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Robert's BBC 6 playlist

Missed it or want to hear it again? Listen here.

Psychedelic Furs - India
Placebo - The Bitter End
65daysofstatic - Radio Protector
Vessels - Radiart
Alcest - Kodama
Eat Static (with Robert) - In All Worlds
Suzanne Vega - Small Blue Thing
God is an Astronaut - Shores of Orion
Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year
Maybeshewill - Sanctuary
Kiasmos - Drawn
MONO - Halo
The Libertines - Heart of the Matter
The Notwist - Boneless
Manic Street Preachers - A Design for Life
Deftones - Anniversary of An Uninteresting Event
NIN - Every Day Is Exactly the Same
Low - Point of Disgust
Kristin Hersh - Crooked
My Bloody Valentine - Blown a Wish
Frightened Rabbit - I Feel Better
Mogwai - Batcat
The Cure - The Same Deep Water As You

Robert on BBC 6 Music today

Full schedule of Meltdown events

Thought it might be useful, or at least interesting, to compile the full list of Meltdown events here. If I missed anything, please let me know. And to everyone going, whether to one event or all of them, have a fantastic time! It's an amazing lineup, and if I could be there, I'd be at every show possible. Excellent job of curating, Robert! Congratulations on such a superb event, and best wishes on everything running as smoothly as possible with the minimum amount of hassles. Cheers!

June 15th

Royal Festival Hall
Friday Lunch: I'm in Love
7:30 PM Psychedelic Furs and The Church
Friday I'm in Love Party

Queen Elizabeth Hall
Friday Tonic: I'm in Love
7:30 PM 65daysofstatic and Tropic of Cancer
11 PM Concrete Lates: Kiasmos DJ set

Purcell Room
7:45 PM Joycut and Indian Queens

June 16th

Royal Festival Hall
Buskers Stage
7:30 PM Placebo and kaelan mikla

Queen Elizabeth Hall
7:30 PM The Notwist and Drahla
11 PM Concrete Lates: Vessels DJ set and live

Purcell Room
7:45 PM Jambinai and Tropic of Cancer

June 17th

Royal Festival Hall
Sunday Surprises
1-1:30 PM False Advertising
2-2:30 PM De Rosa
3-3:30 PM Is Bliss
4-4:30 PM Midas Fall
5-5:45 PM The Penelopes
6:15-7 PM Kagoule

7:30 PM The Libertines and Yonaka

Queen Elizabeth Hall
7:30 PM Alcest and Emma Ruth Rundle

Purcell Room
7:45 PM Loop and Planning For Burial

June 18th

Royal Festival Hall
7:30 PM Death Cab for Cutie and Fear of Men

Queen Elizabeth Hall
7:30 PM God is an Astronaut and Jambinai

Purcell Room
7:45 PM Emma Ruth Rundle and Planning for Burial

June 19th

Royal Festival Hall
7:30 PM Manic Street Preachers and The Anchoress

Queen Elizabeth Hall
Frightened Rabbit and Pumarosa
"We are deeply saddened by the recent loss of Scott Hutchison. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and the band at this difficult time.
In agreement with their management, we have decided not to replace Frightened Rabbit for the forthcoming show on 19 June as part of Meltdown. That night, out of respect to Scott and Frightened Rabbit, Queen Elizabeth Hall will stay dark. All ticket holders will be fully refunded.
Pumarosa, who were due to support Frightened Rabbit, will now perform on our riverside stage during Meltdown on 24 June, free to the public.

7:30 PM Mental Health and the Music Industry
The music industry has seen a number of devastating losses of life in recent years, and ever-increasing numbers of musicians are speaking out in the media and in their songs about struggles with mental health.

Musicians Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses), Stefan Olsdal (Placebo) and Dizraeli, along with mental health professionals from Help Musicians, discuss the current state of mental health in the music industry. The conversation is moderated by clinical psychologist Dr Jay Watts.

This special event replaces the cancelled Frightened Rabbit performance in Queen Elizabeth Hall on 19 June.

Purcell Room
7:45 PM Vex Red and Douglas Dare

June 20th

Royal Festival Hall
7:30 PM Deftones and pg.lost

Queen Elizabeth Hall
7:30 PM Low and Jo Quail
J贸nsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley: Liminal

Purcell Room
7:45 PM Moon Duo and Hilary Woods

June 21st

Royal Festival Hall
8 PM Mogwai and Kathryn Joseph

Queen Elizabeth Hall
7:30 PM Kristin Hersh and Matt Holubowski
J贸nsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley: Liminal

Purcell Room
7:45 PM pg.lost and Thought Forms

June 22nd

Royal Festival Hall
Friday Lunch: I'm in Love
7:30 PM Nine Inch Nails and Black Moth Super Rainbow
Friday I'm in Love Party

Queen Elizabeth Hall
Friday Tonic: I'm in Love
7:30 PM Mono and Jo Quail
J贸nsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley: Liminal

Purcell Room
7:45 PM The Joy Formidable and Kidsmoke

June 23rd

Royal Festival Hall
Buskers Stage
5:30 PM Meltdown Big Busk
7:30 PM My Bloody Valentine and The Soft Moon

Queen Elizabeth Hall
7:30 PM Suzanne Vega and James Walsh
11 PM Concrete Lates: Eat Static DJ set

Purcell Room
7:45 PM And Also the Trees and A Dead Forest Index

June 24th

Royal Festival Hall
Sunday Surprises
1-1:30 PM Kite Base
2-2:30 PM Martinez
3-3:30 PM Blue Crime
4-4:30 PM Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
5-5:30 PM Skinny Girl Diet
6-7 PM Pumarosa

7:30 PM CUR脝TION-25 - Robert Smith and 'Curious Friends' and The Twilight Sad
10:30 PM Melted afterparty

Queen Elizabeth Hall
7:30 PM Maybeshewill and I Like Trains

Purcell Room
6:30 PM The Soft Moon and The KVB

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Important Meltdown ticket info

Anyone waiting for e-tickets for Meltdown:
'We identified a glitch in our system which meant that not all e-tickets were generated as expected. We’re in the process of rectifying the issue, They’ll come in a separate email from Some email providers often move these to your spam/junk folders. If for whatever reason they don’t arrive by the day of the show please bring your confirmation email with you to the ticket office and we’ll happily print these onto physical tickets for you there." Thanks, @mattsmudge.

Last chances for a Meltdown

Robert interview with Time Out London

Another new interview with Robert, this one in Time Out London. Some excerpts:

Let’s talk about Meltdown. Have you been to Meltdown shows as a fan before?
'I came to see Bowie when he put on his Meltdown [in 2002]. I saw all his [Meltdown] shows, actually. And I saw Tricky one year. I think the curator was… Oh, I’m terrible. Reggae bloke, wears a tinfoil hat.’

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry?
'Yes! I saw Tricky at that festival. It was one of the weirdest backstages I’ve ever been to in my life – you could cut through the smoke with a knife. So yeah, I’ve been to a few over the years, and it’s an honour to be able to put it together.'

Does it feel weird doing something like this solo, not as The Cure?
'I’ve never done anything this public where it’s just me. It wasn’t how I intended it at all – it was going to be The Cure’s Meltdown. But this big Hyde Park show came up at the same time and they were very iffy about exclusivity, so it became my Meltdown. It’s actually a good thing, because it would have been utterly impractical to have a five-piece curating a festival. We can’t even agree what to listen to on a tour bus.’

A lot of the bands you’ve picked are from the same sort of era and genre. Was that deliberate?
'I wasn’t trying to be everything to everyone. I listen to loads of stuff, and none of it’s suitable for Meltdown – if I started to bring it all in, it’d be a right hotch-potch. So I limited it to bands that were really great live bands. I’ve always been drawn to more emotional music, and they all wear their hearts on their sleeve.’

They’re major acts too.
'I went on Wikipedia and looked at everyone else’s line-ups and thought: Right, I’ll just aim ridiculously high. So my first invitation was to The Rolling Stones. They knocked me back,
but my next shortlist of acts all said yes, which I was incredibly honoured by.’

You announced Frightened Rabbit for the line-up a month before the tragic death of their frontman Scott Hutchison. How did that make you feel?
'It’s awful. They were one of the bands that I was really, really looking forward to seeing. I’ve been listening to them for ten years. I’ve never met him, but I feel I know him because of his voice.’

I’ve heard that you want to watch every single band at the festival. Is that possible?
'Theoretically it’s possible. I’m not sure if it’s physically or mentally possible, but I intend to try. How I will feel by day six, I’m not sure.’

And what are you planning for your own show: Cur忙tion 25?
'The show that I’m constructing for the final night is utterly different to anything we’ve done for a long time. There was something on the website saying the audience is encouraged to stand. I was like, hold on! I’m putting together a show that is utterly morose! Hyde Park’s a big festival vibe, Meltdown’s going to be two hours of doom and gloom. We probably won’t be playing the big singles.’

Did you expect to still be playing shows at all, at nearly 60?
'No. If I had ever been intent on being the number one band in the world and was still relentlessly banging my head against that particular wall, I would hopefully be dead – and if not, I would just be a moron. The process was what I enjoyed: to be an artist, if I want to be poncy about it. Everything The Cure’s ever done is purely selfish. I’ve only got one life, and I should really be doing stuff that brings me satisfaction. Anyway, one day my hair will all fall out and I won’t look gothic any more. So just wait for that.’

Jetstream Pony with Robert

Meltdown posters, prints, postcards, t-shirts

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Robert interview in The Guardian

The Cure's Robert Smith: 'I was very optimistic when I was young – now I'm the opposite'

New interview in The Guardian. Some excerpts:

This year, the Cure are marking the 40th anniversary of their first concert under that name (they started in 1976 as Malice) with a flurry of activity. Smith has been rummaging through boxes for a documentary directed by regular collaborator Tim Pope. “I knew a few people wanted to – what’s a nice way of saying exploit? – celebrate the 40th anniversary with projects,” he says. “I said no, but I knew that they would probably go ahead anyway unless I made it very obvious that we were doing something.”

First up, Smith is curating the Meltdown festival at London’s Southbank Centre: a walloping 90 artists over 10 days. Smith will close the event under the name Cureation 25 – which promises a lineup of previous bandmates and more – shortly before the Cure headline a sold-out Hyde Park. “Meltdown’s going to be doom and gloom and Hyde Park’s going to be hands in the air,” he says. He sent a handwritten letter to each name on his wishlist and almost all of them said yes. It’s striking that everyone on the lineup, from the Manic Street Preachers to Mogwai, Nine Inch Nails to the Twilight Sad, has been influenced by the Cure in one way or another. Does Smith only like bands who like the Cure?

“I think you’d be hard-pressed to find many artists who don’t like the Cure,” he says. “I think people admire us, even if they don’t particularly get the music. It sounds very conceited, but it’s not about me, it’s about the band. We’ve stayed true to ourselves. If you’re in a band, you realise how hard that is. I think people admire our tenacity.”

The Cure’s position is certainly enviable: loved with cult-like fervour yet mainstream enough to be covered by Adele (Lovesong) and featured in Ant-Man (Plainsong). There’s even a Reese Witherspoon romcom named after their 1987 hit Just Like Heaven, not that Smith has seen it. They are the only band, Smith notes, who are routinely perceived as both suicidal and whimsical. And they have maintained their integrity. Currently without a record label, manager or publicist, they tour (often) or record (not so much) only when Smith feels like it. It’s not true that he’s the only Cure member who matters (if bassist Simon Gallup left, then “it wouldn’t be called the Cure”), but he has always been in the driving seat. When was the last time he did something he didn’t want to do? He points at my Dictaphone and laughs. “Sitting here.”

These days, the Cure are predominately a live act, renowned for their epic, multi-encore shows. In Mexico City, as a 53rd-birthday treat, Smith tried to break Bruce Springsteen’s record of 4hr 6min, but miscalculated and fell three minutes short. “I was a bit crushed,” he says, “because we could have honestly kept going for another half an hour.” Friends, bandmates and critics have all suggested he leave the audience wanting more, but he keeps going because he enjoys it so much, and because he thinks he owes it to the fans. “I still think of that person who’s there thinking, ‘I wish they wouldn’t stop. I wish they wouldn’t stop.’” Hyde Park, he warns (or promises), will be a relatively brisk two hours.

It has been a decade since the last Cure album, 4:13 Dream. “I’ve hardly written any words since then,” Smith says glumly. “I think there’s only so many times you can sing certain emotions. I have tried to write songs about something other than how I felt but they’re dry, they’re intellectual, and that’s not me.” He wistfully quotes a line from the Cure’s The Last Day of Summer: “It used to be to so easy.” Would he be disappointed if he never made another album? “I would now, yeah. Because I’ve committed myself to going into the studio and creating songs for the band, which I haven’t done for 10 years. Meltdown has inspired me to do something new because I’m listening to new bands. I’m enthused by their enthusiasm. So if it doesn’t work, I’ll be pretty upset, because it will mean that the songs aren’t good enough.”

He has been revisiting old unused lyrics to see if he can repurpose any, but “some of them don’t make any sense to me any more. It would be weird if I felt the same as I did when I was in my 20s. I’d be mental!”

How has his outlook changed? “It’s slightly more cynical and slightly less optimistic, which is strange. I was very optimistic when I was young, even though I wrote very dismal songs, but now I’m kind of the opposite. I have a very dismal outlook on life.”

Smith worries that, at 59, he has become a reactionary who scorns social media, smartphones and the like. “I’m at war with a lot of the modern world,” he says. “I really hate how things have ended up in the last 20 years. I don’t know how it’s happened. There’s a certain tone to this country that’s really changed for the worse.” He’s building a rant, but a melancholy one. “It’s weird how the 70s is often referred to as a period of great unrest and the three-day week, blah, blah. It’s bollocks. The period from the second world war to the 70s, we were on a great trajectory for equality and so forth. It’s only since the end of the 70s, Maggie and Ronnie, that things have inexorably gone wrong. It’s insane, people’s lust for technology and new things.” He sighs. “I’m just turning into a grumpy old man.”

Smith is feeling his age in other ways. He notes that Tom Petty’s last UK show before his death last year was also a 40th-anniversary concert in Hyde Park. “Last time we sold out places in America that we’d never sold out, even in the 80s,” he says. “A darker part of me thinks they like watching us because they think I’m going to fall over and they’re not going to get to see us again.” He shakes off the joke. “I’m just being silly. It will stop, of course it will. I do wake up on a day like today and think, ‘Am I really talking about this band, still?’ I’m honestly astonished at how much love there is for the band. If you’d told me when we started, I would have been quite shocked.” One more encore, then. Maybe two.

More bands added for Meltdown

Some new bands have been added to the Meltdown lineup, as part of the free Sunday Surprises series. The shows take place at the Riverside Terrace, Level 2, outside Royal Festival Hall

June 17th - False Advertising (1 - 1:30 PM), De Rosa (2 - 2:30 PM), Is Bliss (3 - 3:30 PM), Midas Fall (4 - 4:30 PM), The Penelopes (5 - 5:45 PM), and Kagoule (6:15 - 7 PM).

June 24th -  Kite Base (1 - 1:30 PM), Martinez (2 - 2:30 PM), Blue Crime (3 - 3:30 PM), Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard (4 - 4:30 PM), Skinny Girl Diet (5 - 5:30 PM), and Pumarosa (6 - 7 PM).

Hyde Park Aftershow Party

Facebook Event Page

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hyde Park t-shirt and lanyard

Cure Hyde Park T-shirt (£25) and Lanyard (£8) are up for pre-ordering. Designs are not final, and won't be until about 10 days before the show. Orders will not be processed and dispatched until the design has been confirmed.

"Enter unique code from your email if you paid for shirt with Hyde Park ticket." Thanks @GMFree1.

Hyde Park & Meltdown tickets for sale or trade

Have had a bunch of requests for this lately, so here you go. If you have tickets for sale or trade, post them in the comments.

As always, only list tickets at face value or below (plus the ticket fees & shipping).

Monday, June 4, 2018

'Mixed Up' Deluxe pushed back a week

The release of the Deluxe Edition of 'Mixed Up' has been pushed back a week to June 22nd.

Cure in the new Q Magazine

Cure in Mojo

Cure in Uncut

Cure in Rumore magazine

Meltdown flyer

Meltdown version of 'Obscure' released

Note: The only difference between this "exclusive" version and the regular version is the cover. Here's what Amazon says: "This special edition features a new cover in celebration of Robert Smith's curation of Meltdown Festival in London June 2018. The cover image is Vella's photograph of Robert featured on the posters advertising the festival. The content is the same as the original book." Thanks, @AaronLaw92.

Albums You Need To Hear: Pornography

From Let's Talk Music Reviews:

On May the 4th 1982, the album, Pornography by The Cure was released. The Cure had originated in West Sussex, England and Pornography was their fourth studio album to be unleashed on a waiting public, who had pushed the previously and equally morose sounding Faith, into the Top 20 in their native home.

The line up was down to the three core members of vocalist/guitar/keyboards Robert Smith, bass/keyboards Simon Gallup and percussion/keyboards Laurence (Lol) Tolhurst.

It was released on the Fiction Record label and produced by Phil Thornnally with the grand total of 8 tracks on it.

From the beginning you hear the programmed beat for “One Hundred Years” which has a very iconic guitar line which is hard to forget. This is like a darker version of Alice Through The Looking Glass if you on a bad trip. The imagery is quite bleak. Fear, death blows, exploding heads and a small black-haired girl pushing her face through a mirror.

The slowed down repeating lines of Smith singing, make you feel a bit off kilter in “A Short Term Effect”. It is a rather clever use of sound. A round-a-bout of discordant musical sounds adds to the feeling of ill ease.

“The Hanging Garden” was the single and is a favourite for many fans. Smith singing ‘fall fall fall fall, into the wall, jump jump out of time, fall fall fall fall out of the sky, cover my face as the animals die!!’ gives this a heavy feeling. A lovely heavy bass from Gallup and that wonderful drum beat makes this danceable.

A slow beat and again that very purposeful bass lead into the melancholy vocals of Robert in “Siamese Twins”. Such a moving and descriptive piece of lyrical poetry. It feels like an opiate malaise and you will definitely remember his voice as he asks ‘Is it always like this?’

A gothic love ballad of purity and darkness. This is the “The Figurehead” with its meandering beat with a realization of loss of innocence. The song is so sad and filled with longing.

Next is the gorgeous “Strange Day”. While this sounds like a number about loss, it swells with that great guitar playing from Robert Smith. Would you not want a strange day to wander through the mist?

The keyboard chords for “Cold” are spine tingling. Brooding and atmospheric as you feel the cold doom seep into your bones.

Tolhurst picks out a pretty amazing drum beat on the last song on the album which of course is “Pornography”. This is a graduating build up of sound upon sound, making this highly unusual in this period of music. Again that discordant giddy feeling where Smith‘s voice can be heard within the hurdy gurdy maelstrom.

Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography were The Cure‘s trilogy of nihilistic gothic rock. The bands by this time were using drugs heavily and drinking copious amounts of alcohol which probably account for the strange and trippy lyrics.

While the drug use and Robert Smith‘s ever deepening depression, brought their music to new heights, it also took its toll on the band, ripping at their seams. Simon Gallup left the band after Pornography was recorded after falling out with Smith and it looked like the end for The Cure even though the album went on to be in the Top 10 in the UK.

Luckily for us it wasn’t, but that is a whole other story or five.

This album, Pornography, with its bass driven sound, unique vocals and experimental music is a product of its time. For me, this is one of those landmark moments and as a young goth, this was often on heavy rotation. This is the dark side of The Cure and it is a wonderous place to be.

What is Tim Burgess up to?

Cure in the NY Times crossword puzzle

39 down in the New York Times crossword puzzle. Saturday, May 26th.

A post shared by Reeves Gabrels (@reevesgabrels) on

The clue was "Friday I'm in Love band".

Reeves and the Yamaha THR 100

Ken Haas talks with Reeves

Lol Tolhurst DJ set in Phoenix

Facebook Event Page

VIP Option One – $50
(1) Cured Paperback book
(1) GA Ticket to the DJ Set
(1) Invite to an intimate question and answer/book signing/meet and greet with Lol before the DJ Set. This is a private pre-show event and space is limited.

VIP Option Two -$35
(1) GA Ticket to the DJ Set
(1) Invite to an intimate question and answer/book signing/meet and greet with Lol before the DJ Set. This is a private pre-show event and space is limited.

GA Tickets for DJ Set – $10

Topographies shows, EP, and new video

Crawley Museum planning Cure exhibit for July

Update (June 4th, 2018): Article about this in the Crawley Observer.

Can you help Crawley Museum celebrate The Cure?

They may have been less than complimentary about Crawley over the years but the lads of The Cure will be forever linked with our town, whether they like it or not. In his book, Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys, founder member Lol Tolhurst describes Crawley as “a place where it is always raining and a slate grey sky hangs over everything...a suburban swamp built around shops, schools and factories”.

A bit harsh, to be sure, but there are no hard feelings!

Growing up in Crawley clearly did them some good as they produced songs of the calibre of Boys Don’t Cry, Love Cats, Lullaby and Friday I’m In Love.

Now the newly opened Crawley Museum is planning a temporary exhibition celebrating 40 years of the group – and they need your help.

The museum, which is based at The Tree, on the corner of The Boulevard and High Street, is asking people to share any photos, flyers, tickets or posters which might have survived from the band’s early days.

They would also like to hear any memories and anecdotes people have of the new town boys who would go on to conquer the world.

Perhaps you went to St Francis Assisi School with Lol and Robert Smith, or Notre Dame School, where they met Michael Dempsey.

Were you at St Wilfrid’s School with them when they performed their first gig in December 1976 under the name Malice?

Or were you part of the Wasps (Three Bridges) football team in 1975, for whom Robert was a rather useful winger?

The museum is currently only partially open. The Cure exhibition will coincide with its full opening and will run from July 1-22. Opening times are Wednesday to Saturday 10.30am to 4pm, Sunday 2-4.30pm.

In addition it will be open on Monday July 9 and Tuesday July 10 from 10.30am to 4pm. Anyone who can help, is asked to contact the museum on 01293 539088 or by emailing Andrea (at) crawleymuseums (dot) org .

Photo Exhibit June 14th-July 9th in London

Update (June 4th, 2018): Some info on the exhibition from Agnes B.

Richard Bellia presents around thirty photos of the mythical group The Cure in the London agn猫s b. shop agn猫s b. of Covent Garden, from June 14th till July 9th, 2018… an attractive way of taking part in their concert of July 7th that will celebrate their 40’s in Hyde Park, during the British Summer Time Festival!!

Richard Bellia and agn猫s b. did not have the opportunity to meet very often, but it is always with a great pleasure that the stylist has been exhibiting in her shops the magnificent black and white photos of the photographer for almost 10 years now… first within the Lyon Nuits Sonores Festival in 2009, then in Paris, Montpellier, Brussels!

event facebook

Born in France in 1962, it’s in October 1980, during a Cure concert, that Richard Bellia decided to become a rock photographer. In 1985, he settled in London and quickly began to work for the famous Melody Maker magazine. This new contribution sparked an interest from the French press and Bellia became a regular correspondent specializing in the British music scene. He only works with silver-based photography and the majority of his photos are black and white. In addition to practical reasons, Bellia has mostly chosen black and white as a quest for perfection while in the dark room. He has exhibited in United States, England and Europe.

"I turned to photography at the age of 18. There was a camera lying around at a friend’s party, I took it, I took photo after photo and when my friends saw the result, they all said, “Your photos are really great!” and I told myself that was what I should do.” Richard Bellia

The photos exhibited are taken from the book Un 艗il sur la Musique 1982 – 2007 by Richard Bellia: 375 photos, colors and black & white commented by the author. Many musical genres are approached on this book: rock, punk, electro music, metal, rap and in a general way, all which attracted the ear of the author since he goes to concert with his cameras.
“A very beautiful object where we meet Robert Smith with no make up on, Chemical Brothers in a pharmacy, Morrissey in his big time, a Ramone being sucked. ” – Lib茅ration (in November, 07)

“Rarely a work of artists’ photos did disturbed me so much by what they say of their time: from 1982 till 2007, Richard Bellia painted a portrait of the rock, punk and new-wave’s  history. Moved, rough, immediate, accompanied with incisive comments, these photos make the identity of the rock. A magnificent book.” -Sophie Loubi猫re – France Inter.

exhibition from June 14 to July 9
opening Thursday 14 June, 6-9pm

agn猫s b. 35/36 Floral street, London WC2E 9DJ.

Cureheads events around the Hyde Park show

Saturday, April 28, 2018

More artists added for Hyde Park show

New artists added are Lisa Hannigan, Pale Waves, This Will Destroy You, Alice Phoebe Lou, and Kathryn Joseph.

Hyde Park pre-show party

'Mixed Up' Deluxe Edition now listed on iTunes and Amazon US

The Deluxe Edition of 'Mixed Up' is now listed for pre-order on iTunes (US) and Amazon (US). And you can already buy 'The Lovecats (TC & Benny Mix 1990)' and 'Want (Time Mix 2018)' on Amazon. $1.29 each.

Thanks, @danieleweinb and @claiborne_davis.

You can also listen to 'The Lovecats (TC & Benny Mix 1990)' and 'Want (Time Mix 2018)' on Spotify. Thanks, @frenzymcfly.

RSD 'Mixed Up' & 'Torn Down' available online

As of the time of this posting, Resident has the RSD versions of 'Mixed Up' and 'Torn Down' available for online ordering here. Don't know how long that will last, others have sold out already, so if you want them, get them now.

Simon speaks!

Well, he types, but still so nice to hear from him! Some thoughts about working with Wayne Hussey and Michael Ciravolo on Michael's 'Beauty in Chaos' project:

SIMON Sez (some incredibly kind words from the best bassist in the world!)

"Hello Simon here

Just wanted to write a couple of lines to say how honoured I was to be involved in the "BEAUTY IN CHAOS" project .

When I joined the Cure back when things were black and white I made a secret vow to myself that I wouldn't just Haw myself out ...I believed that when you are in a band you stick by that band, and don't become just a journeyman Muso to further your own Ego ...I seriously hated all those Tits from the 80,s and 90,s who used to pat each other on the back and "hang out "

To me, Commitment to one band was a signal fire that you meant it.. but ...Then you Mellow !

I was lucky enough to meet Michael and his lovely wife Tish and Marc (LaCorte, Schecter's EVP) in the 90's and I think my first comment to him was rather Flippant , but I was very used to people from companies coming backstage and asking us to stand in the Broom Cupboard while they held court with Robert . So here I was for the first time, where a genuinely nice bunch of people were asking me about things like missing home , how I felt how the tour had been going etc etc ( I sort of had to look over my shoulder that they weren't talking to Robert ) it just felt like a normal conversation down the pub with people I knew ). Michael has always been 100% behind getting what the band wanted in regards to guitar designs, colours shapes ,and one of my Joys in touring America was always his enthusiasm about Guitars and Guitarists ! (Michael +Tish+ beer +bar ++ Me slightly slumped talking about Johnny Thunders if you get the Idea )... So

Back to where I started ..if someone else had asked me to play , I would have probably have said no but I felt this was a special thing, and then the icing on the cake was that Wayne was singing!

I could sit here and type for hours to explain what Wayne means to me, but suffice to say I think he is one of the most Underrated Rock singers of all time ! I caught up with Him last year and Drove over to see him and the Mish play, and suffice to say his stage presence and general "Rockness " was still spine tingling , just 100% spot on .

He Drove over the next day and we talked for Hours and then he went off ( Back to Brazil ....Complete Bastard for having all that sunshine! )..but then he sent me tapes through of riff's that id sent him 16 years ago we go back to the top ,and I lay in bed thinking ..if anything comes of it .. Perhaps a guitarist of Michael's magnitude can help us out !


x "

"Well to read these words is simply impossible to describe and brought more than one tear to my eyes. Please check out a sample of 'MAN OF FAITH' here, featuring Simon on bass and Wayne Hussey on vocals.. Blessed beyond to not only have these two amazing artists on the same track for the first time ever, but to also call them friends. MC"

Thanks, @christinefalls.

Win tickets to every Meltdown show

Note: This is only open to UK residents.

Tim is not filming Meltdown

New solo project from Roger

From Roger on Facebook:

"Im very happy to announce now my new solo project Two Ravens featuring Jennifer Pague from Vita and the Woolf singing on four of the eight pieces. Side one has five songs composed for two cellos and piano and side two three songs written for string quartet and piano. I was introduced to Jen by my publisher and executive producer on this project Daryl Bamonte. We just finished recording in London and will mix in June for hopefully a late Autumn release. More details to come...."

You can see some photos from the recording sessions on his Facebook.

Reeves demoing his guitars and pickups

Watch the guitar demos on Reeves' Facebook.

Reeves played with Gov't Mule

and then this happened (sitting in with Gov’t Mule).

A post shared by Reeves Gabrels (@reevesgabrels) on

Reeves joined Gov't Mule during their encores on April 26th, 2018 in Albany, NY. He played on Children Of The Revolution, You Don't Know How It Feels, and Statesboro Blues.
And here's a video clip from Reeves on Facebook.

Lol will be in Dublin on May 5th

Update (April 28th, 2018): Times have been announced.

Lol Tolhurst In Conversation With Ben Wardle
Co-founding member of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst, will outline his relationship with Robert Smith (as detailed in his 2016 memoir, Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys), as well as discuss The Cure, in this their fortieth year.

Violet Vendetta plays Unfest 2018

May 26th, 2018 at The Forum in Tunbridge wells, Kent. UK.

Friday, April 13, 2018

'Mixed Up' & 'Torn Down' pre-orders now on Universal's Cure store

'Mixed Up' and 'Torn Down' CD, vinyl, and box set pre-orders have been added to the Universal Cure store. Thanks, Benj.

The Cure announce details of ‘Mixed Up’ and ‘Torn Down’ deluxe editions

From NME:

Get ready for 16 new remixes from Robert Smith

The Cure have announced details of the upcoming deluxe editions of ‘Mixed Up’ and ‘Torn Down’ – with new mixes. Check out the epic tracklist along with Robert Smith’s new remix of ‘Want’ below.

‘Torn Down’ serves as a sequel to The Cure’s Record Store Day release – a vinyl reissue of the band’s 1990 remix album, ‘Mixed Up’. Remixed by Smith himself and available across multiple formats, the release includes Cure classics such as ‘Lullaby’, ‘Close to Me’, ‘Pictures of You’, ‘Lovesong’, and ‘Why Can’t I Be You?’.

On ‘Mixed Up’, Smith singled out Brian ‘Chuck’ New’s dub style remix of ‘Pictures Of You’ as the muse for the record’s bold and adventurous direction.

“That mix turned the music on its head, but at the same time left the essential heart of the song intact,” he said. “As soon as I heard it, I updated the entire ‘Mixed Up’ plan. My revised ambition was to compile an album that was contemporary without being dated, immediate without being obvious, musically inspiring, rhythmically exciting and sonically great!”

Of the re-energising power of releasing ‘Mixed up’, Smith continued: “The whole of 1990 was essentially spent emerging from the shadow of Disintegration, and we managed to do it in a creatively satisfying way; by the end of the year, I couldn’t wait to start work on new songs for the next record”.

Speaking of ‘Torn Down’, Smith continued: “I wanted a 3-disc package, but we didn’t have enough ‘historic’ remixes – for a while I thought the ‘extra-extras’ CD would be Cure songs re-mixed by choice artists, rather than by choice re-mixers… that then got me thinking maybe I should have a go at one… so in early August 2017, I decided to experiment with ‘Three Imaginary Boys’. It is a pretty sparse multi-track; I pulled it apart at home and finished the initial re-mix in one session – and I really enjoyed the whole process”.

A release from the band adds: “By choosing favourite songs rather than the usual singles, one of Smith’s objectives was to illustrate the variety of the Cure catalogue, and by October of 2017 working on songs in chronological release order, he had remixed entirely the 16 songs that appear on ‘Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018’.”

And some more from Udiscovermusic:

Mixed Up’s genesis came from the band’s Disintegration album and its accompanying global Prayer Tour. Released in 1989, Disintegration had delivered a triumphant end to the 80s, but the first year of the 90s found The Cure unexpectedly unsettled.

Determined to keep up the momentum of the band’s ongoing success, but knowing there were internal tensions to address before heading back into the studio, Robert Smith decided on a different course of action; curating an album of the band’s rarer 12” mixes. As work on Mixed Up progressed, Smith realised that some of The Cure’s earlier remixes didn’t stand up to the newer ones.

Two tracks on the album, ‘A Forest’ and ‘The Walk’, were not just remixed but entirely re-recorded, as the multi-track tapes for both songs had long been lost. Both songs were reconstructed in the studio with producer Mark Saunders, using original instruments and gear.

The band convened over five days in June 1990 to record a new track for Mixed Up. After a certain amount of fraught experimenting with beats, loops and sequenced bass lines, Smith decided to change the vibe. A demo entitled PhaseAGE that had previously been deemed ‘too rock’ was committed to tape as ‘Never Enough’ and was released as a single in September 1990. The ‘Closer Mix’ of ‘Close To Me’ soon followed this and both songs were accompanied by customarily deranged Tim Pope videos.

For the Torn Down cover, Smith decided on a self-portrait painted in oils during the summer of 1990 which was originally intended as the sleeve for Mixed Up. He chose Torn Down as the title for the ‘extra-extras’ album inspired by the way he had “torn down” ‘Never Enough’, stripping the song back to resemble his original 1990 PhaseAGE demo. “I felt it was a good way to bring the project back full circle…in a Mixed Up kind of way” he says.

'Want' (The Time Mix) debuts on BBC 6

BBC 6 Music debuted 'Want' (The Time Mix) from 'Torn Down'. Also aired a bit more of the interview with Robert, where he confirmed that the 'Wish' remaster is finished and will be the next Deluxe Edition released. Also said he plans to finish the Deluxe Edition program now, after it being stopped for "stupid reasons".

Listen to the track and interview segment here at 48:05.

Cure Assure Fans They Can Sit At Meltdown

From Stereogum:

In a vast number of different ways, getting old sucks. It sucks for many reasons, and one of them is this: Standing up at shows gets harder and harder. An hour or two is one thing, but if you’re at a festival, standing around for days, your neck and back will be killing you by the end. And if it’s slow, contemplative music, standing up is even worse. It’s nature’s way of reminding you that you need to stop pretending you are a teenager.

The Cure know about this. The goth-pop legends have been a band for over 40 years. Many of their fans have stuck with them for decades. This means, of course, that many of their fans are old. The Cure are looking to have a big 2018. There’s new music on the way, there’s a huge 40th-anniversary show, and frontman Robert Smith is curating this summer’s Meltdown Festival in London. He’s put together a hell of a lineup, one that features bands like Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine. And he does not appreciate the suggestion that fans stand through the whole thing.

Apparently reacting to an online announcement that fans are “encouraged to stand” at Royal Festival Hall, a seated venue, the Cure have jumped on Twitter to reassure fans that this is not the case. They want you to know that it’s OK to sit down if you feel like it. Here’s what they say:

Thank you, the Cure. The aging rock dorks of the world salute you.

Topographies tour starts tonight

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Meltdown tickets on sale Friday at 10 am

And remember, you MUST be a Southbank Centre member to have access to Friday's sale. Join here. It certainly won't guarantee you get tickets, just first access to TRY for tickets. Good luck!

Update (April 13th, 2018): The allotment of member tickets for CUR脝TION-25 are sold out. More will be available for Monday's general sale. While there were still some problems with the website and queue system, it worked MUCH better than the 1st wave of sales. A lot of fans were able to get tickets via web, phone, and best of all methods, at the box office. Congratulations to all that managed to get them today!

These are the shows going on sale to members on Friday:

Royal Festival Hall

June 18th - Death Cab for Cutie and Fear of Men

June 24th - CUR脝TION-25 - Robert Smith and 'Curious Friends' and The Twilight Sad

Queen Elizabeth Hall⠀

June 15th - Concrete Lates: Kiasmos DJ set

June 16th - Concrete Lates: Vessels DJ set and live

June 18th - God is an Astronaut and Jambinai

June 19th - Frightened Rabbit and Pumarosa

June 20th - Low and Jo Quail

June 20th - J贸nsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley: Liminal

June 21st - J贸nsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley: Liminal

June 22nd - J贸nsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley: Liminal

June 23rd - Suzanne Vega and James Walsh

June 23rd - Concrete Lates: Eat Static DJ set

June 24th - Maybeshewill and I Like Trains

Purcell Room

June 15th - Joycut and Indian Queens

June 16th - Jambinai and Tropic of Cancer

June 17th - Loop and Planning For Burial

June 18th - Emma Ruth Rundle and Planning for Burial

June 19th - Vex Red and Douglas Dare

June 20th - Moon Duo and Hilary Woods

June 21st - pg.lost and Thought Forms

June 22nd - The Joy Formidable and Kidsmoke

June 23rd - And Also the Trees and A Dead Forest Index

June 24th - The Soft Moon and The KVB

Photos of 'Torn Down' RSD vinyl