Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photos from the Kiss Me sessions

"I'm Stéphane, an old Cure fan from France. So there are six pictures taken during the Kiss Me recording session at Miraval studio, this is late at night in a Chinese restaurant in Brignoles biggest nearest little town from the studio which was lost in the countryside. You can recognize in one picture it's David M Allen with Robert, but there's also Mary, Simon, Boris, Perry (not yet a Cure guitarist but still a roadie) on the others. It took me time to find them again. This is why I send it to you a bit late, after this question: Who sat beside Robert at the NME awards?"
So that really was Dave with Robert at the NME Awards.
(Thanks Stéphane)


  1. i cannot take how gorgeous mary is.

  2. more pictures of mary! whoever is holding out!

  3. merci beaucoup stephane!

    these are some of the best cure photos ive seen in a long time, and when was the last time a fan shared some of their photos from the 80s?
    cant tell you how wonderful it is to see this. and how great it mustve been to be there!

    wow, dave allen was cute. everyone looks sleepy- gorgeous

    i believe the blonde girl is Lol or Boris' girlfriend, Boris' i think.

  4. GREAT PIX THX ME WANT BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful pix, thanks so much Stéphane for sharing this intimate moment with us.

    If you look at the photo of Robert and Dave Allen at the NME and compare it to the photo from this series, you can see just how well and how gracefully Robert has aged.

  6. Great pics.... !!!!

    I want to think ( i have the right, ok ? ) and dream that this new picture of RS sat besides D. Allen is because the two of the are going to work together producing the dark before !!!!!!


  7. It has been said before but Mary is freaking Hot!!

  8. very nice photos, thanks for sharing!
    would be really nice indeed if they worked together again.
    and if Boris could be back.
    (oh, no, the infamous Boris x Jason again).
    I actually find Jason a pretty good drummer.

  9. fantastic pix...thanks for sharing...aaaaah...nostalgia...

  10. looks like the blonde is cynde burnier, Boris' gf then

  11. AWESOME! Thank youuus! *sings* "Cure fans are the besteeeest!"

    I've always liked Robert without all the make-up... though I can understand why he does it.
    Mary's always been rather stunning, hasn't she...?

  12. Really cool pics. Thanks for sharing.

  13. you are all right - mary is hot! but i think the blonde girl is actually simon's girlfriend and later his wife - carol.

  14. awesome!!! makes me kinda wish i was alive around that time... so much cure i was missing out on! I cant even fathom going to see the cure in the 80s!

  15. Geez Mary is so cute, what a cool couple she and Robert make...I would love to meet her, I wonder what she is like?

  16. We NEVER get pictures of Mary. She is beyond beautiful.

  17. Dave Allen looks very different to how I remember him from his tv show. Didn't he have a missing finger or something?

    I always thought that Michi was the cutest chick associated with the band, back in those days. She used to do the bands make-up for video and live appearances.

    I don't know if Mary was actually that good looking, but I suppose she possibly could have been, just depends on your personal tastes 8)

  18. Wonderful pics...looks like a nice, relaxing evening...

  19. Fantastic old gems! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)

    Have any more?

  20. Wow, thank you so much for sharing these Stephane! They are amazing. I love the casual, comfortable feel of them.

    And Robert with the stubble...*faints*

  21. Lovecat: That was already posted in another thread.

  22. Craig: I am sorry, I didn't notice..

    Thanks for clearing this up.

  23. Ah-ha! Nice one.

    Interestingly enough the man we now know is David M Allen appeared with a group of people towards the back of the standing area at the O2 gig, right next to me. They all raised their glasses (they all had campaign or wine) to the band at one point, even though they were miles away from the front. I remember thinking at the time that he looked vaguely familiar and that they all seemed to be behaving as if they knew the band, so when the same bloke turned up next to Robert at the awards I was really intrigued, so thanks Stephane!

  24. Merci a toi Stéphane,

    Pour ces quelques photos.....

  25. Glad we finally cleared that up for sure :)

  26. Wow... it is strange to me that KM3 was over 20 years ago... they all look so young! :)

  27. Very cool, great find!

    Merci beaucoup Stéphane de partager avec nous, t'es vraiment chanceux d'avoir des photos aussi précieuses en ta possession! Je suis un peu jaloux. ;)

  28. Wow these are Awesome Pictures Stéphane! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a fun evening with friends in those photos! And the one with Robert's hairy armpits, didn't think we see that! LOL!!!

    Robert & Simon are just so cute and even David Allen though he didn't age well. Robert & Simon must have good genes since they still look fabulous today. Mary always looks so lovey in her photos & Boris looks good too.

    And damn I miss the 80's well the music not so much the fashion. This was back in 1986-87ish and I 17 and was still in my dressing like Robert phase. I loved every minute of being a Cure Fan back then and I still do but it was a special time in The Cure Fandom for me!

  29. How very young they all look...but then again, so did we all back then (I was 13)

  30. I didn't say ~~Thank You to Stephanie~~ in my first post; as I can be a twit sometimes, so: Thank You!

    If I had any old photos, I would share them... I know Autumn Jade has tons! and all...

    (Autumn, remember you and I sat next to eachother at the show in San Diego last Summer~ <3)

  31. Er, make that


  32. Anah, it's Stéphane, sweetheart. lol

  33. OMFG. OMFG.

    hynreckandjoe is that you? *eyes swell with tears*

    i havent seen you in the longest time, its ridiculous!!
    you better comment more often, or i wont be happy >:(

    anah - check under the 1986 section and keep scrolling until you find the part with simon in black lacey nylons

  34. I will honey.
    Sorry I've been quite the lurker recently. But I'm still here.

    I've been a bit jealous of all you peeps going to those sweet Cure and Depeche Mode concerts down south... while I'm stuck here up north in Montreal.
    And I'm on a tight leash budget-wise, like most people, especially now that my better half's painfully awaiting our first child.

    But I promise not to blame all this on the baby!! And I promise to make him or her a good little Cure fan!

  35. Anah - Yes of course I remember you... :) and thanks for the PLUG for my little cure site....

    I love to see new photos - they warm my heart.

    20 years for Disintegration today!!! I plan on listening to a Live 1989 show everyday! ;) thanks CURE - 1989 DIS never gets old..... It gets better and better with each listen... I look forward to the Re-issues! :) "'I'm still waiting...." :)

    I only wish I could have seen some of those Euro shows in person from 1989 - they were amazing!!. I wish I could have seen more than one show in 1989 - it was a night I will never forget....


  36. I know what you mean..i missed ALL of the 1989 tour as i had just started military service in France!! :(

  37. Mary really is gorgeous. And you can see from those photos, she's got attitude. So sexy!

    Something I've been wondering about: is Simon's ex (Carol Thompson) related to Porl?

  38. hynreck - a baby? i had no idea! *big congratulations hugs*
    curey songs as lullabies? like we wouldnt expect anything less ;) im so happy for you :)

    jeff - carol is porl's sis yep!

  39. Sorry, Stephane...typo!

    And actually, contrary to popular belief, Carol is not Porl's sister. They have the same last name (her maiden name), but they are not related (according to my source). I asked someone in the Cure Family recently and they said it's a widely spread misconception. Funny, because my whole life I thought they were...

    And Autumn, You know I love your site...I was looking through it again just the other day :) I think it might be the largest Cure Picture Archive on the web?

  40. Yep, DJ, you bet.
    Thanks a lot.
    Lullaby all the way.
    The little sucker will get brainwash and will never know what hit him/her!
    Mwa ha ha!
    Oh well, you know, life a bitch, etc. Might as well listen to The Awesome Cure.

  41. Congrats HAJ

    When the BABY SCREAMS don't PUSH IT AWAY !!

  42. Thanks swifty.

    I can't wait to do a Michael Jackson on him.

    Which by that I mean dangling him over my balcony and not molest him. ;)

    I say him because it's simply easier that way.

  43. Anah, that does make sense. It would be a strange indeed if Porl was Robert's brother-in-law and Simon was Porl's ex-brother-in-law. And seems like that would make the news big-time somewhere along the way! I also thought in these photos that Carol looked nothing like Porl.