Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Robert judging ISC again

Robert will once again be a judge for the International Songwriting Competition. (Thanks David)

Roger reviews Mac OS X Lion

Just for you Apple disciples/cultists, Roger has reviewed the new Mac OS X Lion for Side-Line.

Peter Murphy on Robert & The Cure

From Spin:
You've been called the Godfather of Goth. What does that make Robert Smith?
Robert Smith is like my pale elder brother, with a no-image vibe when he was in the early Cure. They were an interesting early 4AD [Records] type with no ego, whereas we immediately [hit the scene] saying, "Fuck you -- this is the theater of Iggy and Bowie. We're here." We spurted. We ejaculated. And in the petit mort, the little death after ejaculation, we split up. Around then, the Cure were obviously losing their caché -- and suddenly I see pictures of Robert Smith with high black hair, lipstick, and badly applied eye makeup with black clothes. I'm thinking, Okay, all right, so he's now goth, right?

It's so bad to be lumped in with the Cure?
Actually, the Cure were cool. They made very cool alternative pop music. Robert's bloody talented. It's just that Joy Division was closer to Bauhaus than anybody else. (Thanks Kate)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Cure are one of the Q 25

Q magazine is celebrating their 25th anniversary by selecting the Greatest Act of the Last 25 Years, and The Cure have made their short list of 25. You can vote here by creating your own list of 25. You just have to drag and drop the artists around the grid, then submit it. (Thanks JC, Jeremy, and Barry)