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Paste's 300 Greatest Albums of All Time

From Paste Magazine:

2. The Cure: Disintegration (1989)

The Cure perfected their vision on their eighth album, 1989’s Disintegration. As dark and icy as Pornography yet as instantly memorable and immediate as Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, it catapulted Robert Smith and his band to new levels of stardom and crystallized the core characteristics of their music: dark, emotional and meditative. On top of moody guitar tones courtesy of Porl Thompson and Smith, we also have a goth-rock album that features two of the best basslines in the history of recorded music: Simon Gallup’s melodic performance on “Fascination Street” and the driving momentum of the title track stand among the Cure’s finest moments. Each of the 12 songs is its own respective showcase for the group’s sprawling, meandering intros that induce a wistful haze before rewarding your patience with Smith’s unmistakable voice. Every classic band has that one album that presents them at their apogee, and even for a band with as many excellent albums as the Cure, Disintegration is undeniably the one. Despite the name of the record itself, this band has never sounded so locked in. —Grant Sharples

222. The Cure: Pornography (1982)

Disintegration seems to get the lion’s share of the love among the Cure’s discography, but the poignant echoes of “Lovesong” and “Lullaby” would not exist if it were not for the indulgent gloom of Pornography. After wading through the fertile mire of early goth music on Seventeen Seconds and Faith, Pornography presents the Cure’s freefall into the genre’s mushrooming abyss, immediately heralded by the opening doom spiral “One Hundred Years.” Pornography finds the Cure not just surrendering to misery, but committing to their muse through offerings of Stygian soundscapes, foglike synthlines and lyricism polluted with existential dread. While never particularly lascivious, Pornography made the Cure’s woe unprecedentedly explicit, crafting an inky sketch of an entire generation—as frontman Robert Smith wails—“waiting for the death blow.” —Victoria Wasylak

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Robert's Lost World art prints for sale

From Heart Research UK:

Exclusive artprints by Robert Smith from The Cure are now available in our eBay shop. You can now own "ENDSONG," "ALONE," and "AND NOTHING IS FOREVER” – titles inspired by songs from the forthcoming album, "Songs Of A Lost World", set for release in 2024.

Dogstar cover 'Just Like Heaven ' again

Dogstar / Keanu Reeves played their cover of 'Just Like Heaven' again, this time in Madrid on May 30th, 2024. They also played it the next day at Primavera Sound Barcelona.

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NewDad releasing their Just Like Heaven cover

Update: Available now on most streaming services.

"Since a lot of you enjoyed our Just Like Heaven live cover from BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale, we wanted to release it as a little treat. Listen everywhere this Friday ✨ presave here "

Disintegration on Apple's 100 Best Albums list

Apple Music's 100 Best Albums 

# 56 Disintegration - The Cure

A dreamy deep dive that signaled the goth icons’ new stadium-sized ambitions.

Four years after The Head on the Door’s bona fide melodies marked a definitive break with the claustrophobic intensity of the goth icons’ early-’80s run, The Cure’s eighth album sharpened those pop instincts and enlarged their vision to stadium-sized proportions.

“By the time you get to Disintegration, it’s weirder and darker, and I was all about it.” - Kaskade

Disintegration is a deep dive into a singular mood: wistful and deeply melancholy, informing (and informed by) waves of British shoegaze and dream pop. Alt-rock staples “Pictures of You,” “Lovesong,” and “Fascination Street” are as immediate and indelible as anything in their catalog, but the band tempers its emotions so that even the major-key tonality of a track like “Plainsong” is marked not by brightness, but a deeper, richer hue.

There’s an echo of their prior, character-defining bleakness here, but this time, the descent into despair is strangely welcoming, as if Robert Smith had discovered that on the coldest nights, wrapping up in one’s own loneliness is the only way to stay warm. And in the process, he brought goth—and its fans—into the mainstream.

Lol x Budgie playing Bumbershoot

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Japanese Whispers HMV exclusive

As part of HMV's Vinyl Week (which starts on June 15th), they will have an exclusive "1921 Edition" of The Cure's Japanese Whispers on clear vinyl.

Amoeba still has their listing up and it appears to be the same as the HMV exclusive, just not listed as a "1921 edition", and it comes out a week earlier.

The band still hasn't officially announced any of this.

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Lol x Budgie cover A Forest at Cruel World Festival

And here's their full set:

New interview with Lol

Read the interview at Music Times:

The Cure's Lol Tolhurst, Banshees' Budgie Join Hands in 45-Years-in-the Making Goth Supergroup

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Disintegration special on BBC 6 Music

From Maryanne Hobbs:


the divine Ms. Isamaya French on how to perfect Robert Smith red lips..


Banshees Budgie 

Warpaint 's Jenny Lee

director Tim Pope

on The Cure's 'Disintegration'

BBC 6 Music Thurs 10.30am

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Simon to host Pride of Andover awards

From LoveAndover:

The Pride of Andover Awards, sponsored by New Street Dental Care, are thrilled to announce Simon Gallup as the host for their October 2024 event. Gallup, renowned for his role as the bassist in the legendary English rock band The Cure, has been a significant part of the music scene since joining the band in 1979.

The Pride of Andover team is ecstatic to welcome Gallup, whose charisma and stage presence are expected to add a dynamic touch to the awards ceremony. His involvement is anticipated to bring a new level of excitement and energy to the event, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

“We are honoured that Simon will be joining us,” said a representative from the Pride of Andover. “His experience and enthusiasm are sure to lighten the stage and make this year’s awards truly memorable. We can’t wait to highlight the incredible community of people around us.”

The launch of the awards is set for the 8th of June, marking the official opening for nominations. This event celebrates individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to the community, and having Simon Gallup as the host is expected to draw even more attention to the outstanding work being done in Andover and beyond.