Friday, September 2, 2011

Bestival main stage going up

Photo posted by @RobdaBank on Twitter. And a couple of other updates:

"Commonly asked qu's..programmes will be onsale from thurs for 8 quid for laminate and prog...or buy the app from monday for times"

"no live stream but we will have a live photo gallery, daily videos and streaming on + Sky TV shows"

"Enter our Survey to win 3 pairs tickets to the 'sold out' Bestival!"

Here's the SkyArts tv Bestival page. (Thanks Lovecat)

10 Things You Never Knew About The Cure

Clash posted their 10 Things You Never Knew About The Cure feature. (Thanks Kate)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Robert talks with NME

"Probably worth noting that in the reviews section of the new issue of NME, Louis Pattison mentions that he's had a recent telephone interview with RS. This may appear in next weeks edition prior to Bestival." (Thanks John)

Update: Actually, it won't be for NME. Just asked Louis about this on Twitter and here's his reply:
- It'll be in the Guardian Guide, before Bestival. Not written it yet!

No show in Mexico this year, but maybe 2012

While it was never confirmed by any official source, just newspaper rumors, that Cure show in Guadalajara, Mexico is not happening this year: "I just spoke with a promotor last week and he told me it was scheduled for November of this year, but the guys changed the date to 2012." (Thanks Chris)

Mike Kinsella & friends form Cure cover band

Update: While a few details have changed since the original report, the show is still scheduled for Sept. 1st.

Friends or Enemies reports that Mike Kinsella and some of his friends from various bands are forming their own Cure cover band, and will be playing a show in Chicago, IL on Sept. 1st at Lincoln Hall, as a benefit for Girls Rock!
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Cure Live in Paris 08 on German TV

The one hour tv edit of The Cure Live in Paris 2008 will air Aug. 31st on zdf.kultur at 7 pm. It will be repeated on Sept. 1st at 1:40 am & 8 am and again on Sept. 3rd at 4:20 pm.
(Thanks Bianca)

Update: 'Jumping Someone Else's Train' and 'Grinding Halt' were included in this version of the show, and it is now up on Dime. (Thanks Lovecat)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paolo Sorrentino on using Robert's look

"Today (Aug. 24th) in France "This Must Be the Place" is out. I took this photo in Champs Elysées Paris. There are these photos in a lot of places in Paris." (Thanks Jupiterattraction)

Director Paolo Sorrentino talks to Le Figaro (English translation) about why he used Robert's "look" for his new film 'This Must Be the Place'. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Links to previous posts about the film can be found here.