Friday, May 1, 2009

Robert interview from Oct. 1996

"My name is Marc, I have been a long time Cure fan since childhood. I am also the photographer for Lol's most recent project Levinhurst. I just wanted to let you know that I dug out a VERY rare interview of Robert backstage after their show in Zurich/Switzerland 1996 (my first Cure show I attended). I don't think any of you have ever seen it, and I'm sure it's gonna make you smile, especially when he mentions that this is the last Cure tour) You can watch it here." (Thanks Marc)


  1. Oh, that was lovely. Thank you!

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  3. Thanks marc! That was a great interview with Robert. How were you able to keep it hidden for so long? I'm glad you finally shared it with the Fans. Robert looks so lovely!

    And damn I could kick myself in the ass for not going to one show in this tour!!! I must have been out of my mind in not doing so!!!

  4. HOLY SHIT! Thank you! Not only was it something I havent seen, but it was brilliant...

  5. Aren't we all glad that WASN't the last album/tour. Great interview, thanks for sharing. Robert is brilliant in his deliveries.

  6. Thanks for sharing Marc.

    It's so fangirl, but I love to hear Robert talk. And it's so refreshing to actually understand what he's saying for a change.


  8. Judge Dredd was Shit.

    Dredd Song was Good.

  9. Thank you Marc.

    I always understand what he says for some reason! I guess I speak "Robert."

    It's just refreshing to hear a musician who is intelligent and thinks before he/she speaks.

    And on a shallow note - love the hair.

  10. Nice.

    Yeah right. Last Cure tour.

    And this is my last comment ever.


  11. I'm happy you guys like it. I've had it on VHS for a long time but just forgot about it..

    I've seen them about 15 times, among other concerts Paris 2000 and the Trilogy shows in Berlin but that Swing show in 1996 was still the best one. I remember Robert getting off the stage and coming down to the audience during close to me. And their setlist were unpredictable during the Swing Tour, they really DID play way over 100 songs that year! Even though I love Porl, that line up was pure joy back then..and WMS the most underrated Cure album ever..even the 13th is pure musical genius..way more creative than anything that came after that IMO..

    Light & Love


  12. Great interview.

    And I agree with Sofia about the tongue action. 4:25 if you want to see it again.

  13. Wow, Thank You so much Marc! Wonderful!


    love-the-cure said...

    LMAO, I was thinking the same thing.


    I love Robert & his Roberty-speak: <3

  14. marc, thanks so much@!! its just great to see all these old gems brought to light

    "the old days"
    "the old days"

    id say this is now one of my favorite interviews - it doesnt have that certain awkwardness and sometimes unrelaxed feel between him and the interview that we often see

  15. Awesome. More Cure goodness. Thanks, Marc!

    Madonna = Jesus? :(

  16. thanks, nice interview!

  17. Marc, that was awesome thanks for sharing!
    I totally agree on a few things:

    Marc-WMS IS an awesome album, very creative, I saw them during the Swing tour and the show just blew me away!

    CureHeart-agree with the hair, i love it when it's on the shorter side like that ;)

    AndrewV127-Never saw the Judge Dredd movie (It never even interested me) however, I totally agree, Dredd Song is fantastic, such a powerful message and powerful song, gives me chills.

    I think no matter what they'll always be creating some sort of music for the rest of their lives. Once an artist, always an artist, always finding ways to create. If the "band" were to break up I bet eventually Robert would pull his "solo" album out of his back pocket...vualaaaaa

  18. muldfeld, yeah. maybe you recall jesus' mom. the virgin?

  19. Brilliant!!! Fing Brilliant! I love that man to no end.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  20. My first cure show was NOLA August 25, 1996! I think that show ended up being rated as one of the best shows of the swing tour and I was so awed by the cure live experience that I've seen them 13 times since then. And yes Robert's hair looked fantastic that year. :)

  21. That was brilliant! Thank you Marc for sharing. I love these little surprises popping up!

    I agree with you guys on the tongue thing...that was an especially nice tongue shot too!

    I loved what he said about being at home, that was sweet.

    Beachy: I'm sorry I haven't returned your call! I was so caught up in all the Cure stuff, I'm in that post show high/low period. I am thinking of you and will try to reach you soon. Miss you!

  22. I'm always amazed at what a nice nose he has. Isn't it a good nose? It really is! It was also really nice to see this for other non-nose related reasons though!

    It was nice to hear the Judge Dredd comments. Made me laugh which was good cos I'm poorly :(

  23. That was a really cool interview, thanks for posting!!!

    The beginning when he was rattling off words that came to mind, it reminded me of that Siouxsie and the Banshees film (I don't remember the title?) where all those masked people were staring at Robert and he was saying something about "Nothing so clean, nothing so perfect" and he kept talking. It really reminded me of it, haha.

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  25. Thanks for this! What a great find. I saw my first Cure show on this tour.

  26. And yes, love the tongue shot..........

  27. Those were the days, sets were different, weren't so fucking "safe" and repetitive.
    Seems like he "dosen't care" again like on the wish tour.

  28. Figurehead, I think that Banshees film was called either 'Acid In Wonderland' or 'Mushroom Tea Party'

    And I can reveal what it was at home that Robert had discovered was so enjoyable.

    POTTERY !!!!! 8D

  29. Paul, I completely disagree with him not caring. The 4:13 Tour and the smaller shows afterwards (Troubadour, 02) and especially at Coachella, he really did put considerable effort to make the fans happy and I was at a lot of them. He also seems very happy these days. You can't please everyone with 3 1/2 hours of music with an ever-changing setlist.

  30. The Banshees (with Robert) Crazy Acid Trip film:

  31. Thanks Marc...I have seen that
    when I was doing my PhD in computer
    science at the
    Technical University of Berlin..
    Great Memories...


  32. WOW, thanks for the link Anah!
    i can't believe i've never seen that film, it's awesome :) I actually had Nocturne in my netflix Q but haven't gotten to it yet, I would have ran into it sometime this year, but so glad I know about it now, i moved it right up to the top of my list so I can see this is high quality!

  33. @Marc: thanks for posting it. I have to agree: The Swing Tour was their best tour ever with the best line up. They had a lot of fun and the setlists were amazing (they changed it almost every night). I saw them among others in Kiel that year and that was one of their best shows ever! An official DVD release of a Swing show would be great!

    WMS is completely underrated even though it's so creative.

  34. Marc, Thanks for unearthing this, very inciteful interview.

    Cureheart - I'm with you, Robert definately enjoys playing these days and is mostly very relaxed. Its a "different" Robert on stage now.

    WMS is very creative. Its quite different to other Cure albums and I think that's why a lot of Cure fans slate it. It has moments of musical genius and lots of clever lyrics. (It only scraped into my top 10 though - see other thread!!!) ;-)

  35. Hi Cult Hero,

    I went to Kiel also in 1996.
    Very emotional night..not so many
    people..(2000 at most?)...still
    remember as if it was yesterday...
    funeral party...drowning man...


  36. Thanks a lot Marc for that little gem.

  37. @Alfio, yes you went to Kiel 1996 you lucky bastard and I missed joining you there because I got sick they other cure nights before, but hey Berlin was great too ;-) Remember? Sascha

  38. Yahoo!! Sascha!! Finally met
    you again!! You stayed in my flat
    after (or before??) the Berlin show..

    Man...please..e-mail me at or at will be in
    Berlin this summer..We must meet!!

    all the best!!

  39. Alfio, Kiel is one of my favourite shows..
    not in terms "I've been there" but in terms of listening to the bootleg..

  40. Have you seen it?

  41. hey i really don't want to sound ungrateful or spoil the fun for anyone but this isn't really such a rarity.

    this was boradcast by swiss TV as 'star sound special' in october 1996.
    i've had this on dvd for years and i think it's pretty commonly available among anyone who's into dvds.

    look here for more info:

  42. M: Yes, but it hasn't been available to the "general public", so to speak. I think it's very nice that Marc made it available to everyone like this. No worries about trading, regional codes, PAL/NTSC issues, etc.

    So thanks again, Marc. I know I and many others greatly appreciate it.

  43. don't get me wrong: i wasn't saying it was nice to post it.

    i'm not sure what you mean by "general public"? it's not any sort of "rare trade" item or so on (so i was by NO means boasting with some rare item i have(!) and most people don't. not at all).
    the dvd is probably available on some trackers as we speak, at least i've seen it torrented a few times. so what i mean is that i'd say torrented stuff is very much available for general public.
    but like said, i didn't mean to no disrespect to marc. just thought it's maybe not something to label as a rarity.

  44. I didn't see this before..
    I am a bit into DVDs and I'm glad to trade but didn't see this kicking around at all...

    so thanks for uploading this..

    Hmm... @ M: ;)

    Would you be interested in trading some Cure videos?

    I don't have possibility to get it from torrents, PPTT etc.. so I'm keen on trading

    if so, please drop me a line:

    thank you!

  45. PS I am in urgent need of Florence 1996 October video..

    have been looking for that around the world..