Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Curse plays HOB on Saturday

Saturday December 13th 2008
House Of Blues Hollywood
8430 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90069
Tickets for The Curse at HOB are $13.50 and are available here.
"We confirmed the show kind of late so TicketMaster doesn't have our band listed on the event, they only list Sweet & Tender Hooligans. I believe we go on at about 8:45pm so be sure to get there early. Our set is almost entirely made up of requests, especially from those of you traveling to CA for that weekend."
(Thanks Paul K and Brian)


  1. Greatly looking forward to The Curse. They sound pretty damn kewl and close to the real thang.


  2. i am so excited too!!!!

    cant wait!!!

    i requested TO THE SKY. i hope they can play it - it was on their song list. but i am so into the RSx demos of the glove's blue sunshine that all i want to hear is LIKE AN ANIMAL and MR ALPHABET SAYS and PEFECT MURDER!! but i dont think those were on the song choice list.

    but yeah - i think we are REALLY in for a great set of songs!!


  3. Hey you guys. And by guys I guess I mean ChristinaP and meowKitty. And any other peoples that might be peoples at this very
    moment, as far as I'm concerned.

    I seen the Curse a couple times they are good. This one time I saw them in San Jose and about 12 people showed up,
    This other time I saw them at Slim's in San Francisco and several hundred people showed up I think. That was so much fun. Even though I don't need other people in order to feel secure about myself.

    I'm sure it's fun in Hollywood... I'm so can't wait !!!

  4. In some ways, now that I think about it... after bong hits.... in some ways going to see a cover band is actually better than going to see the real thing at a stadium. For one thing, there's no stadium.
    And, You can hang out and enjoy yourself without paying $79.50 for a concert ticket. Less pretentious. It's now so much better I think, after when you think about it after bong hits

    thanks for letting me "vent" lol

  5. I think I'm there! Sounds fun!!!!

  6. Come on Paul, there were at least..............15 people at our show in San Jose. :) One thing I really like about SJ is that the rarities seem to go over really well there. In fact, I think songs like Shake Dog Shake, 2 Late, Strange Day, and Shake Dog Shake were better received there than Plainsong & Last Dance were in SF.

  7. If you're anywhere near LA you have to go! I saw them for the first time this year during the tour in Santa Monica and was so impressed. What I love is that they'll play all the songs that you wish The Cure would play live, and sound really great. It's going to be alot of fun! To the Sky and Burn are on my request list!

  8. Xploding Boy - Did you play Shake Dog Shake twice? That's Awesome!!

    PaulK - Bong on!!

    *waves to Katz*

  9. Well we all have our personal concert memories, Brian. Mine was in San Francisco. LOL !!!

  10. Oops. I was having trouble logging in so I ended up retyping my post and put SDS twice.


    you owe me an e-mail!


    Xplodingboy: Can you play Harold and Joe? :-)

  12. Cat - Coming soon to an in-box near you!!

  13. This sounds like a lot of fun!