Monday, May 4, 2009

Pearl complaints

"As you may have heard, many considered the Pearl's admission procedures to be unsafe. The line-up process was chaotic. The general admission load-in was considered unorganized, unprofessional and very dangerous. A number of people have expressed interest in sending formal complaints to the Pearl and other City officials. I have compiled a list of addresses. Most contacts are for staff at the Pearl. At the bottom, I have listed the contact information for the Fire Marshal of the City of Las Vegas." Please see the comments for the list of addresses. (Thanks Kate)

Also, you can write a review of the venue here. (Thanks Sara B.)


  1. The Pearl Concert Theater
    4321 W. Flamingo Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89103


    All of these contacts below can be addressed to the Pearl, as listed above.

    Jed DeFilippis
    Pearl Production Manager
    702.942.6951 direct office
    702.592.0160 cell
    702.944.3242 fax

    Samara Goldhecht
    Entertainment Manager
    702.944.3206 direct office
    702.274.1667 cell
    702.944.3202 fax

    Brian Taylor
    Lead Audio Engineer
    702.944.3208 direct office
    702.300.0239 cell
    702.944.3242 fax

    Lead Lighting / Video
    702.944.3209 direct office
    702.265.4757 cell
    702.944.3242 fax

    Zoe Thrall
    Director Studio at the Palms
    702.944.3400 studio
    702.812.7032 cell
    702.942.8067 fax

    Scotty Adkins
    We Serve Event Security
    702.798.6556 office
    702.375.1056 cell
    702.798.6592 fax

    Bill Overly
    We Serve Event Security
    702.798.6556 office
    702.219.5788 cell
    702.798.6592 fax

    Bill Hinkley
    Palms Director of Security
    702.942.6933 direct office
    702.942.7777 hotel "O"
    702.942.0112 fax

    Paula Gold
    Solid Gold Swag Merchandise
    702.395.3583 office


    Chief Greg Gammon
    Fire Marshal
    City of Las Vegas
    500 N. Casino Center Boulevard
    Las Vegas, NV 89101
    Direct Line: (702) 229-0323
    Main Phone: (702) 383-2888
    Fax: (702) 229-0444
    Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    (Thanks Kate)

  2. Yeah, going down those steps to get to the pit was insane. I am very surprised that no one was trampled.

  3. Snitches Get Stitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you very much, Craig!

  5. Fantastic, thanks. I'm going to write for sure.

    I remember once I finally got situated in the pit I thought to myself "now that we all hate each other, let's try to enjoy the concert".

    I could go on and on and on about how inconsistent, unprofessional, and completely retarded the process was--at every step of the way. I'll save it for my letter and probably post it here.

  6. Don't expect a response. I sent an email over two weeks ago.... the silence is deafening.

  7. Thanks for posting this!

    That business at the Pearl was a joke!!

  8. I took my younger sister for her first Cure show and this insane woman started pushing her and trying to hit her because my sister is 5'9". Luckily, a guy right behind grabbed the woman and held her. I had never experienced such a thing at a Cure show before. I even took a picture of the woman just in case I needed it to show police later. MY sister got so sick of this woman putting her hands in her face she left the show and went to gamble. I was pretty disappointed.

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  10. I actually might take time and write the fire marshall. the way they handled things seemed like they had never done this before - they were just saying things to get ppl to leave. obviously they don't know how persistent cure fans are!

    like at one point - they tried to pull the troubador trick - the "everyone leave and come back at 7" - BULLSHIT. the crowd didn't budge.

    then they lined us up inside - why couldn't they have done that before? i would have sat in line inside there all day - i'm a great stand-in-liner. and omg - going down the endless, winding stairs!!! LORD!! i too am surprised no one was trampled.

    but DAMN what a great show!!!


  11. happy ever after girl - you must post this photo!!

    no hitting at cure shows!

    except at coachella. :D this was the ONLY show i have ever been to where i actually PUSHED my way forward! what did all those drunk teens care anyway? they didn't even know who the cure was - they just should have left and gone and passed out somewhere.

    i think i was the only one in my section that was singing grinding halt with robert without the sound!! what an EXCELLENT moment! i still have images of robert standing there mouthing "no people..." trying to keep everyone going! god what a great memory! kinda bittersweet...