Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Pearl recording

On DIME and Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker.
DIME - 16-bit & 24-bit / PPTT - 16-bit & 24-bit" (Thanks Junko)


  1. Thanks to M.H. for sharing her recording.

  2. And let's not be shitheads like the clowns at curetard or cc. Honor the taper's wishes. If the taper asks to include the info file if you upload it to other sites, do it. There are reasons many shows never surface, and this is on big reason. Big thanks to the taper of this one for taking the time and expense to:

    a) tape the show
    b) process the show
    c) offer it to the masses

  3. ME THANK YOU FOR THE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!