Disintegration
    4. 4:13 Dream
    5. Seventeen Seconds
    6. The Top
    7. Faith
    8. Pornography
    9. 3IB
    10. Wish

    I'm new posting to COF, so hello everyone!

  22. 1. disintigration
    2. bloodflowers
    3. kiss me
    4. faith
    5. wish
    6. seventeen
    7. wild moods
    8. head on door
    9. paris...does that count? if not then Japanese Whispers

  23. 1. Disintegration
    2. Kiss Me
    3. Pornography
    4. 413:Dream
    5. HOTD
    6. Bloodflowers
    7. Wish
    8. 3IB
    9. Faith
    10= The Cure, 17 Seconds, WMS, The Top

    But what about Entreat, Show, Paris, Concert & Curiosity, SOAB, Galore, Japanese Whispers, BDC and all those bootlegs we've all got stashed away!

    If I did this tomorrow it'd likely be different from 4 down! How can such things be judged!

  24. Hey Slowdiver. Welcome to CoF. Glad to have you.

  25. First of all, thank you Craig. I appreciate it.
    Second of all, speaking of albums, the 2oth anniversary of Disintegration is coming up May 14th. I can't believe Robert isn't going to have the remaster ready for release on THAT day. God, how cool would that be?? Do I smell a surprise?
    And finally, If Eden really did right that, I would suggest Simon spend some time with his son working on better communication skills, but I digress...

  26. Aaron,

    Where did Eden post that rant? (Caps lock rules in the CURE CAMP!!)

    Hi to Slowdiver - 20th Anniversary present would be nice wouldn't it?

    Also welcome to JonSometimes - do I know you from somewhere?

  27. Man, Eden sounds pissed.

    A little speculation hasn't hurt anyone, especially in this context.

  28. cheers Aaron.

    Whoever said that it couldn't have happened on stage? Of course, we could go down the conspiracy theory that Robert did it off stage when he punched Simon!

    And no I don't believe that before anyone starts!

  29. 1. Pornography
    2. Disintegration
    3. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    4. Faith
    5. Japanese Whispers
    6. The Top
    7. The Head On The Door
    8. The Cure(vinyl sequence)
    9. Wish
    10. Seventeen Seconds

  30. 1. Porn
    2. Dis
    3. KMKMKM
    4. 17 Sec
    5. Faith
    6. The Top
    7. Wish
    8. The Cure
    9. Bloodflowers
    10. 3IB/(Want is my favorite Cure song EVAR, so that song alone gives WMS an honorable mention)

    I've listened to 4:13 but not enough to have a strong enough opinion to throw it in there.

  31. Well, after all the Las Vegas-show-fuss that reduced a whole lot of grown-up Cure fans to a bunch of headless chicken some rather annoying fans have certainly been asking Simon's kids like "Oooh my god, what happened, what happened???" surprise the boy is pissed off. Why not just leave these kids alone?

    And: he's right about all the Jason-bashing that's going on. On every second or so recent live clip on YouTube, some pretentious know-it-alls complain about the drumming...I mean...everyone is entitled to have his opinion on it, gosh...ranting about Jason seems to have become some people's new hobby ;)

  32. Sounds like Eden is a chip of the'ol block....being the son of the "fuck robert palmer, fuck rock and roll" fellow. :)

  33. Yawns,

    Well sid about Jason. Back at the O2 he nailed every song and put in a lot of effort. That was "SHORT" set (2 hours!) and let's all remember he can go in excess of 3 hours and there are not many that can do that! He is a great drummer and a fookin' athlete!

  34. Oh shite! Ok HOTD would be #6 and move everything down. I thought I had that in there.

  35. aaww Eden, all in CAPSLOCK too? He takes after his uncle/godfather... but I'm sticking to my 'backstage hooker' theory. XD
    The Jason bashing is a bit over done though.

    Also, welcome Slowdiver & JonSometimes!! :)

  36. Disintegration will always be #1 with me, everything else fluctuates...

  37. 1. Faith
    2. Pornography
    3. disintegration
    4. 17 seconds
    5. km. km. km
    6. bloodflowers
    7. the top
    8. head on the door
    9. wish

  38. I bet that Eden hurled his keyboard across the room after typing that.

  39. LMAO at Swifty!

    But hmmm, couldn't he just tell us what really happened instead of adding to the mystery?

  40. Thanks Helsabot &

    It's funny, I have a big brother called RobertbutnotTHERobert. In fact, he's the one that brought the Cure in to my life at the tender age of 7 (I'm 26 now).

    Wanting to impress him, I saved up my pocket money and bought Pornography (because he didn't have that one).

    Pretty confident that I'm the only 7 year old to have done that.

    And not many people still love the 1st album they bought.

    And, yeah. Time to leave Jason alone. I really don't get all the abuse he gets. I second RobertbutnottheRobert's notion.


  41. Helsabot said...
    "...but I'm sticking to my 'backstage hooker' theory. XD"

    And I'm sticking to my "It's all Paul K's fault" theory. Damn that sexy bitch and his saucy texts from Porl! :P

    (And welcome to new Peeps:)

  42. The Top will always be my #1! It's really the most underrated Cure Album & the closest to a Robert solo album too! Not that I think the rest are not as good because the entire band was more involved in making it, just creativity it’s different than the rest. I love it!

    I'd rank the rest but it's always changing depending upon my mood. For me it’s almost impossible to rate one better than another since each album is unique!

    And give Jason a break to anyone who still thinks he is a lousy drummer! I’d like to see the naysayers play as hard and as long as he does, I doubt you can top his performance. He’s doing a fine job so far & he gets better & better! So Yeah to Eden for supporting the band with his thoughts & opinions on the matter! A bit rough but well said!

  43. Anah-

    aaah, we mustn’t neglect your very legitimate, "Paul *the* Kockblocker" theory. X)

    Where is Paul K, anyways...? is he.... is he with Porl?

  44. Cure-kitty: I really rate the top too (it's my number four). I love the sparseness of it and Shake dog shake is the one constant at the top of my ever changing favourite songs list.

    Fair play to Eden on the Jason thing; I am soooo SICK of the Cooper bashing on you-tube. What's wrong with these people?

  45. There are so many great songs/ many bands can say this. Wish (c'mon) and Bloodflowers should be up there. Disintegration is #1 for me too, but you know, depends on my everchanging moods ;o)

  46. Since when were Staring At The Sea and Galore considered albums??
    To include two COMPILATIONS in a list of the best 10 ALBUMS while leaving out Wish and 3IB is just stupid. But then again, I would expect nothing more from a bunch of MOJO reading hipsters. (cough cough)

  47. And while we're on the subject of faves and the 20th anniversary of Disintegration approaching, what was your fave song on disintegration when it came out and what is your fave now?
    For me, Same Deep Water then and now and still getting stronger all the time. : )

  48. I agree - SDWAY is my fav off of any album actually. Prayers for Rain next.

  49. 01] Disintegration
    02] Pornography
    03] Seventeen Seconds
    04] 4:13 Dream
    05] Three Imaginary Boys
    06] Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    07] Wish
    08] The Head on the Door
    09] Bloodflowers
    10] The Top

  50. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  51. Good taste Cureheart : )
    I love how the rain trails off at the end. And then there is that unusually long pause between tracks where he lets the aching beauty sink right down into your deepest guts before slicing right into them with Disintegration. I know, kinda graphic, but what can I say? That's the experience for me at least.

  52. My preferences change a lot with my mood, but as far as Disintegration goes, it's always been Plainsong. My current top 10 fave Cure songs are roughly as follows:
    01] One Hundred Years
    02] Wrong Number
    03] It's Over
    04] Plainsong
    05] A Strange Day
    06] Disintegration
    07] Never Enough
    08] Primary
    09] Jumping Someone Else's Train
    10] Prayers for Rain

  53. 1. (just like heaven-the kiss-one more time)
    2. Disintegration (closedown-plainsong-pic of you- disintegration-the whole album...!)
    3. Pornography (strange day)
    4. Faith (faith)
    5. Seventeen Second
    6. Wish
    7.Head on the door
    8.Wild mood swing (BARE.!!!! did you hear it...)
    9.3 Imaginary Boys
    10. Disintegration
    11. The Cure
    12. 4:13

  54. Yeah we did these a few months ago. But here we go again...

    Disintegration - agree, best album by anyone ever.

    Faith - haunting, moody, and incredibly enveloping

    Pornography - graphic, primal, dark, grabs you by the throat

    Seventeen Seconds - really great post rock record. maybe the purest "album" they ever wrote...flows extremely well.

    Bloodflowers - really beautiful and gentle, but still moody and thoughtful.

    Wish - great, great highs, some mediocre moments. (b-sides from this era would probably be a top 3 Cure album for me)

    Boys Don't Cry - awesome debut (yeah yeah I know, technically it's Three Imaginary Boys...)

    The Head on the Door - great twisted pop album.

    Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - not very consistent, but the highs are really great. 1st half of the record blows away the second half, unfortunately.

    Wild Mood Swings - not a bad album at all.

    4:13 Dream - a great return to form

    The Top - eh, I love a few songs, but overall it just doesn't do a whole lot for me.

    The Cure - blasted thing...the b-sides were so much better.

  55. 1. Pornography
    2. Disintegration
    3. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    4. 17 Seconds
    5. Faith
    6. The Top
    7. Wish
    8. The Cure
    9. Bloodflowers

  56. Well I hate doing that favorite album listing thing, but I might go for a favorite song off every album, that's more pleasant.
    Keep in mind that doesn't mean I only love those songs... but I know you know that.

    Three Imaginary Boys: ANOTHER DAY (that's a tough one, many good songs, but I have a soft spot for creepy songs...) Close second SUBWAY SONG.

    Seventeen Seconds: AT NIGHT, close second IN YOUR HOUSE.

    Faith: THE DROWNING MAN, close second ALL CATS ARE GREY. But really, the whole album is superb...

    Pornography: PORNOGRAPHY, close second A STRANGE DAY.

    Japanese Whispers era: THE UPSTAIRS ROOM, close second, I guess soft spot for THE WALK.

    The Top: Hard call, I love The Top so much... PIGGY IN THE MIRROR, close second GIVE ME IT.

    The Head On The Door: CLOSE TO ME say what? Close second, I guess, KYOTO SONG.

    Kiss Me X3: LIKE COCKATOOS, close second CATCH.

    Disintegration: THE SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU, close second HOMESICK.

    Mixed Up: lol HAROLD AND JOE, go go go...

    Wish: A LETTER TO ELISE, close second THE BIG HAND ah cheater!!

    Wild Mood Swings: JUPITER CRASH, close second BARE, and really why again IT USED TO BE ME ended up as a b-side? Any good reason?

    BloodFlowers: THE LOUDEST SOUND, close second, mmm not sure, THERE IS NO IF perhaps.

    The Cure: ANNIVERSARY, close second BEFORE THREE.

    4:13 Dream: this is hard cause it's too godamn recent... THE SCREAM, close second THIS. HERE AND NOW. WITH YOU

    Thanks for reading.

  57. im glad someof you lot include the cure in yr lists.. barr three tracks its one of the best up there in the best .. no , theyre all the fuckin best .. hmmm

  58. My copy of Mixed Up didn't have Harold & Joe on it! :c

  59. Well, you see, the problem with Mixed Up is...