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Cure featured on Pointless

The Cure featured on UK Quiz show Pointless today.

Cure segment starts about 25 minutes into the program.

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The Top picture disc for RSD

It's out April 20th for Record Store Day. Photo from Bear Tree Records.

New Cure Funko Pop

Update: HMV too.

Also up at Hot Topic with a shipping date of April 30th - May 10th.

Preorder is up at Entertainment Earth too. They have it listed for a May release,

Cure: Disintegration Funko POP! Album currently listed for a July 10th release.

Amazon US -
Amazon Canada -

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More about Simon's visit to Miss Lizzie's

From The Herald News:

Goth-rock music icon visits a Fall River's 'haunted' cafe for coffee and ghost stories

Ashley Schuler The Herald News

FALL RIVER — The perfect cure for the mid-week blues walked into Miss Lizzie's Coffee last Wednesday.

Simon Gallup, legendary bassist for 1980s British goth rock band The Cure, paid a special visit to the quirky cafe recently for a "wonderful time" with his family, according to Joe Pereira, owner of Miss Lizzie's. 

"He's probably one of the coolest guys I've ever met ... a class act," Pereira said. 

On Sunday, Miss Lizzie's shared a photo on their Facebook page featuring 63-year-old Gallup and Pereira's daughter Olivia Pereira, the general manager, inside the Lizzie Borden-themed Second Street shop.

So what brought the music icon to town? 

Gallup discovered Miss Lizzie's through a family member, who it turns out is good friends with Olivia and her brother. 

So Gallup's family arranged an after-hours visit to the Fall River shop during Gallup's recent trip to the United States. According to Pereira, he was headed home to England this past weekend. 

But not before enjoying some Miss Lizzie’s coffee — Gallup ordered a cappuccino with three shots of espresso — and chatting about the infamous Borden case, Fall River history and culture, and music, during his brief stop.

"We had a lot of fun. We laughed quite a bit about a few spooky ghost stories," Pereira said.

Lizzie Borden House, a bed and breakfast and museum at 230 Second St., is most well-known as the scene of the gruesome, and still unsolved, ax murders of Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother on Aug. 4, 1892.

But it's not the only Borden-related Second Street home with tales of the supernatural tied to its grim history.

Over 50 years prior to the Borden double murder, a tragic incident took place in the building next door to where Andrew, Abby, Lizzie and Emma would later settle — now occupied by Miss Lizzie's Coffee.

There, Eliza Darling Borden, Lizzie's great-aunt by marriage, drowned her two youngest children in the cellar cistern before taking her own life.  

Upon learning of the building's past, Pereira said Gallup asked if Miss Lizzie's employees were ever afraid of being left alone. Staff shared their spooky encounters.

Gallup was also spotted at the Lizzie Borden House, and Pereira said he visited a few other city spots while in the area.

According to Pereira, his daughter Olivia is a huge fan of The Cure — who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019 and are best known for hits "It's Friday I'm in Love," "Lovesong," and "Just Like Heaven" — so Gallup's pop-in was just like a dream. 

Even if it wasn't Friday, was Gallup in love with Fall River? Pereira said he seemed impressed.

"He's a very nice person, very down-to-earth, a very quiet, private person, but just wonderful. And he enjoyed being in Fall River," Pereira said.

"He really liked the artistic vibe that Fall River has," Pereira said. 

He noted that Gallup admired the paintings by local artists that hang in Miss Lizzie's shop as well as the larger-than-life mural of the shop's namesake, the work of city native William Silvia, that graces the shop window.

According to Pereira, it was a good day for the coffee shop and the city.

"It's really nice to have people like that coming to Fall River, supporting us, supporting the community," Pereira said. "This city has a lot to offer, and I think it's nice for people like that to come and see that we have great talent here too."

The Cure member left his mark on the staff at Miss Lizzie's in more ways than one, even signing the shop's guest book on his way out.

According to Pereira, Gallup isn't the only notable person who has paid a visit to Miss Lizzie's since opening this past fall. And he said he's recently received calls from a couple of "Hollywood people," an actor and producer, interested in featuring Miss Lizzie's Coffee shop for potential projects.

'Paris' (Robert's version) enters the Billboard Top Album Sales chart at #45

From Forbes:

The Cure Returns To The Billboard Charts With A Fan Favorite

The Cure hasn’t released a new album of original material in well over a decade. That sad fact hasn’t kept fans from supporting the group in a number of ways, including buying a recently re-released take on a live recording that is clearly a favorite among their followers.

Simon visited Miss Lizzie's Coffee in Massachusetts

From Fun107:

Fall River’s Miss Lizzie’s Coffee Gets Visit From The Cure’s Bassist Simon Gallup

On Wednesday, April 3, Fall River experienced a special visit from Simon Gallup, the acclaimed bassist of the legendary 1980s English rock band The Cure.

His stop at Miss Lizzie’s Coffee on Second Street made a lasting impression on the local community, especially General Manager Olivia Pereira, who was delighted to welcome the music icon.

Pereira, already acquainted with a family member of Gallup, had previously discussed his interest in visiting the cozy coffee shop.

Gallup called ahead to ensure a quiet visit after closing hours, and got to sit down with the Pereira family over a hot cup of cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso as they shared laughter over spooky stories.

Joe Pereira, owner of Miss Lizzie’s and a Fall River native, enjoyed Gallup's friendly demeanor and down-to-earth personality, as he shared stories about Fall River's infamous figure, Lizzie Borden.

Lol watched the eclipse at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

'Funeral Party' included on new compilation

From Ghost Cult Mag:

Cherry Red Records are preparing to release a 4 CD compilation of darkwave, ethereal rock, and coldwave classics, titled No Songs Tomorrow. The collection – due May 31st – will include songs from 1981 – 1990, featuring artists such as The Cure, Dead Can Dance, Clan Of Xymox, Cocteau Twins, Soft Cell, Tones On Tail, In The Nursery, Attrition, Iron Curtain, Alien Sex Fiend, Cranes, Kirlian Camera, Neon, and more.

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The Consequence Bassist Survey: 34 Bass Players on Their Favorite Bassists of All Time

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Reeves testing a wireless guitar

Simon's yellow Schecter Spitfire

Fan poll: Top 5 songs on The Crow soundtrack

From Revolver:

1. The Cure - Burn 

The Cure were originally going to contribute their rumble-haunted "The Hanging Garden" single to The Crow, with the track — originally off 1982's Pornography — having been referenced in James O'Barr's original comic. Then Robert Smith opted to base a new tune off the plot of the film instead, creating one of the most iconic outliers in the English group's massive catalog in the process.

Put together solely by Smith and then-drummer Boris Williams, the soundtrack-opening "Burn" is a slow-simmering epic of dark-jangled guitar moodiness and wind-whipping percussive squeals. Smith's familiarly aching voice references the corpse-painted titular character, love and pain, and what it feels like to scream an animal scream night after night.

Thematically on-point, and outright legendary.

50 Greatest Basslines of All Time

From Consequence:

21. The Cure — “The Lovecats”

While The Cure’s Simon Gallup deservedly made our list of the 100 Greatest Bassists of All Time, it’s a song recorded during his brief time out of the band that makes the cut among our greatest basslines. Phil Thornalley’s melodic double bass playing on 1983’s stand-alone single “The Lovecats” is undeniably infectious. Even a forlorn goth kid has to crack a smile when they hear this one. — S. Kaufman

Simon on the realness of Songs of a Lost World

😄  Thanks, Davide Consoli.

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10 Albums Death Cab for Cutie’s Nick Harmer Thinks Every Bass Player Should Own

From Consequence:

BONUS ROUND: The Cure — Disintegration (Simon Gallup)

Obviously, most bass players probably already own and love this album, I’m absolutely not claiming The Cure has not been given their due praise and worship. HOWEVER, my admiration of Simon Gallup is a huge reason I am a bass player to begin with so of course I’m going to include him. If for any reason you’re unfamiliar with Simon Gallup and his work, pick up a bass guitar, put this album on and get to work learning these bass lines. If by the time you reach the end of Disintegration you aren’t feeling the deep call to join a band and make music, then I’m not sure what else there is to talk about. Ok, you’re very right, there is plenty else to talk about… Still, these are some timeless, incredible bass lines, no?

Essential Tracks: “Pictures of You,” “Lovesong,” “Lullaby,” “Fascination Street,” “Disintegration.”

Robert signs open letter warning against “predatory” use of AI in music

From NME:

Billie Eilish, Robert Smith and more sign open letter warning against “predatory” use of AI in music

The letter, which has over 200 signatures from musicians, calls for protection against the "use of AI to steal professional artists' voices and likeness, violate creators' rights, and destroy the music ecosystem"

100 Greatest Bassists of All Time

From Consequence:

44. Simon Gallup
Coming in only behind Robert Smith, Simon Gallup is the second longest-standing member of The Cure. Despite the notoriously rocky history of the band, time alone would indicate Gallup’s contributions have been an integral part of their sound. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s groovy, melodic basslines are the driving force behind classic tracks like “Just Like Heaven,” “Forest,” and “Friday I’m in Love.” — S. Noor

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Interview with Lol

 From Hot Press:

With The Cure reissuing their classic live album Paris, ex-drummer Lol Tolhurst discusses the band's storied career, as well as his fascinating book Goth: A History.

30 years of Burn and The Crow soundtrack

 From Mashable:

The Crow' soundtrack turns 30: Looking back on the album that defined an era

The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and the bands who almost made the cut.

The iconic English rock band The Cure seemed a no-brainer for inclusion on The Crow soundtrack, as their songs were quoted through O'Barr's comics. Most anticipated this would make it easy to get frontman Robert Smith onboard, as he'd clearly approved the lyrics' use and therefore must be familiar with Eric Draven's story. So, it was quite a shock when Smith's rep said he'd never heard of The Crow. 

"I went back [to] O'Barr," Most shared, "And I said, 'James, you know, you've got 'used by permission' all over the place [in the comics] and Robert Smith [has] never heard the comics.' And he goes, 'Well, yeah. Every time I'd ever seen lyrics used [in comics], it has 'used by permission,' so I just added that.'"

Despite this copyright confusion, Smith liked the comics — once he did see them — and the script. So, for the first time in his storied career, the legendary British rocker wrote a song specifically for a movie. 

While some acts wrote songs purely based on the screenplay, some of the film’s footage was transported to London for Smith to see. The resulting track, "Burn," is 6:39 seconds of scorching hot yearning. The song kicks off the album, and is given a place of prominence in the film; it plays over Eric's macabre makeover early in the movie. Lee's physicality is on full display as his Eric is rattled with flashbacks in the abandoned apartment he once shared with his late fiancée; he frenziedly applies the now-iconic black-and-white face paint in a shattered mirror while Smith sings, "Just paint your face, the shadows smile / Slipping me away from you." 

And just like that, The Crow is born.