Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tour programs on Ebay

"I just posted to ebay all my tour/festival programs including some RARE items your readers may have interest in:
1981 Picture Tour Faith Tour Program
1984 Top Tour Program, Japan/UK
all my official tour programs 1985-2008
many festival tour programs 2000-2004
also some clippings/mags, posters, all the guitar song books and other auctions" (Thanks MickelCure)


  1. Wow, I've never knew there was an official tour program of the Top Japan tour! I wish I could get it...

  2. makes me sad to see those leave your hands mickel!

    i hope you get good bids on them

  3. What a collection! If I had the cash I would snap up that Faith program in a heartbeat.

  4. Hey, I was just looking at those about an hour ago! I saw that you were the seller, and I was like, "Hey, I know who that is..."

    I was drooling over them...I wish I have an extra few hundred dollars laying around, I would buy all of them!

  5. Good luck selling any of it...LOL

  6. As some people still think other people live in the jungle without a decent mail service, it's impossible for me to bid on anything.

  7. No - it makes me so very sad to see all of this leave your hands. :( So sad....

    & shit - someone bid on your Japan Top Program - I am never going to get my hands on one of those. - LOUIE you have two!!! Come on and I already have the poster - just give me your spare one.....

    happy bidding CURE fans... All of these deserve a good home

  8. Hmm, wonder what my full signed faith programm will do?

  9. Unbelievable prices you just got for those guitar tabs books!!$182 for Disintegration! ah!Well sold...

  10. Nothing left now but magazine clippings now but the prices are way too high. If I know I could get $$$ like that for them, I would have kept all of my magazines from the 80's.

    But Damn I would have just loved to have bid on some of the tour programs if I knew about his sooner but I've just spent a bunch of cash on rev's book and some shirts but I just have to have that book! Can't wait to get it!