Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Coachella recording (FLAC)

"It's on DIME, but I've gone ahead and downloaded it and compressed it into 4 separate RAR archives. You'll have to use WinRAR or something equivalent to open them up.
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part1.rar Size: 300MB
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part2.rar Size: 300MB
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part3.rar Size: 300MB
The Cure 2009-04-19 Indio, Ca Master.part4.rar Size: 116MB
Credit goes to Javier aka jsradiohead for recording it & uploading it to DIME." (Thanks AndytheCurefan)



  2. shouldn't it be noted that the taper clearly wrote on dime:


    i'm not the taper of this show nor a friend his.
    i just think it would benefit us all if we didn't piss off tapers who share by ignoring their wishes, just in case we'd want them to share with us again in the future (something i think we'd all appreciate).

  3. I appreciate the taper's efforts and hope that he or she would continue to share these shows.

    He or she certainly has no obligation to do it and deserves the thanks of anyone who enjoys it. (So, thanks!)

    But once a recording of something for which they have no legal right to own or control has been released to the public, it seems a bit pretentious to place restrictions on it's use.

    It is exactly as if I had distributed digital books in the public domain on my personal web site and asked that no one share them on Shareaza.

    I get that the point you're making is not that we don't have the right to do it, but rather that we shouldn't do it in order to placate the tapers.

    I'd rather do without than encourage that. Music for which the artist does not oppose digital distribution should be shared freely or not at all. Freely means free of cost and any restrictions.

    It's just my $0.02. I don't mean to sound ungrateful or disrespectful, but you've got to consider people who see all these posts for cure shows but who don't have access to dimeadozen or the broadband required to download it in lossless format. Is it really the intention of the taper to gloat and wave these unobtainable shows in their faces? I doubt it.

  4. freely means free of cost but it's not the same as without restrictions (like you're saying).
    those are two different things, whether you like it or not.

    like said, i'm not the friedn of the taper. it's not my recording. but if a taper asks something like this then i personally chosee to respect this wish. because i'd rather see him share with everyone again. piss him off and maybe he won't. AND if he choose not to share, you cannot say he's not doing the right things. surely it would be nice if everyone also shared for free but let's face it, people don't have to. nobody can force tapers to share just by insisting that "since you don't own the copyright to this music you MUST share it for free". there's no such must at all.
    a lot of tapers tape only for themselves, it's their own personal hobby and that's that. they don't have some sort of moral responsibility to share everything. it has nothing to do with the legal rights, like you are trying to hint.

    and i'm not saying we need to crawl in tapers' feet and please them in every possible way, however silly. silly things are a different thing altogether.
    just saying that nobody benefits from pissing off those tapers who DO share (like this one here). there's a lot of them who don't and who don't even intend to, so we should be happy that some of them do - and therefore perhaps consider granting them their wishes at times.
    because all of us will only lose if this taper now decides to share no more. that's just the fact.

  5. ps. about the intention of the taper: i don't know what it is, i'm not him. but for me it doesn't matter what it is. all i see is that someone shared something and then asked something in return - i don't know why i'd grab his gift for free and then not do my part of the deal. i don't think any of us like that sort of thing in real life either.

    what about this, what about that, what about the legal rights etc. - it's not that complicated at all. so for me it's simply about being polite and respectful. trying to come up with excuses for ignoring the taper's wish (whatever those excuses were) is simply trying to find excuses for being disrespectful and impolite.
    that simple.