Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Cure play the Tonight Show

The Cure played The Perfect Boy, and they didn't get any interview time at all. (Thanks Brian)
Brian: "Robert's vocals sounded really good tonight. Best performance of this song, in my opinion."

Reviews - Kittencult.
YouTube HD.
On YouTube.
Full show on the Tonight Show website.
Version for iPod Touch and iPhones.
(Thanks Aaron, Junko, Morris, EchoBunny and Ariel)

Cure fans line up for the taping. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)


  1. *monty python voice* You lucky, lucky, lucky bastards!

    *waves to Cure peeps*

  2. Is The Tonight Show still next door to where they tape Days of Our Lives? Somebody needs to go over and get me Dr. Marlena Evans' autograph!!

    I hope everybody has fun at that show!!

  3. Maggie and Laura! Laura flew in from joke.

  4. soooooooooooooo envious!!!

    Looking forward to the COF chat tomorrow (in my world)

  5. YAY I can't wait to join you all tomorrow!! have fun at leno - I'll be working away here on my computer when the KROQ goes on sale! Aaaiiieee!

  6. How exciting to see everyone! Have a great time!!

  7. so who's in the picture?

    post up the lucky ones!

  8. Like meatloaf through a straw, so are The Daze of our Cure Lives!

    WTF Dr Marlena Evans is STILL on the show?... And have they caught the Salem Strangler yet? I think it might be Jake Kositchek!

  9. I see Maggie, Laura, Andy Cure Fan, Xploding Boy and his girlfriend

  10. you guys are so effin' lucky....have a FUN GREAT EXCITING WEEKEND!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Oh Cool the Mini Cure TV Show Tour has started! Luv to be there!

    Have FUN to all of the Lucky Cure Peeps who will be seeing the Cure in the upcoming days! ENJOY!!! :)

  13. I saw on the preview guide that Tom Cruise was going to be the guest tonight.

    If Robert Smith comes away with a devotion to Scientology, I'm really going to be disappointed.

  14. OMG!!!!! One of my fave songs from 4:13 Dream

  15. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!
    It was wonderful!!!

  16. It was nice to see Tom Cruise interact with the band..He had a chat with Robert, and also Porl..I wonder what they talked about..I also had the feeling they really respected each other in an artist kinda way..

    Anyways. performance was very fine I gotta say..

  17. Cureheart,

    Maybe Tom Cruise will start jumping down on the couch saying how much he loves The Cure.

    And Robert will look at him all cock-eyed and say, "Uh...Thanks". You know that's how Robert would react. :)

  18. Oh that a great choice but why only one song & no interview? What's up with that Jay???

    And we have to watch goofy Tom Cruise chat away about nonsense just to see the Cure since I'm assuming they will be on last? Oh well I'll suffer through it, anything for The Cure!

  19. Show's on the East Coast now. I'm trying to find some Cure Peeps in the audience!

  20. Dumb Anguish - I just giggled because I can visualize that.

    I wish Jay Leno was starting at 10:00 THIS year instead of next.

  21. MissCure - Will you be attending all 5 events? ie Leno, Carson, Curse, KROQ and Kimmel. I bow down in your SHADOW OF GREATNESS if this is indeed the case.

  22. nothing i like to see more than a bunch of happy latinos! ;)

    god leno is such a tool. glad everyone had a good time!

  23. pumpcasting... way more interesting than the cure...

  24. its more than 2 hours till they air in west coast. *sigh*

    so when do they show the cure playing? towards the end of the show?

    i heard sugar was in 4th tonight, right in front of robert! <3

  25. Anah he was a little bit but thankfully not much.

    About 15 more minutes left till they show The Cure I think. Leno only an hour right???

  26. Yes, only an hour. What I find funny is the amount of male sexual enhancement commercials that are airing during this show! Good Gawd!

  27. Didn't that guy get fired from Mad TV? He really isn't funny. All he does are impersonations, and they aren't even good. They could have used that time for The Cure...

  28. My love for the Cure must be boundless to watch a whole episode of the Tonight Show.

    Sullen, is that you in the pic on the far right? If so, hi from your neighbor at the Camden Curiosa show! :)

  29. Yeah I took notice to that too!!! What is up with that. Maybe Jay uses it???

    And now there is this unfunny guy on Frank Caliendo! HE'S NOT FUNNY!!! What we have to go through to see The Cure!!!

    DJ--Just watch the last 10 minutes of the show, they are on last, so save yourself 50ish minutes of utter nonsense!

  30. Anah---I don't know if he was fired but I can see if he was. He sucks & is unfunny!

    Almost time for The Cure now! Finally! YEAH!!!!

  31. They Sound and Look soooo Good!

  32. PS: What is that painting? And Si's hot rockabilly cut and sideburns, Porl's heels... *Sigh*

  33. love that japanese background theyre using!

  34. they sounded great! robert was looking adorable...
    wish i were there, too!!!!

  35. Isn't that a classic Japanese painting? The one with the mask?

  36. Wow - the Cure sounded absolutely EXCELLENT. Period. I was not excited that they were playing The Perfect Boy - but it was fanTAStic! Way to go gents.

  37. Oh that was so worth it! They sounded Awesome & looked so fucking good! Robert so damn cute, Simon so sexy and Porl too! Jason Rocked!!! They all Rocked! Damn I wish I could have went to LA for all this Cure Stuff!

    And I hope someone recorded their performance tonight. I totally forgot to set-up my DVD!! And it was over so fast & I want to savor it for many more times!!! It was so Great! Ah I love all this Cure Magic! I miss it and it's nice to have it back again even if only for a few short shows.

    Glad to the Cure peeps cheering in the audience, sounds like you had a Excellent Time!!!

  38. Anah--I think it is a famous painting but I'm not sure. I've seen it before & I liked that they used that as the backdrop. For some reason Japanese image & The Cure always look good together.

  39. sofia said...
    "they sounded great! robert was looking adorable..."

    It sounded a little more quiet than what I'm used to, other than that it was flawless.
    And why oh why does Robert have to be so charmingly lovable and cuddly? WHY?!!! :,-(

  40. Helsa--He just is so freaking cuddly! I loved how he looked tonight!

    Oh well off to sleep now! Good night & have sweet Cure Dreams Cure Peeps!

  41. Fantabulous way to start the off the cure cali bloc for the next 6 days. :) That was so cute how Robert almost panicked when he sang "obvious" instead of "innocent"...but he managed to salvage that and give a really great performance of the song. Nice job gentlemen! Onwards to Sunday and the live webcast.

  42. Tomorrow Carson. Meeting peeps tomorrow morning (they need showers!!) Tix for KROQ are now completely out-of-control. Very lucky to score one. Hopefully, everyone trying to go was able to get one. Otherwise, some people are off the xmas gift list!

  43. Personally, I thought that Tom Cruise was pretty amusing tonight, and I'm looking forward seeing his film Valkyrie. Frank Caliendo was somewhat less amusing, but I thought his impressions were spot on. Leno himself was also on his game.

    As for The Cure, I thought that was an outstanding rendition of The Perfect Boy.

    Congratulations to everyone who was able to attend the show.

  44. AHH!! I just watched it! It was brilliant! WHooT! First time posting!

  45. They didn't even mention Cure on the promos for Jay coming up. Arses. I really would like to see Cure head back and do David Letterman and SNL.

  46. Hi everyone!

    I watched last night. I was sooo tired but I took a little cat nap and then woke up just before they were on.

    It was wonderful and I thought they sounded great! Robert was right on with the vocals and I loved watched Porl dance in his glam shoes too!

    I looked for sugar girl...but didn't see her. I'm sure she had a blast!

  47. Here in LA - not much sleep yet. Chris, Sara and I been hangin' out with some of the dudes from The Curse and Sugar Girl and Andythecurefan. They all were beaming about the Tonight Show and how awesome RSX looks and how fucking great they sounded. Insanely jealous.

    Can't wait to see Carson Daly later on today.


  48. Cat, visit Venice while you're in town!

  49. Err...
    any chance of...
    (looking at own feet)
    sharing 'dvd-able' moments like this without going to jail or risking Craig?

  50. Anah, dunno if I will have time. Hot damn we're in Cali though. I prefer NoCal to SoCal - no offense to SoCal peeps. LA is just too glitzy for me, especially where we're staying (Burbank). I like the view from our hotel room.


  51. Hello,
    I am currently seeding the HD ATSC MPEG file of the performance on Dime


  52. What a treat to see the boys in action again! It looked like they were having fun, which bodes well for the rest of the upcoming shows. I am equal parts thrilled and seething with jealousy for all of you who get to catch at least one of the performances this week. At one of the COF gatherings, please make a toast for us peeps that are there with you in spirit! (sniffle)

    And PHT's made an appearance! WooHoo!!!

  53. Yes, my boyfriend was asking why Simon looked like a greaser. but i was thinking PHT too!
    haha anyway, it's really toooo bad they could only play one song at the end. Kind of frustrating. But they did sound great!

  54. I just watched it again.

    Nice performance!

    Simon looks constrained on that little stage though. The guy needs room to dance and rock out with his bass.

    I love the RSX toe tapping too.

  55. Cat: I love you! I too prefer Northern California to Southern. And I grew up in San Diego. I lived in San Francisco and Humboldt/Mendocino County for years and years. Northern California is one of the

    -----> Have fun tonight! I have a feeling you're going to get to meet Porl... <3

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