Thursday, April 17, 2014

Teenage Cancer Trust auction

Cure items in the Teenage Cancer Trust auction:

Autographed RAH 2006 t-shirts
Autographed RAH 2014 t-shirts
RAH 2014 programs autographed by The Cure and others
One of Roger's autographed tambourines
An autographed Disintegration vinyl
A 2006 RAH ticket & program, both autographed by Robert, along with a pass

Auction starts today (April 13th) and runs for 7 days.
Ends this Sunday! Bid!
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Cure Record Store Day 2014 release

Update (03/20/14): Now officially confirmed.

The Cure/Dinosaur Jr.
Side By Side Series
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Rhino
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

The Side By Side series, which features an original song and a cover of the same song on one 7", continues for RSD 2014! This release is on white 45 RPM vinyl.

Record Store Day is April 19th, 2014. (Thanks Shawn)

Update (04/13/14): Bull Moose has it listed for $6.97.
(Thanks willy0) 

Update (04/17/14): Limited edition of 5,000.

50 Best Alternative Albums of the '90s

Full list at Metroweekly.

13. The Cure - 'Wish' (1992)
By 1992, The Cure was at the peak of their commercial prowess. Their 1989 album Disintegration was widely hailed as a masterpiece, and it brought them new levels of success. Wish rode that momentum all the way at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart. They were playing in large arenas all over the world. Fortunately The Cure had the best line-up of their existence, including the fantastic Boris Williams on drums (he’d leave after this album), Porl Thompson and Perry Bamonte on guitar and keyboard, Simon Gallup on bass and of course Robert Smith on whatever he wants at any given moment. For Wish, The Cure went back to the formula that worked for 1987’s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me -- it’s a dizzying quilt-work of styles, from hard-rocking psychedelic epics like the hallucinatory opener “Open,” the massive centerpiece of the album “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea,” and the violent waves of guitar on the gripping finale “End.” Then there’s Robert Smith’s euphoric pop side, which is explored on tracks like the ebullient “High”, the sunny pop/rocker “Friday I’m in Love” and the absolutely giddy “Doing the Unstuck.” There are also some beautiful ballads, like the heartsick “Apart,” and the two delicate tracks that form the core of the album’s second half: “Trust” and “To Wish Impossible Things.” Wish is sometimes undervalued in light of the brilliance of its predecessors, but that’s unfair. It’s arguably The Cure’s last truly great album. (Thanks @banditFFX)

Andy Anderson interview

Our friend Bianca interviewed Andy Anderson for Exclama magazine. Here's an excerpt:

"Are there any special memories you'd like to share with us about your work with Robert Smith?

Working with Robert Smith, was a unique and enriching experience. He knows exactly what he wants from each song, each sound, each letter; what makes, for me, the process of creation is very interesting and special. It is unique in its form and manner and allowed me to add my own approach and feel each track, so ultimately it was a very affable and huge content for my experience. It was a very happy time in my life."

(Thanks and congratulations, Bianca!)

New issue of 'The 13th' fanzine

Issue #8 of The Cure fanzine 'The 13th' has been released, and features an interview with Cindy Levinson from Levinhurst. Read it here. (Thanks Diego)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simon Gallup to be on Naked Lunch

During today's interview with Tim Pope on her Soho Radio show Naked Lunch, Simone said Simon Gallup will be a guest on an upcoming show! No date given, but I'll update as soon as I know. Tim mentioned she should "get him on to Doctor Who. He loves Doctor Who". Yes, please! :)

And in case you've missed all of Simon's tributes & shoutouts to DW, I've been keeping track of them here.

Tim Pope on Radio Soho today

Photo of Tim posted by @sohoradio on Instagram. And another from @simonemarie4.

Interview is up. Just click on Naked Lunch Episode 2

Tim assures us that he has it on the HIGHEST authority, that the LatAm film will be put together. It will actually happen. "It will be put together, so please stop asking me about it". :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Win BottleRock single day passes

You really might want to try this. A bunch of fans have already won. Get Instagram and follow @botlerocknapa on there and on Twitter. When they post that day's lyric quiz, and there's no set time for when they'll post it, be the 1st to name the artist & song title on Instagram, along with the #BRNV14 tag, and you win a pair of 1 day passes. Good luck!

BottleRock single day passes

Applauze pre-sale for single day tickets is now live.
Tip from @nil_by_mouth: "There's no booking fee when using the app. $139 even. $8 fee via ticketfly."

BottleRock pre-sale is now live. Use promo code DAYOFF to save $10 until Tuesday, when the general on sale starts.

Also, the lineups for each day have been posted.

Update (04/03/14): Promo code DAYOFF is working again and now drops single day passes by $20 to $129. (Thanks Olivier) 

Update (04/09/14): Well, I hope you didn't buy your passes early, because prices continue to fall. Promo code DAYOFF now drops single day passes by $40 to $109. And the ROCKNAPA code will also get you $40 off the 3 day passes. So, buy now or wait and see if they fall even lower?  (Thanks Olivier) 

Update (04/10/14): And even lower prices today. Living Social has 1 day passes for $99, 3 day passes for $199, and VIP for $549. (Thanks John)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tim posts Video Killed the Radio Star special

And Tim has now removed it.

New dates for Liqueur

Cure Tribute band Liqueur have  added 2 more dates for this year. September 13th , the '9:13 Dream' show at The Square Harlow and Nov. 22nd at O2 Academy Islington (2).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cure Radio 1 sessions on 6 Music Live Hour

"3 songs ("One Hundred Years', 'Let's Go To Bed', 'Just One Kiss') from The Cure's 1982 BBC Radio 1 session playing at 6 Music Live Hour. Available for 7 days." (Thanks @ian_c_reid)

HispaCure interview with Andy Anderson

"I'm Miriam from HispaCure, The Official Cure fans in Spain. I will have an interview by email with Andy Anderson, if the people have any questions for Andy, send them to miriams74(at)yahoo(dot)es. Questions in English please."
(Thanks Miriam)

HispaCure party in Madrid on May 17th

HispaCure 10th Anniversary
May 17th, 2014
Independence Club
Madrid, Spain

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update on Roger's 'Love & Other Tragedies'

From Roger on Facebook: "So I have some interesting updates on this project which I wrote originally for Julia Kent. Both Julia and I have been very busy over the last couple of years and we thought we would be unable to complete it together. I went in the studio with two amazing musicians before Christmas Francesca Ter-Berg and Jo Quail to try and complete the album but in my heart I knew that it had to be Julia. So we decided to wait and now it is nearing completion. Julia sent me a song last night that she had finished and it is so beautiful it took my breath away.

I think we will probably release it in July to coincide with a very special performance in London in collaboration with another a very very special person. I can't talk about that yet but... It will be a double vinyl release and digital iTunes only."

Cure covers album to benefit animal shelter

Birthday Songs - A Collection of The Cure cover songs
This is a free/pay-what-you-want cover album.
All money donated will go to Farplace, a NO KILL animal shelter.
(Thanks Andrew, Roberta, Filip)

'Wish' performed in its entirety for charity

Off The Record IV
Friday, May 2, 2014
123 Pleasant St, Morgantown, WV

The Cure's "Wish" performed by: Brian Spragg, Clint Sutton, Dave Klug, Geordie Smith, Michael Iafrate, Patrick Spragg & Sarah Rudy

X's "Under The Big Black Sun" performed by: Billy Sheeder, Haley Slagle, Mark Poole & William Matheny

Pegboy's "Strong Reaction" performed by: Yellowdog Union

All proceeds to benefit Mountaineer Boys & Girls Club and Another Place, Another Time.

Advance Tickets $5 (available at
Day Of Show $7

(Thanks AndyTheCureFan via madgekin on Instagram) 

Cure party in NYC on April 21st

"It's that time again - Robert's birthday, and as always, we're celebrating here in the city. The 18th Annual Cure Party will be held at Destination Bar (211 Avenue A) on Monday April 21, 2014 from 8PM-12AM." (Thanks Licky Oats)

Cure party in Argentina

The Cure anniversary party
friday 25 april 00 hs
liverpool bar
arevalo 1376 , palermo hollywood
buenos aires, argentina

20 Artists Missing From the R & R Hall of Fame

From Yahoo:
18) The Cure: It's really annoying how many great British bands have been left out of the Hall. Sure, most of the 1960s bands all got in, but after that, no Brits need apply. The Cure were so incredibly versatile. I also vote for Bauhaus and the Sisters of Mercy. Just think — a Goth wing! No windows and you could save a bundle on lighting! (Thanks @kafdancer)

From Rolling Stone:
The Cure
Eligible since: 2003
Argument for induction: Whether or not you hold dear the Cure's contribution to Eighties goth trends, don't conflate that with their tremendous string of quirky pop albums over that decade and the next. Their maturation from late-Seventies art punks to kings of atmospheric moroseness mirrored a generation of misfits' own coming of angst. Robert Smith and co. still release relevant records today, but even if they ceased, say, 15 years in, we'd all still be dancing to "Just Like Heaven" and "Friday I'm in Love." (Thanks AndytheCurefan)