Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paolo Sorrentino on using Robert's look

"Today (Aug. 24th) in France "This Must Be the Place" is out. I took this photo in Champs Elysées Paris. There are these photos in a lot of places in Paris." (Thanks Jupiterattraction)

Director Paolo Sorrentino talks to Le Figaro (English translation) about why he used Robert's "look" for his new film 'This Must Be the Place'. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Links to previous posts about the film can be found here.


  1. I've watched two long trailers.

    Edward Scissorhands meets What about Bob.

  2. One huge flaw in the look - Robert never looked that miserable.

  3. and sean penn looks like an old fool... gotta be a male-menopause mistake he'll regret

  4. Not a very good movie, but not as bed as some critics depicted it. Felt a bit uncomfortable with Penn's character looking like a Robert's caricature. I didn't understand why Sorentino who's a fan, presented the mainstream way of thinking that Robert is a kind of desperate clown. It's a cliché and a false one. Didn't understood neither why all those Cure references when the soundtrack is built around some Talking Heads songs.

  5. Sean Penn looks more like Sarah Jessica Parker in this shot.